How To Get Gum Out Of Hair | 17 Amazing Steps You Must Try!

Chewing gum! The name itself reminds us of softness, sweetness, chewy texture and everything good but only when it’s in our mouth.

The moment we realize this little sticky substance has somehow made its way to our beautiful, lustrous hair, it’s all over! Most of us have gone through this little “panic phase” and some of you might even be getting a Deja-vu already.

Well whatever it might be, if you are going through the same nightmare and looking for a solution, don’t worry you have found just the place for you as here you will find some amazing tips on how to get gum out of hair.

But firstly, let us ask you have you ever wondered why chewing gum is so sticky and what causes it to make your hair all sticky and gooey?

Well, it’s because chewing gum has a strong chemical bond between its molecules and thus it doesn’t dissolve into the water because of its hydrophobic qualities.

These molecules make it difficult to get gum out of your hair.

Because of these hydrophobic qualities chewing gums gets stubborn enough to not leave your hair and might make you stuck with the “visit to barber” option only.

We understand that getting your hair stuck with some gum can leave you with exponential stress and frustration but before ripping out your shiny, beautiful hair let’s have a look at how to get gum out of hair easily to save your day!

How to Get Gum Out of Hair

How to get Gum out of hair
By Gfycat

There are various things that can help in removing gum from hair. Some of them can be found in your kitchen, right at your home and some of them can be found at saloons.

1) Open That Peanut Butter Jar!

How to get gum out of hair using peanut butter
By Pinchofyum

As the name indicates it is made up of peanuts, it is a paste made from grounds and peanuts. But it contains some other ingredients also which imparts taste and fragrance in the peanut butter.

This peanut butter is a thick and oily substance with hydrophobic properties.

When you apply peanut butter on that part of the hair where gum got stuck, it will lose the bond between the molecules of chewing gum and will help in removing the gum from your hair. Because they both are hydrophobic in nature and so they both get stick to each other and results in getting rid of gum from hair.


You can simply separate the section of your hair on which gum got stuck. And apply the peanut butter on it, it will make it easier to remove the gum from your hair. Or rub the peanut butter with a toothbrush from top to bottom by using long strokes and after some time.

The gum will break down. Then you can remove gum with the help of your fingers. You can make use of a towel to clean your hair once peanut butter breaks down the chewing gum.

2) Vinegar!

How to get gum out of hair using vinegar
By Kitchn

Vinegar is a solution of acetic acid and some trace compounds.

The solution is aqueous in nature. And it also includes some additional ingredients which impart taste and fragrance into it.

Generally, it is made by fermentation of ethanol or sugar by acetic acid bacteria. the acidic properties of vinegar help to somehow dissolve or loosen the tight grip of gum from hair, making it easier to get this sticky thing out of your hair.

In other words, vinegar is a strong solvent to remove gum from your hair. It loses the bond between the molecules of the gum and hair.

And it also leaves a strong fragrance behind so it’s recommended to wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner properly, so you won’t end up smelling like Chinese street food.


Separate the area where gum got stuck, then massage that area with vinegar or you can dip your hair into a cup of vinegar. You can repeat this process a couple of time or for a longer period.

Then, you can easily remove the gum from your hair.

This method is time-consuming methods that depend upon the chewing gum and volume of your hair. When you feel that chewing gum has begun to soften, you can use a wide-tooth comb to remove the gum out of your hair.

3) Cooking Oils are not Limited to Cooking Only!

Get Gum out of hair using cooking oils
By Delicious

Cooking oil is made up of the plant, animal, or other synthetic fat used in baking or cooking food items. It can also be extracted from fruits, grounds or nuts.

It can also be used in salad dressings, and bread dipping, etc.

Cooking oils also have hydrophobic properties. You must have studied in your 6th or 7th standard that when you add water and oil into one jar, they don’t get mixed.

They remain separate. Ingredients in the cooking oils break the bond between your chewing gum and your hair without causing any kind of damage to your hair.

Instead, you can use coconut oil, olive oil, canola oil, etc.


Simply dip hair into the oil in the cup, this will lose the bond between the molecule of gum and your hair, and so you can easily remove the gum from your hair.

Remember to soak your hair for 15-20 minutes in oil and after that remove the gum from your hair gently by using a wide comb or your fingers.

4) Using Ice-Cubes!

How to get gum out of hair using Ice cubes
By Foodnetwork

If you think using oil is too irritating and messy, you can use ice cubes to remove the gum from your hair. Freezing gum can weaken its stickiness, and helps you in removing the gum easily from your hair. Although using this hack can be a little tricky as you have to wait for gum to get freeze which might be time-consuming a little bit messy.


