How To Make Airpods Louder | Quick Fix 2023

Are you an Apple user and might be suffering through the problem with airpods volume? As it is quite low, it doesn’t mean that they are not working well, the reason may be something else.

Not to worry at all as we are here to provide you with the best solution to make your life easy by figuring out how to make Airpods louder and all your queries.

If you are facing a problem with the volume issue then you have come to the right source available regarding how to make airpods louder.

We are going to cover all the details regarding Airpods and will also explain to you what the real issue is behind the low volume of Airpods and how you can solve it on your own.

But for that, you have to be part of the whole discussion in the blog till the end So that not a single thing is missed by you.

The Adjustment Of Volume Of Airpods | With iPhone & iPad

Rather than first moving forward to any issues regarding the volume, firstly check out the present level of volume in your Airpods. If they are connected to your iPad or iPhone.

Also, check out whether the device is in mute mode or not. If not you can drag the volume level up just to check that the volume becomes louder or not (Don’t Drag it too high that it may cause harm to your ears). This is how to make Airpods louder.

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The Adjustment Of Volume Of Airpods | With Mac

If you are using a Mac, Drag the volume level up that is shown when you press the volume button available on the right side of the menu bar or you can also level up the volume through the button on the keyboard. This is the solution for Mac that how to make Airpods louder

The Adjustment Of Volume Of Airpods | With Siri

If your device is set up with Siri, You can command it to raise the volume by just saying “Hey Siri, turn the volume up”

Steps To Prefer If Airpods Are Not Loud Sufficient

If you checked the Volume adjustment properly but still nothing changed and the volume is still low, Then the problem could be something else.

Do Neatly Clean The Airpods

There might be dirt present in your Airpods. As they are tiny in size. As they blow sound out through small slots the dirt or junk can be studied inside easily and block it too.

Now let’s know how to clean Airpods. In this process, the required material i: Rubbing Alcohol, a Neat Toothbrush, Cotton balls or a swab.

You need to be very attentive while cleaning the Airpods so that no damage should take place while the process, especially the inner parts should be safe.

Carefully neat out all the sound slots and keep in mind that no dust should be added beside again while cleaning the buds from inside. Also remove the dirt from the case of Airpods, So that when you again put your Airpods back into it no further dirt should enter it again.

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The Usage Of Ear Tip Fit Test | On Airpods Pro

After the cleaning process, you should make sure that the Airpods Pro Fits your air perfectly. Apple serves a convenient fit test to check it out. It is going to check out the changes between music that the sound is dull or not.

This is the reason why you don’t need to make your Airpods louder for better louder volume. It doesn’t matter at what level the volume is, If the Airpods fit you perfect then it can also make a difference to the sound.

Readjust The Apple Airpods with iPhone

If nothing improved even after cleaning the Airpods sound seems to be still the same just Readjust it with iPhone. It includes factory reset, it sounds difficult but it’s very easy to do as it’s not complex,

  • Open the lid, keeping your Airpods in the charging case.
  • Open the Bluetooth settings page on your iPhone, Keeping Airpods in the case only.
  • Close to the Airpods, a small icon is present” i” icon. Just click it.
  • You have to select the option “Forget this device“, and then press the “Click” option.
  • Afterwards, your iPhone will be disconnected from the headset, further, you can reset your Airpods.
  • Keeping the charging case lid opened, Click and hold the setup bottom for about 15 seconds (Till the LED flashes)
  • It will reset the Airpods and now you can reconnect it to your device again.

If even after the Reset process nothing changed, the sound volume is still the same then not to worry we will try out some more options and solutions to solve it. This will surely help you out with hiw to make Airpods louder enough.

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How To Resolve Issues With Airpods

View Sound Settings In the Music App

Do check out the sound setting of your device Music App-its generally detached from the device volume. That consists of Amazon Music, Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube music etc platforms.

It also includes plus media players like VLC media. Checkout that the volume sliders are up in all these apps also checks the total volume output of the device using the controls.

During the Analyzation in the settings of apps, make sure that you check out the “equalizer” settings are enabled. If you will fix a few or all the adjusters downwards,

This may make that sound better than before. If you want your equalizer settings to be maintained, We are going to guide you to which will involve all types of headphones, earphones and even Airpods.

Checkout Both Airpods Are At Same Volume

If you are observing that one Airpods sound good than another one. Then to Checkout, the main issue follows these steps:-

  • Go to the Settings App
  • Click on “Accessibility”
  • Below “Hearing”, Click on the “Audio/Visual.”
  • Do check out that the left/right slider below the “balance” section is in the mid-line and slide it again back if it is required.

If it still doesn’t solve the volume issue, You should contact the Apple service centre regarding how to make Airpods louder. As there may be some issues with the Airpods.

Winding Up

We are wrapping up here with all the solutions to how to make Airpods louder. We covered all the possibilities regarding the issue that make led to the reason behind the low volume. So these steps will  But if still, you are facing any further issues please let us know.


Is there a hands-free way to adjust the AirPods’ volume?

Of course Yes, if your Airpods or Aipods Pro of the second generation are connected to iPhone. You can use the Siri command to access it by just saying. “Hey Siri, make the volume louder”

How do I increase Volume on Airpod Spotify?

  • Open the Spotify app.
  • Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of your screen.
  • Click on the Playback option close to the top of the menu.
  • Scroll down until you see Volume level.
  • Adjust the Volume level, there are three options: Loud, Normal and Quiet.

Why aren’t my Airpods loud enough?

Check out the volume adjustment check it out if the slider is balanced, with the button in the middle between the L and the R. Re-pair the AirPods with the iPhone

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