We all are pretty busy these days in our life but wearing those disguised non – iron jeans is not a good idea. Yes, ironing your jeans is equally important as any other cloth, so stop thinking that it will give you more cozy or casual vibes. It will look rubbish!

But do you know there is a proper technique to iron your jeans? And I am pretty sure many people are asking themselves that is it even necessary to iron clothes? 

And if yes! Most of the people out there don’t even know how to iron jeans or other clothes! Well, don’t worry because the onxshadow team is here for you! 

Jeans are pretty different from other clothes; they are pretty thick than any other fabric cloth and thus take time to wash and iron. At the same time, there are some jeans which come with the tag of dry clean only. 

Okay, a simple question! Do you guys even iron your jeans? And if yes, then you know how to iron jeans properly because we all admit jeans tests our patience while ironing them.

The ones we placed on while we need to sense comfortable, however, geared up to tackle anything. Jeans are frequently the proper garments for enjoyment. 

However, that doesn’t suggest they want to appear crumpled and creased. Give your cloth dresser staple a few to make sure your preferred denim objects are final for longer. So let begin the article.

How to iron jeans like a pro

How to iron jeans

So without wasting further time, let’s dive right into the steps:

  1. First, check the tag of your pants to make sure you could iron the material. Washing commands are indexing at the garment tag of your pants. If it’s miles hazardous to apply the iron for your pants, it’s going to list this with the showering commands. The garment tag additionally explains what warmness placing to apply while ironing your pants.
  2. For best results, use an ironing board. Although you can iron on almost any surface, the ironing board can help you remove wrinkles quickly. Adjust the ironing board to a comfortable height and make sure the legs are locking before ironing.
  3. Fill the steam chamber of the iron with fresh water. Most irons have a small water tank on the back. Locate the plastic compartment on the top of the iron.
  4. Choose the temperature you want. Turn on the iron and set the desired temperature on the knob or indicator.
  5. Iron your pockets first to avoid wrinkles. Wrinkled sacks and ironing them can quickly produce more wrinkles. To prevent this from happening, pull the pocket bag outward and press it down with an iron. Do this with the front and back pockets.
  6. Align the waist belt with the top. Place the iron along your waist and let it stand for 25 seconds. Then, do not move the iron to the top, but raise the iron. It helps the pants lay flat. Anti-wrinkle pockets can be tucked back into jeans.
  7. Put the denim on the ironing board and iron your legs. Move the ironing board back and forth on one leg. Continue to move the iron on the trouser legs until the fabric has creases and creases.
  8. Fold the jeans into pleats for easy ironing. ManyClassic pants or jeans have a fold in the middle of the leg. To create a crease or repeat an existing crease, place one leg on the ironing board with the crotch directly above each leg. Others: Use an iron to press down on the thighs and calves, and then fill the gap by pressing the remaining creases between the tips of the two irons.
  9. Let your pants (jeans)calm down for 2 to 5 minutes. Before you hold or fold your pants, allow them to take a seat down to your ironing board for a couple of minutes till they’re cool to the touch. If you fold your pants earlier than they cool, you could create extra creases or wrinkles.
  10. Hang your denim to preserve them wrinkle-free. If you’ve got got a pants hanger, you may reality steady every face to the waistband of your pants. If the use of a blouse hanger, fold the pants in half. Then, drape the pants over the pinnacle of the lowest of the hanger and region the hanger to your closet.
  11. Or you can Fold up your jeans and store them in a dressing table or drawer. Hanging up is the best way to ensure that your clothes won’t wrinkle, but you can also fold your pants and store them elsewhere. Pull the jeans hem to the waist, fold it in half, and put it in the closet.

Should I dry or Iron my jeans?

One of the most controversial topics in the world of jeans, and there is no proper answer whether we should dry out our jeans or go for ironing.

It all depends on personal preference as jeans are mostly made up of cotton, and many users have complaint about ironing jeans because of iron marks, which look bad and weird. That’s why many people prefer drying rather than ironing their jeans.

There should be no controversy between ironing and drying jeans. After all, it all depends on the individual because both have some pros and cons, now it all depends on you! 

And if you are still confused, don’t worry. We are going to discuss the pros and cons of ironing and drying.

Pros and cons of iron

  • Iron excels in removing wrinkles from the jeans; you can Iron everything, paying particular attention to signs of wrinkles on clothes, including jeans. If this sounds familiar, ironing jeans may be for you.
  • But sometimes, iron can do more harm than good. If the temperature of iron exceeds a point, then your jeans is in danger! 

Pros and cons of dry

  • The best part of throwing jeans into the dryer is that it can be a one-time solution to restore the jeans to their original condition. Jeans will stretch over time and may not fit as well as they used to. Stretching and rotating quickly after washing will help them regain their shape.
  • Some people choose air-dried denim for good reasons: Over time, the tumble dryer may damage, wear, or even tear the denim. Drying can also increase the discoloration of jeans. , Choose to dry them or, better, let them dry on a flat surface so that you don’t have to iron them to regain their shape.