You should apply an ice-cube pack onto the gum for 10-15 minutes or until the gum becomes hard.

You can also lose the bond of the gum and hair by wrapping your hair in a cloth or towel with ice cubes. But remember, this method is effective when a small amount of gum is stuck in the hair.

5) Use Dissolver!

Thinking about how to get gum out of hair? Well, worry not, some dissolvers like alcohol, adhesive remover, baking soda with water, and lemon juice can help in breaking the bond between the molecules of gum, and your hair thus helping you to get gum out of hair.


Apply the dissolver directly on your hair and leave them for 10-15 minutes. Then you will see that the gum will break off. If the gum doesn’t break off, dip your hair into the dissolver in the cup, and so this method will work effectively.

If the dissolver has worked properly, the gum will come out easily, but if some residue is left on your hair, just comb your hair with a wide-tooth comb and all the gum will come out of the hair without causing any damage to your hair.

6) Use Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly!

Petroleum jelly | How to get gum out of hair
By Brittannica

Vaseline is not a moisturizer only but also works in removing gum out of the hair. It is full of 100 per cent of petroleum jelly.

But it is different from Aquaphor as Aquaphor includes additional ingredients like glycerine, ceresin, mineral oil, etc.


Petroleum jelly or Vaseline breaks down gum in the same way as the other oil products do. Firstly, grab that vaseline bottle and then try to apply the product as much as you can on the affected area.

The vaseline will make the gum loosen up its grip and then you can use a wide comb or your fingers to get gum out of hair much easier.

7)  Using Mayonnaise!

Basic mayonnaise for getting gum out of hair
By Taste

Using mayonnaise can be a greasy or messy solution.

But it is effective in removing the gum out of your hair. Whenever gum gets stuck in hair, you can just make use of mayonnaise to remove it.


Apply mayonnaise on the gum and then use your fingers to cover the gum stuck in your hair with it.

Some mayonnaises are packed with all the oils-such as olive oil, and so make the gum less sticky.

You should wait after applying the mayonnaise onto the affected area, wait for a couple of minutes before slowly removing the gum out of the hair.

8) Conditioner at its Best Use!

Hair conditioner | How to get gum out of hair


A conditioner is a hair product that is used to improve the appearance of your hair. It is a mixture of glycerine, panthenol, Cetearyl alcohol, water, preservative, etc. Some additional ingredients are also added to impart odour into this hair product.

As we already know that conditioner is an excellent solvent or lubricant. It works effectively in breaking the bond of molecules in the chewing gum.


Just apply the conditioner on the affected area or the gum with the help of a toothbrush or your fingers. It will make a glossy surface between the chewing gum and your hair.

Then, take out the gum by combing your hair.

9) Hello Hair Mousse!

Hair mousse
By Nexxus

Hair Mousse is a foam-like substance and helps in controlling stubborn curls. There are various ingredients present in hair mousse like water, which is the top substance used to blend the different chemical substances together.

Then, alcohol is also added which helps in dissolving the ingredients which have already been added to the water as well as help in producing a quick breaking foam as well as a polymer or resin is also added.

Hair mousse can help in unsticking gum from your hair.

Hair mousse or even hair spray can be effective in breaking the bond of chewing gum with hair.


Just Spray either into your hand or directly onto the affected area, but you must be careful that not to get the spray into the eyes, and just apply it into the affected area.

These products make it easier to remove the gum out of the hair using a wide-tooth comb, a toothbrush, or fingertips.

10) Toothpaste for Cleaning More than Just Teeth!

How to get gum out of hair

Toothpaste is derived from a variety of components like water, fluorides, and detergents.

If you have your hair stuck in some gum these properties of toothpaste can turn out to be an ideal substance to get gum out of hair.

No need to panic, you just have to pick your toothpaste and apply it to the sticky area for the magic to happen.


Toothpaste works effectively in sliding the gum out of your hair.

All you have to do is apply some toothpaste to the gooey area of your head and allow it to dry, once the toothpaste is all dried up, you can scrape out it out by using your fingers, a wide comb or even a toothbrush for better results.

Pro-tip, using a toothbrush for scraping will lead to a better result.

Also, don’t forget to wash your hair with some good shampoo and conditioner so that your hair can be left without any gooeyness and could maintain its silky look.

11) Body Lotion on Hair?

Body lotion for getting gum out of hair

It is a mixture of ceramides, fatty acids, glycerine, glycols, and polyols, and hyaluronic acid, etc.

