20+7 Productive Tips – How To Make Apps Downloader Fast

Wasn’t it frustrating when the progress bar stuck while downloading an application? When you download anything from the AppStore/PlayStore, you want it right on your phone instantly.

But, sometimes app downloaders take more time than usual to download applications. Then, you are probably searching – How To Make Apps Downloader Fast?

Here’s what you’re looking for. An app downloader may have some problems that result in low Downloading Speed. Today let’s discuss them step-by-step.

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When you download anything from the internet it needs some megabytes(MB) to accomplish the download. The total amount of bytes per second that servers give to download anything together with images, videos, apps, or files, is known as the speed of the network.

Several times because of diverse activities on your phone this speed has lowered, ultimately delivering lesser performance. It could be solved with some activities.

Why Are Apps Downloading So Slow On iPhone/Android?

While you download any app from Play Store/App Store, you desire to get them on your phone directly. But unfortunately, several times – the loading bar of your downloader stocks at its position.

Wasn’t it painful? You keep looking at that bar and cancelling and redownloading it multiple times but the issue doesn’t solve at all.

There may be a bunch of reasons behind this kind of issue. This probably makes your phone even slower in downloading.

Let’s take a look at those most common reasons one-by-one;

1. Software Glitches

It’s not unusual that every firm needs manpower to control and run anything smoother. Many times software errors make the downloading speed lower or the downloading button stops working. Wasn’t it frustrating?

This may happen on both (Android and IOS). Many times, because your device version is not up-to-date or maybe because your handset is outdated, in both of these conditions you’ll notice that issue – download speed is slow.

Try out these – try to download the same app on other devices like your spare one or one of your friends or family members.

2. Router Issues

Your router may also have some issues that make app downloading speed slower than it should be. Maybe you’re using the Wifi with your family, as many devices use the internet from the same source, WiFi speed directly goes down.

Moreover, your router may also have issues from server ends. We’ll discuss, tips regarding this error later in this article.

3. Network Issues

Now, for mobile data users. if your mobile data is configured correctly, it could also reduce the download speeds. Similarly, if you’ve got a router, you can also come across this error. It can be at the service provider end or App Store/Play Store End.

4. App Isn’t Supported In Your Handset

As we’ve discussed earlier too, if you’re with an outdated or old handset, some apps may not support it on your device.

Henceforth, if the download button and app don’t work and also come on your phone after the download finishes – it can be the reason behind this.

5. Insufficient Storage Of Memory

Insufficient Storage Of Memory implies the app size with its data doesn’t fit with your device’s storage of data.

Mostly, we forget to check the actual size of the app. As A Result, the download bar goes slowly or doesn’t even work. Thus, to get rid of insufficient Storage, we’ve to clean our device’s storage.

Nevertheless, now the App Downloader(i.e App Store and Play Store) tells you that your storage space is full.

6. Ran Out of Data or Data Limit

If you’re a mobile data user, prefer to check whether your data package is over or not. Additionally, in IOS, you probably ran out of data usage limit. Try – increasing the data limit and mobile data usage.

7. Phone’s Cache

A Cache is the Tata that the device automatically stores so that your future request for that particular task, can be delivered faster.

This data is not the problem, however, sometimes your phone might get slower with the bulk of Cache stored in your device. Similarly, application performance, as well as the downloading speed, also get slowed.

8. Insufficient App Download Permission

App Store, as well as Play Store, need special permission for using the internet as well as downloading the application or installing them on your phone.

If permission is automatically on by mistake turned off, your iPhone’s and Android’s downloader will not be able to download apps.

Here are the most obvious and common issues that lead to slow downloading speed in your App Store as well as Play Store. To get rid of it try out some of the tips mentioned below.

Is It Possible To Boost Downloading Speed?

Commonly, the speed of your downloader depends on the speed of the internet connection you are using. Yet, sometimes because of some issues – even though your network speed is good, you will come across a slow downloading speed.

Yes, it is possible to boost downloading speed not only on the iPhone but also on Android devices.

How To Make Apps Downloader Fast On Android/iPhone?

Now, what are you waiting for? Let’s see the best 20 Tips To Make Apps Downloader Fast.

1. Restart Your Phone

Commonly, your phone performs several tasks at the same time. As this can be the reason that your phone is running slow and affects your App Store or Play Store.

Hence, switch your phone off and restart it. It can fix the slow download error and can make your app downloader fast.

2. Check Network Connection

Your network connection is crucial to download anything from the App Store or Play Store. Meanwhile, if there is a problem with your network connection then your downloading speed will be reduced.

Similarly, if the network connection is not properly configured on your device, downloading speed will be reduced. Henceforth, to make the app download fast, consider checking your network connection.

Check – whether your network connection is properly connected or not. Also, check whether or not your network range is there and your network configuration on your device.

3. Reconnect To Your Router Or Mobile Data

It is a common fact that sometimes, determinants between mobile data or routers connection and phone may slow its functionality automatically. You may try to connect to your router or mobile data, again.