How to iron jeans without really using iron?

Yes, it is possible. Iron means the removal of wrinkles from the clothes. And there are many ways of removing wrinkles! Ironically we are ironing jeans without actual iron.

Hair straightener or flat iron

Hair straightner for ironing jeans

Yes, you can quickly iron your hair and jeans both with the help of flat iron! Just place your jeans flat on an iron board.

The point is here you have to straight your jeans with a flat iron, not your hair.


Hair dryer for ironing jeans

A hairdryer is another hair accessory that can use in the ironing of jeans, or you can say drying of jeans. First, of course, you have to dry out the jeans just how you dry your hair.

Wrinkle releaser spray

 Wrinkle Releaser Spray for ironing jeans

Yes, it exists, and you have to spray the wrinkle-free liquid on your jeans or on any other cloth to remove wrinkles and get the look of ironed jeans. wrinkle releasing spray is very helpful; you have to place your jeans on an ironing board and spray it on the jeans

Hanging of jeans in steam shower

How to iron jeans without using iron
Image source: Parcelpal

A lot of heat is generating during the steam shower, and that steam helps a lot in removing the wrinkles from your jeans or any other clothes.

So hang your jeans in the bathroom while you are getting a steam shower.


Jeans in dryer | How to iron jeans
Image source : Masterclass

As we discussed earlier, many people go for drying rather than ironing! The dryer creates a tiny amount of steam that removes all wrinkles easily, but yes, the dryer tumbler can destroy your jeans’ fabric.


How to Iron Jeans | Expert Step To Step Guide 2022 1 How to Iron Jeans | Expert Step To Step Guide 2022

Readily available in markets, but yes, it costs a lot more than any good iron machine! But it is the best option you can go for and will give you one of the best results.

Hot pot 

Hot pot or kettle for ironing clothes
Image source: NYtimes

A hot pot or kettle is not as good as an iron, but it can keep it close enough. Bring water to a boil in a medium saucepan. Once the water gushes out strongly, pour it out immediately. And your jeans is wrinkle-free in the next few minutes.

Should you iron a crease in jeans?

Jeans is a too casual outfit, while creases are already available in trousers and give the formal look and are essential to be iron the creases of trousers. But in jeans, you didn’t find them cool, and it will also destroy the casual look of jeans! 

From my side, a big NO to iron a crease in jeans! In the end, it is your call, it all depends on you, but still, I suggest you don’t iron a crease of jeans. You will regret after iron a wrinkle.

But if you are stilling willing to go through your ways and are looking for a solution for ironing those creases out of your jeans, don’t worry, ahead we have given a detailed answer to your queries!

How do you iron crease in jeans?

  1. Wash the denim. Please do this at the excessive warmness setting and position it into the dryer on extreme warmth. It will reduce the denim touch bit, that higher for this kind of jeans.
  2. Take the denim out of the dryer earlier than the cycle is complete. Putting a crease into the denim is less complicated, while the denim are nevertheless barely damp. 
  3. Fold the denim to start growing the crease. The ruffle has to cross precisely down the middle of the legs. Fold the denim, flawlessly matching the edges and cuffs to get specific wrinkles. Make positive the crease breaks down the center of every knee.
  4. Lay the denim at the ironing board and hearth place the iron as much as excessive heat. 
  5. Wash and iron the denim to preserve the crease sharp

How do you keep jeans from creasing? 

 100 % denim

100% Denim
Image Source: Thefabricofourlives

Not all denim are fabricating from 100% denim. There’s been a developing fashion in the direction of the usage of stretch denim in current years, which vary with inside the feel that they’re built with each denim and a few different elastic cloths, inclusive of polyester or Spandex.

The use of a flexible cloth lets in the denim stretch without breaking or, in any other case maintaining damage (consequently, the call stretch denim).

With that said, stretch denim also are much more likely to wrinkle. If you warfare to preserve your denim wrinkle-free, it’s likely great to stay with traditional, 100% denim.

Addition of fabric softener

Fabric softeners

Fabric softeners are worthy of the name, making clothes softer and more comfortable. However, as a bonus, it can also protect your jeans from wrinkles.

Next time you wash your jeans, try using some fabric softener (follow the instructions on the label).

When the jeans are taken out of the washing machine, they should look smoother and more wrinkle-free.

Please remember to use conditioner in moderation because regular use of additives will enter the denim. It only costs $5 a bottle, which is a small fee to protect the jeans from wrinkles.

Wash with other clothes

Wash jeans with other clothes
Image Source: Thespruce

Have you tried washing and drying jeans once? Of course, there is! Although this is effective for cleaning, it usually causes wrinkles in jeans.

The problem with washing and drying jeans in one go is that you have no other clothes that can help you “maintain” the original shape of your jeans. Therefore, wrinkles are more likely to form.