Olive oil, avocado, and almond oil are also present in the lotion to impart moisture to the skin.

Lotions are effectively workable in removing chewing gum out of your hair without causing any damage to the hair.


You can apply some amount of hand or body lotion onto the affected area of your hair and then gently rub it to spread on the gum to cover the area.

Then, gently comb the hair with a wide-tooth comb or pull the chewing gum out of your hair with your fingertips once it loosens up.

12) Alcohol is More than Just Giving you Hiccups!

By Unlockfood

Chemists say that alcohol is an organic compound that carries at least one hydroxyl functional group (-OH) and bound to a saturated carbon atom.

If chewing gum got stuck into your hair, you can rub alcohol on the affected area with a sponge, or cotton pack. It is isopropyl alcohol (Chemical name) that is helpful in dissolving hydrophobic composites.

Rubbing alcohol easily loosens the bond between the polymers present in the chewing gum. Also, it doesn’t damage your hair.


Dip your affected hair into alcohol in the cup, and leave them for 10-15 minutes. Then, gently remove the gum out of your hair with the help of a comb, toothbrush or your fingertips. Not to mention, alcohol will not only remove the gum out of hair but is also good for maintaining the texture of your hair.

13) Baking Soda for Hair?

Baking soda
By Today

Well that’s right baking soda is not limited to baking and cooking only, it can be used as an amazing remedy for your sticky hair.

Baking soda has properties that might help you to remove gum from your hair.


Firstly take some baking soda in a bowl and mix it with some water. Try to make it a thick paste. The mixture should be thick enough for you to apply and cover the affected areas of your hair.

Leave the mixture of baking soda and water on your hair for some time before scrapping it gently out of your hair.

The scrapping should help to get that sticky stuff out of your hair. After removing the gum use your regular shampoo and conditioner to leave your hair clean and smooth.

14) Hair Spray is not Just for Styling!

Hair spray
By Allthingshair

Hair spray is a popular hair styling product that is used as a common cosmetic product for hair.

This product has the qualities of protecting your hair again humidity and wind, meaning it might be an effective product to help you out with that “gum stuck” hair.


The procedure is easy just apply the product to the affected area, although be careful and try to avoid its contact with the eyes.

After applying the hair spray on sticky hair just try to scrape or gently remove the gum out of your hair using a comb or your fingers.

Pro-tip, even if you get some of the product in your eyes, don’t panic and just wash it off properly with clean water and you will be good to go.

15) Lighter Fluid!

Lighter fluid

The lighter fluid may not sound ring right to ears when it comes to your hair or skin, but if used with caution, it may just do the trick! Lighter fluid is a solvent and may help to break down that gum to some level and loosen its grip on that sticky hair.

Although it is advisable to keep this remedy for the very last. Try to use every other natural formula that we have provided before resorting to this.

As this is highly inflammable and should never be used on children. Try to take full precaution, if you are going to use this on the roots of your scalp.


Take a few drops of lighter fluid and apply them to the stuck gum on your hair. Allow it to rest on the affected area for some time and afterwards try to gently remove the gum by using your fingers or comb.

After that wash your hair properly with some shampoo and conditioner so that there won’t be any trace of the fire fluid on your hair.

The solvent should be able to get that sticky stuff out of your hair without much hassle. Although proper precaution must be taken while applying this solvent and even after that.

As the name suggests fire fluid is highly inflammable so try to wash away everything properly that has come in contact with the fire fluid, to avoid any problem in future.

16) Ever Heard of Quick ‘n Brite?

Quick N Brite

If you are thinking that these natural remedies are a bit too much work for you or maybe you are already anxious enough and don’t want to go through all that work stuff and just want that gum out of your hair so good for you as we have just the right hack you!

Believe it or not but there is a legit product out there in the market that is specifically made to get that gum out of your hair.

This product claims that it’s a non-toxic, biodegradable, and completely safe product for skin and hair.


Firstly you have to remove that excess gum out of your hair by using some ice cubes or water itself.

Next, apply the product to the affected area and let it sit for 10-15 minutes before removing it out gently with the help of a comb or your fingers.

If the product doesn’t remove all of it give it another shot and reapply it on the effect hair. Scrape it out and wash your hair like you normally would afterwards.

17) What if Nothing Works?

Sadly, if you have reached a point where nothing is helping you out and you are still stuck with chewing gum on your hair instead of your mouth, to your dismay chopping it off is the only option left for you.