In a nutshell, consider this switch off your Wi-Fi connection for mobile data and on it after a while. It may also fix your problem.

4. Reset Your Router

If you are using a router, many times because of excessive use the speed of the internet connection may lower. Hence, switching off your router may fix it effortlessly.

5. Remove Background Apps

If you are downloading something, it may be downloaded in the background and you’re doing other tasks.

If you are using both App Store/Play Store and platforms such as Instagram/YouTube that need a network connection. Try to stop your scrolling, close all your background apps and let your Phone and internet connection focus on downloading.

6. Reset your Data Limit

You probably have crossed your data limit. Consider – resetting or enhancing your data limit.

It could be the reason why your download button isn’t working at all or your progress bar has stuck at its position.

7. Check out For Updates of App Downloader

Another reason that causes downloading speed, your App Store or Play Store is outdated. When it’s out the date it will reduce its functionality.

Henceforth, try to update your app store or Play Store and retry to download the app.

8. Try Downloading Substitutes Apps

It could be a problem at the server end, your app Isn’t downloading or is slow downloading. Whenever the server of app downloaders glitches, the download speed of some apps might get lower.

Try – Here, to find out whether the error is at the server end. Try to download another app, and then do the same function. If the speed of downloading another is normal, consider waiting for a while, and let the server problem be fixed.

9. Try Switching Devices

This is the easiest way to check whether the issue is on your phone’s side or the network’s side. Whenever your phone is heated or it is functioning with many applications at the same time, its speed reduces.

Try – borrowing another device in downloading the app in it. If the download speed at that device is good, you will discover that there is some issue with your phone.

10. Clear Phone Cache

The phone’s cache is the major reason for lowering the downloading speed of app downloaders. Small size Cache isn’t a problem at all, however, if it’s in tens or hundreds of MB, it is.

Try – to clean your iPhone’s/Android’s cache with your store manager. It is also an easy way to ensure that the phone is running properly or not.

11. Clean Phone’s Memory

There is a bit of diversification between the downloading site and the actual size of the application.

You have noticed at the time of downloading previously – when you download an app its size in the AppStore/Play Store that on a mobile phone is comparatively less than it takes space in your mobile phone.

Because, the files are compressed when you download from the app downloader, but decompresses when you use it.

Try – try to clean your device’s memory and then install the application from AppStore/Play Store.

12. Disconnect Other Devices With Your Router

It’s common for any modern home to have many appliances such as MacBook, Laptop, Smartwatch, and SmartTv, that are connected to a particular Router. Try to disconnect your route from these appliances. It may lower the extra data consumption from your router.

13. Check For Viruses

It is essential to check out for errors in your mobile phone regularly. Many times some harmful virus enters on iPhone or Android that will lead to slower downloading speed. Moreover, in this scenario, your data is also at risk.

Try – try to scan your iPhone or Android and check out whether there is some virus in your phone or not.

14. Test or Replace Your Router

Another problem may be because of your router. Whenever your router doesn’t get a proper network connection it may deliver a slow internet connection.

To find out what’s the problem with your router, try to test your router speed(there are applications available to check it)and check – is it normal or not. Or, try to locate the router in another location.

15. Disable Unnecessary System App

You get many in-built apps with your phone. If there’s no use for them in your scenario, consider disabling them. When your phone is loaded with multiple apps, it directly affects the overall performance. This can be the reason for the low downloading speed.

Try – try to disable all the unnecessary system of apps on your iPhone or Android and try to install the app again.

16. Upgrade Your Phone

Maybe because of some technical issues your phone may get slower. Hence, it’ll slow down the downloading speed. Your phone upgrades presumably fix this issue effortlessly as mobile companies keep fixing the glitches in new versions.

Try – try to update your phone to the new version. You should upgrade your phone’s system regularly.

17. Download One App at a Time

As there is more than one application downloading any device, it leads to network diversion. We should always download one app at once. It’ll be efficient for our phone.

Try – try to cancel all the applications which are in the queue, and download one app at one time.

18. Switch Network Connection

When you have more than one connection to internet sources, you may try to switch connection modes. If you are downloading with mobile data, turn off mobile data and turn on the Wi-Fi. It is the easiest way to find out which connection is the fastest to download at a particular time.

Try – turn off Wi-Fi, and use mobile data or turn off Mobile Data and switch to Wi-Fi.

19. Resync Your Account With App Store/Play Store

It is also one of the not unusual issues when the sync doesn’t properly work with the app downloader. Sync plays a significant role if you’re using a system app. Here’s what to do:

Try – go to the account setting, find the sync option and click on the resync/sync/sync again option on your iPhone or Android.

20. Give The Required Permissions

Every app download needs necessary permissions such as storage, internet, location, and many more. These permissions are necessary for the accomplishment of your download. Installing the app also takes place with permissions.

Try – Try to give all the permissions to the Play Store/AppStore.

