Best 15+ Smart Designs | How To Make A Heart Out Of Gum Wrapper 2022

Do you also love to make creative things out of different stuff available using your creativity or ever bend down, cut down any paper to give it a shape of a heart?

Have you ever thought of making a heart out of a gum wrapper? Yes! Today we are going to learn how to make a heart out of gum wrapper. It sounds interesting and the process of making a heart out of a gum wrapper is also very delightful.

Just be a part of the blog till the end so that nothing could be missed and the result of the heart made out of the wrapper came out as the cutest. It’s grateful if you are having lots of gum wrappers available with you as you are having multiple ways to create a heart out of them.

We are going to discuss how to make a heart out of gum wrapper, how to make gum wrapper chains, butterflies, rings and many more varieties of stuff. Don’t miss out on anything.

So without any further delay let’s jump into the simplest solution to how to make a heart out of gum wrapper.

How To Make A Heart Wrapper Out Of A Wrapper

The steps that you are going to follow to solve your confusion about how to make a heart out of gum wrapper are as follows:

  • Take a square-shaped gum wrapper to make a heart out of But not worry at all if you are not having a square shape gum wrapper, you can take any other paper and cut it down into a square shape using a scissor.
  • Bend a gum wrapper paper of square shape by joining its half diagonals. Your gum wrapper will take a shape of a diamond, now you have to bend its edge points in a downwards direction, As it will allow the folded edge to get towards the bottommost point.
  • Now bend the gum wrapper into a square shape by making an angle from left to right, what you have to do is, your left end should be touching your right end and afterwards unfold it. If you cannot make a proper bend from left to right corner. You can use a ruler to mark a line for the idea of making a perfect bend.
  • Bend the bottommost point of the gum wrapper to the upper side of the paper. should be meeting at the middle(centre) of the gum wrapper. Just check out that Your bottommost edge and the topmost edge of the gum wrapper should meet at the centre.
  • Bend the edges of your gum wrapper in both right and left side corners by allowing them to meet ar
  • the centre point, Now just continue by following your edges and corners, you must increase the folds. Afterwards, your gum wrapper will start taking a shape of a heart. Now turn the paper at an end and bend the edges to cover them for the first step.
  • Bend the right and left edges to make them meet at the centre of the gum wrapper, then bend both edges towards the centre of the wrapper, Make sure that you should not bend the bottommost point, Afterwards you should turn the gum wrapper for the outcome.
  • Here your heart is ready and our problem of how to make a heart out of gum wrapper is also being solved easily.


How To Make A Gum Wrapper Chain

It’s a fun activity that must be tried as nothing much is needed to make a chain out of a Gum Wrapper. After knowing how to make a heart out of gum wrapper.

Requirement:– Lots of gum wrappers and lots of patience too.

1. Half Fold The Gum Wrapper

You have to take one gum wrapper and bend it in a long manner as given below. Repeat this thrice. Make sure to bend the uneven edge in the inside direction because this is the only way to make a chain out of a gum wrapper.

2. Bend It Through Centre

Now bend the gum wrapper in half of the other side, right through the centre. It should take a shape of a “V”.

3. Repeat The Process

Before moving forwards, you have to repeat these steps several times to make a chain out of these gum wrappers. After making two of these shapes you can attach them.

4. Attach the pieces

It’s very easy as you just have to take any of the ends and exert it through the two holes in the other one. So to do this part it’s important to make sure that your pieces should be bent properly and neatly. As if the uneven end comes out of it then it will be tough for you to make a chain out of it. So connect them neatly.

5, Keep making

Keep on making and attaching pieces in the same manner until it becomes large enough to take the shape of a delightful chain.


How To Make Gum Wrapper Crane

To know in detail watch out the video given below:-

How To Make A Gum Wrapper Ring

Besides knowing how to make a heart out of gum wrapper let’s know how you can make butterflies by using Gum Wrapper.


  • Gum wrappers – 3
  • Tape
  • Scissor


  • Bend the Gum wrappers in half.
  • Fold the half-wrapped paper to make 4 triangles. They should be even if it’s uneven cut it down to even.
  • Now place those 4 triangles to give a complete shape.
  • Tape it down by placing all the triangles together.
  • Now at last take a gum wrapper and fold it in half to make it like a ring according to your ring size. Tape it also.
  • To give your ring a beautiful touch you can stick flowers or stickers on it. Your ring is ready!


How To Make Gum Wrapper Butterfly

  • Take a gum wrapper. Bend it in half by making both the edges meet together.
  • Now unfold it and give a flattened fold.
  • Turn or bend the gum wrapper over (upside).
  • Do a flatten fold from another side also.
  • Bend the upper side of the gum wrapper which is present at the top of the split. Then unfold it.
  • Now follow the same technique we followed above for flattening the edges of the left and right uppermost edges. To make wings out of it.
  • Fold the paper in a mountain-fold shape to make a flap for the butterfly body. Just rotate the flap from over towards the right side wing.
  • Bend the lift wing overside to cover the butterfly body and right side wing too.
  • Bend the marked edges of the upperside of the butterfly body, which is going to take a tapered shape.
  • Open the wings. Flatten the upper corner and fold it flatly to the back, which will form a head.

How To Make Gum Wrapper Flower

To make a gum wrapper flower follow these steps:-

To know further in detail how to make gum wrapper flower here is the link given below check out it.


What More You Can Make Through Gum Wrapper

So after knowing how to make a heart out of gum wrapper we should also know what else can we make through gum wrapper. These are the following things you can make out of a gum wrapper.

Make a chain to decorate a can or bottle or a box

A cute necklace

A bracelet

A ring

A Bunting chain to decorate door or home décor

You can also make any art out of it using your creative skills.

A ball

A swan

Final Outcome

So we are wrapping up here with this amazing discussion regarding how to make a heart out of gum wrapper. We covered many more varieties like how to make gum wrapper chains, rings, and butterflies. There are also many more items that you can make out through gum wrappers and if you want to know about them and some more interesting items you want to make through gum wrappers then please let us know and comment freely. What you want to make through gum wrapper. We will surely cover it as soon as possible. Thanks for reading and being a part of the OnXshadow family.


What does gum wrapper heart mean?

It is a simple and romantic way to express your feelings towards anyone by just gifting them an Origami heart you made by yourself using Gum Wrapper.

Things to make out of gum wrappers?

You can make- a heart, chains, butterfly, flower, crane, bracelet, ring, decoration buntings and many more items using your creativity.

What gum could you chew the wrapper?

You can chew the wrapper of “Stride Gum“.


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