Don’t worry we can still suggest some of the trendy hair cuts for you that may help to make your hair, well a little less messed up.

If you are having issues with gum stuck at the front of your head you can simply go for the bangs. Suggested bangs should be done by a professional so that you can avoid messing up your hair any further.

If you are having trouble with the gum stuck on the floating end of your hair and you don’t want to lose all of it, a layer cut can be the best option for you as it will not reduce the length of your hair that much and will also help you to get that gum out of your hair.

What To Avoid When You Get Gum in Your Hair?

1.) Stop Tugging it Out!

Well, if you ever get stuck with gum in your hair the least you can do is do not touch it again and again. By making contact with this sticky stuff, again and again, might end up making the situation worse.

You wouldn’t want that gum to spread from few strings of hair to all over your head, right?

2) Don’t Panic!

It’s understandable that getting gum stuck in your hair can make you feel irritated and messed up but still try to remain calm and tackle the situation without panicking.

A calm mind can come up with a lot of ideas to deal with the situation and can also handle the problem better than a mind full of chaos.

3) Do Your Research!

Don’t make yourself fall for anything that you might see on the internet or hear from your grandma in the name of remedies for your hair problem.

Do proper research on the remedy, its application and after-effects before applying anything on your delicate hair. you wouldn’t want to level down that already messed up hair. Would you?

Some FAQs related to how to get gum out of hair:

1) How to Get The Gum Out of Hair?

If you were thinking of removing that sticky stuff out of your head through some mere coke, well to your amazement it might be the perfect hack for you to get that gum out of your hair.

All you have to do is take a large can of coke and dip your hair into it.

Let the affected area get soaked into coke for 10-20 minutes before washing it out with some shampoo to get the desired results.

2) How to get Gum Out of Hair Without Peanut Butter?

There are many other ways to how to get gum out of your hair if you are allergic to peanut butter or just don’t want to use it.

You can use vegetable oils, lotions, hair sprays, baking soda etc to help out your beautiful hair. These methods are as affordable and easy to use as using peanut butter.

3) Will Shampoo get Gum out of Hair?

Yes, shampoo can be one of the effective ways through which you can get gum out of your hair.

But this might take a bit more effort and repetition of product on the hair. As the shampoo is basically a liquid soap made for cleaning the scalp only.

The chances of gum removal from hair might be low but not zero. You can try shampoo if you are out of oils, hair sprays, alcohol etc.

4) How do You get Gum Out of Curly Hair?

Getting gum out of curly hair can be a little more complicated than usual as curly hair is usually heavier and denser in volume.

To deal with this problem you can try to use products like vegetable oils, lotions or hair sprays in more quantity and doesn’t forget to stretch out your affected hair part by using a comb or hands before applying anything.

It will make your hair absorb more product effectively.

5)How do You get Sticky Stuff Out of Hair?

Sticky stuff like chewing gum or slime or anything like that once stuck in hair can turn out into your worst nightmare.

To tackle this problem, you can use products that are easily available at home. Vegetable oils, lotions, baking soda, ice cubes are some of the examples.

If you are not comfortable with home remedies and want to try out something strong, hair sprays and hair moose can be an option for you.

6) How to Remove Gum From Babies Hair?

Babies and chewing gum are surely not a good match as small babies can easily get their head messed up with something as sticky as gum.

So, don’t worry if you and your baby is going through the same. So firstly, tie the affected portion of hair with a rubber band so that gum can’t damage the unaffected portion of hair.

You can apply peanut butter or any other solvent like oil or conditioner to the affected area and then leave that part for some time to reduce the stickiness of the gum. Or if it seems too hard to remove gum from your ever-active child, you can simply chop down the hair because applying oils, conditioners or hair mousse can take much time in removing gum from the baby’s hair, which might result in making the baby more anxious, stressed out and irritated.


In the end, we can say that either chewing gum can be your sweetest snack for your tongue or the worst nightmare for your hair.

It all depends on you that how to make this snack stay on your tongue only, but still, even if somehow it gets stuck on your hair by mistake, don’t worry the tips provided above will surely help you out on the never-ending debate of how to get gum out of hair!

Overall the remedies are effective but using oils or chemicals like hair moose might help you out faster.

Try whatever suits you and most importantly don’t panic and keep your eyes and other sensitive areas protected from any of the products as you wouldn’t want a messed up head AND irritated eyes.

Also, be gentle while scraping out the gum out of hair and always have a shampoo wash afterwards.

Hope this blog helped you. Have a wonderful day and wonderful hair ahead!


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