Why Are App Downloaders Slow on Computers?

For many reasons, your computer may deduct its speed. Finding the root cause could be tough. Here’re some of the most common reasons for slower downloading speed on a computer.

Internet Speed:-

If your device wasn’t the issue, your internet might be. The amount of data that can be transferred across your connection per second is a gauge of your internet speed.

The quickest and easiest way to increase your download speed is to do a speed test. Entering the “internet speed test” into Google will accomplish this. Click the “run speed test” button to determine your current download speed.

If your speed score is high—between 100 and 200 Mbps—there is no connection between your slow download speed and the internet.

If your speed score is low—below 100 Mbps—this may indicate that the issue is perhaps with the internet. Remember that your network’s speeds vary based on how many users are connected at once

System Heat:-

When you are using your computer for a longer duration, the processor could be heated. Thus, you’ll notice inconvenient performance on your computer. All the electronic appliances should be given a specific time to get cooler.

Henceforth, try to switch off your computer for a while. This is also essential for you. You are probably sitting in front of your computer for a long time, going for a Hangout and coming with more efficiency.

How To Make Apps Downloader Fast(Computer)?

Finding the root cause of your poor connection can occasionally be challenging because several factors might affect download speed. Some fixes are more complicated, even though they might be as simple as restarting your computer or checking your internet speed.

The amount of megabits (Mbps) per second for your server to download data to your device is called download speed. Text, photos, movies, and files can all be downloaded. You must download data to utilize any of your programs on your devices, including Spotify, Instagram, and YouTube.

It’s crucial to remember that your download speeds can be impacted by the number of devices and internet users in your home. You might need to increase your rates to exceed 25 Mbps if your home usage is moderate to high, which means you have more than three or four devices running simultaneously.

1. Switch Off Your Computer:-

Consider starting over before using any other strategies. You might occasionally have running programs on your computer that you weren’t aware were still in use, or you might have too many browser tabs open at once. Restart your computer and launch only one browser to start the download.

2. Speed up the Internet:-

Your internet connection might not be able to handle massive downloads, depending on your service provider. Slow download speeds can be annoying, so switching to a plan with faster speeds might be worthwhile, especially if your home has plenty of people and devices. Look into your choices to see if any packages can accommodate more data.

3. Disable Any Additional Devices Linked To Your Router:-

Your internet connection may be slower the more people and devices you have connected. Try to temporarily disconnect any other devices, such as smart TVs, iPads, and phones, while downloading. Your internet and download speed may considerably increase as a result.

4. Unused Apps Should Be Disabled:-

Likewise, before downloading, ensure all your device’s programs are disabled. Your computer’s programs may consume a significant portion of your bandwidth, resulting in slower rates.

For instance, Netflix and other video streaming services consume a lot of bandwidth. Disable the apps momentarily and assess the results.

5. One File At A One Time (Download):-

For some reason, it frequently happens when downloading multiple files at once. This can be the case if downloading huge files is not supported by your device. Try downloading one file at a time to make things simpler. Although it might seem contradictory, doing this can save time.

Your router’s location should be changed. Your download speed might also significantly impact your router’s location. Be careful where you place your router because some parts of your home might not have a good signal for connectivity. Consider purchasing Wi-Fi extenders to extend the range and speed up your internet if your home is enormous.

Avoid placing your router close to microwaves and other household appliances, like basements, bathrooms, cabinets, or on the floor. For the connection to work throughout the entire house, your router should be in the centre of the house.

6. Use Network Cables:-

When Wi-Fi is problematic, you can instantly enhance your download speed by connecting to an Ethernet connection. Connect your gadget to the Ethernet port on your modem to accomplish this. The quickest connection for your download speeds can be obtained with this option because it is hardwired and does not rely on Wi-Fi.

7. Improve Your Cables:-

You might need to inspect the cable if you choose the quick solution of using an Ethernet cable, but the download rates remain unchanged. Consider switching to a higher-quality, shorter line if the current one is inadequately long or old. Sometimes, a slight adjustment can have a considerable impact.

Key Takeaways:

  • When your app downloader stops or becomes slow, it’s basically with some load or error occurring in your device.
  • How to make an app downloader fast? It depends on the cause. It is tough to find out the actual issue. But, when we discover it, the problem of low speed is solved effortlessly.
  • This issue may be in your device or network connection, sometimes in both.
  • In this article, we have given 20(for iPhone as well as Android) plus 7(For Computer) tips to make app downloaders fast.

Wrapping Up:

The speed at which your modem receives internet data is technically referred to as your download speed. This data includes streaming; thus, using Netflix or other online services will impact your downloads.

Your internet package’s high maximum download speeds do not guarantee you will experience those speeds. To make sure you have the appropriate tools to receive the internet speed you’re paying for, check with your ISP.

Here are The Solutions – How To Make Apps Downloader Fast? 

Make sure to try every one, it could be only one issue or more than one at the same time.

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