To prevent this from happening, try to wash and dry the jeans with other clothes (preferably clothes of the same color).

How to Set a Permanent Crease in Jeans

How to set a permanent crease in jeans

  • Wash the denim. Please do this at the excessive warmth setting and place them into the dryer on extreme warmth. It will decrease the denim a bit bit, which is higher for this form of jeans. 
  • Take the denim out of the dryer earlier than the cycle is complete. Putting a crease into the denim is simple, while the denim are nonetheless barely damp.
  • Fold the denim to start growing the crease. The crease ought to cross precisely down the middle of the legs. Fold the denim, flawlessly matching the perimeters and cuffs to get actual wrinkles. Make positive the crease breaks down the center of every knee. 
  • Lay the denim at the ironing board and hearthplace the iron as much as excessive warmth—iron over the wrinkles you’ve got created. Use a heavy hand to set the crease. 
  • Starch the denim like a Texan would. Spray a severe quantity of the starch onto the legs of the denim, wherein the wrinkles are. Run the recent iron over the creases numerous times, urgent right down to make an everlasting crease. 
  • Wash and iron the denim to preserve the crease sharp. 

How to Iron Permanent Wrinkles Out of Jeans?

Some things are required such as vinegar, iron, plastic spray bottle, dryer, hanger =, iron board.

  • Fill a plastic spray bottle with water and spray the dented area of ​​the jeans. When finished, the denim should feel wet to the touch. 
  •   Tumble the jeans for 10-15 minutes at a low temperature or perform a complementary color cycle. Then, take the jeans out of the dryer and place them on the ironing board.
  •  When trying to smooth out any remaining creases or creases, spray it with white vinegar. Put the iron on medium heat or cotton.
  •  Press the iron on the pleat or hem of the hem, and then slowly pass it through the denim. Once the outside of the jeans is flat and smooth, set the iron aside and turn the pants over. Wear jeans inside.
  •  Turn the pants over and check for creases. Hang your pants on a hanger or fold them neatly before putting them in your closet.

Should you starch jeans?

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1jTCHBXeCk[/embedyt]

Yes, you can starch your jeans, and it is not a bad idea if you expect some cowboy look from your jeans.

Thus cowboy jeans have a crisp crease, and it is only possible after starching out your jeans. 

In this article, we talked about getting a crisp and permanent crease in jeans, and there only starch was the main thing that is helping out in converting the whole temporary crisp crease into the permanent crisp crease.

And it helps a lot in making your jeans wrinkle-free, but the only problem is that if you starch your jeans, you have to compromise with the stretchability of jeans because starch made them stiffer and monotonous.

How to iron jeans with starch?

  • Just fill-up the spray bottle midway with liquid starch, filling it to the pinnacle with cold water. Close the spray bottle and shake it properly, so the contents get mixed nicely.
  • Heat the iron to a medium-excessive warmth setting. 
  • Lay the denim out onto the ironing board and set them up well earlier than ironing them. If you choose a crease happening in the middle front of the legs, create this to aid in arranging the denim on this style previous to ironing. 
  • Hold the spray bottle between eight and 10 inches from the denim and spray the starch frivolously over the denim cloth to gently hose down the denim. Work in small 12-inch sections for quality results, spraying after which ironing immediately. 
  • Iron the slot wherein you sprayed the starch to make the denim crisp. 
  • Continue spreading the denim and ironing them till you end starching the denim completely. 
  • Hang the denim on a hanger or put on them immediately

Do you wash starched jeans?

Although a few humans might also additionally select the unfastened and informal look of tender and cushy blue denim, having crisply starched blue denim is an alternative for denim in case you need to get dressed them up slightly. 

Here are the steps to starch jeans:

  • Turn your denim inner out and location them into the showering system. Set the showering system to chill or heat water.
  • Add a small quantity of laundry detergent and pour the appropriate amount of liquid starch into the material softener dispenser of your system (seek advice from the fluid starch commands for the correct quantity of product to apply for your dimensions wash load). 
  • Start the showering system and permit it to develop through the whole cycle. Remove the denim, flip them both right-aspect out, and dry them both withinside the dryer or on a clothesline.


Jeans is the most loved and most common bottom outfit, and we cannot deny this fact! But many people wear their wrinkled jeans which don’t look good and according to the iron of jeans is not a good idea, yes its not that good but better than wrinkled jeans.

Okay, but do you know how to iron the jeans and some people also want and crave some crisp crease on their jeans to get the hunk and macho cowboy look. Which is a great thing! And I appreciate

But according to my creases are not made for jeans; ruffles are there to provide formal vibes.

Thus, wrinkles are necessary for trousers, etc., but jeans is a part of casual attire. But just for you guys, we dived into the world of jeans and made this article.

I don’t think creases are good or not! Its your opinion, and your jeans rock it.

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