9+ Pro Skill Guide | How To Get Good At Combat Warriors 2022

The gaming sector has developed tremendously. It’s now become a very efficient way of income and people are now aware of the career in gaming. With unlimited games in the market, people have so many different choices to play. Combat Warriors is one of the famous fighting and action game.

Everyone wants to be a pro in the game they used to play. If you are a combat player then this article would help you how to get good at combat warriors. We have discussed some techniques that would surely make you a better player in this game. All the pro players work on these ideologies and techniques to win the game.

About Combat Warriors

Before moving on to the tips and tricks to play the game, let us first learn about the origin and knowledge of the game. 2019 fighting Roblox game Combat Warriors was produced by Swenzje Games Project 1. The experience is focused on fighting other players with melee or ranged weaponry, as the title of the game suggests. Mortem Metallum and Criminality served as inspiration for the Combat Warriors game’s concept.

Combat Warriors is a combat game. Players compete against one another and engage in combat on a variety of maps throughout the experience. Clans are something that players can start or join. In addition to being able to customize their loadout, players can earn rewards and points by completing daily objectives in the experience. This XP and credits you get are used to purchase weapons and level up. Now let’s move further towards how to get good at combat warriors.

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Combat Warrior Advice And Techniques For Roblox

Combat warrior is an amazing fighting game and you need to play it very attentively to win. In this section, we will discuss some of the tips and tricks you can use while playing this game and we are sure that these techniques will help you incredibly and will make you a better player.

Use of Grenades

If you’re new to using grenades and are unsure of their trajectory, tip number one is to throw your grenades straight up into the air. You can throw your grenades with ease if you don’t know where they’re going to land by just looking up while doing so. Considering that they will always land in the same location. Just keep in mind the distance.

Bear Traps

Bear traps are another item you may make using utilities. You can get some quite simple kills from them because they are very easy to hide from in some places. You can also place them at the head of stairs since people will ascend them without noticing them and fall victim to the bear trap, suffering harm.

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Aiming Tips

In these types of fighting games, the most important thing is aiming at the right place. If you will aim better, you will get more points. But many people are bad in this area. Just stay still while moving over it to consistently land your shots. Use your body, or just keep your crosshair where it is. They’re going to walk into it, so you should immediately shoot them as soon as you see them do so.

You don’t even need to do much aiming. Moving is as simple as using your keyboard and occasionally twiddling with your crosshair. It’s quite easy.

Slash Reset

The slash reset is a novel mechanic that was just added but that few people are acquainted with. You will find ‘slash delay cooldown’ in the settings panel and from there you can activate this. It takes longer for your swing chain to reset the higher you set it. Therefore, it’s a good idea to set this feature as low as it can go, especially for heavy weapons, so you can draw parry bait and swing more consistently.

How To Get Good At Combat Warriors

The above-mentioned tricks are helpful for you to play well but how you play on the battlefield is responsible for your growth. Implementation of the techniques is more difficult than learning them. The secrets that you must know to solve your query that how to get good at combat warriors are mentioned below and these are the tips you should use on the battlefield for improving your game.

  • The very first is to enable the shift lock for better performance. To do that press ‘ctrl’ on the keyboard. This will help you to aim your target properly and you will not miss your strikes.
  • If you are attacking a group then to attack the majority of players and earn assist points, spin your weapon. This trick is mainly for heavy users and will surely increase the chances of your win.
  • Most importantly when your weapons are on cool-down time then keep on jumping. This will help you to dodge an arrow shot.
  • Try to comprehend how your adversary plays. Try to attack them once or twice, and if you keep dying in the same way, see how they parry or jump and adjust your tactics.
  • You should practice Parry against light weapon spammers so that you are familiar with the fundamental movements and controls. If you don’t learn it, you risk quickly losing the war.

Keep on practising, and join fighting-oriented clans. A game that is NOT a tournament should be played first. More team battles will improve your skills. Rank up yourself, Collect more points to use for upgrades, and boost your team, attend raids.

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What Is Roblox Kick On Combat Warriors?

Let me know how to get good at combat warriors with the help of Roblox kick. You can knock someone down with the kick mechanic without really knocking them down first. To kick someone down with the kick mechanic, parry them first, then press Q.

It is a useful mechanic for extending the duration of stun from a parry since, depending on the speed, using it after a parry allows you to land roughly one more hit with a heavy weapon and between two and three more hits with a light weapon. Additionally, an animated kick is played.

How Do Warriors Parry to In Battle

You can use this mechanism to deflect an attack by pressing F. It works well with the Dragon Slayer or practically all light weapons. A shield will appear, and if an adversary strikes it while it is up, it will be stunned, allowing you to attack. The shield has a three-second cooldown. The Dragon Slayer has the longest stun duration.

If they do not strike the shield when you parry, however, you will have roughly 5 walk speeds for 1.5 seconds and won’t be able to swing for that same amount of time. This mechanic is quite ineffective because it has no bearing on an opponent who is lagging when they strike you. Additionally, when someone is parried, pressing Q will knock that person to the ground.

How Do You Make Fighting Warriors Raise Their Fists

Anyone who is armed with a weapon from the Ranged category will receive a special melee weapon called a fist. They are now accessible as a free beginner light weapon (after a recent update). They are, to put it mildly, what you get when you make a fist by tightly clutching the palm of your hand with your fingers bent inward.

Or two, if you repeat the process using the other hand. However, both of your arms in Combat Warriors are essentially fists at all times due to the R6 rig that is used. A secondary source of CQC damage is fists. Fists will serve you well if you realize that they were not intended to be a powerhouse, to begin with, whether it be because someone drew too near or you managed to miss a shot in close range.

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How To Use A Longsword More Efficiently In Combat Warriors

This is a heavy weapon that can give damage up to 33. We recommend you not to use this as it requires four continuous hits to kill someone. But if still you want to use this weapon then here are listed some of the tips you can use to make this weapon more efficient.

  • The Longsword is lengthy, as its name suggests. When engaging an opponent in a duel, make use of its good range.
  • This may be used to safely hit your opponents from a distance while preventing them from hitting you.
  • This isn’t fully accurate, though, because the last person to update it (SnowytheChillGuy) is still terrible at the game.
  • Do not lose it when you fail to hit your opponent because the hitbox is erratic.

Final Verdict 

So here we wrap up with the discussion based on how to get good at Combat Warriors. As gaming technology is at its peak these days So is essential for us to be updated regarding the gaming zone as well. We covered all the stuff that needs to be known and also the queries that you must have been confused with. Still, if there is any doubt left or you want to ask anything about combat warriors please let us know. Amustusto makes your doubts clear in the simplest way we can. Thanks for reading and being a part of the onxshadow family.


Can I play combat warriors on Xbox?

A complete update log is available in the game description, you can Play Combat Warriors. With this version, Xbox support and VC-only servers are included. – New melee animations and audio – C4 utility – Redesigns of items & much more.

What are the best weapons in Combat warriors?

The weapons are divided into some categories. The ‘S’ category weapons are the best to use. This includes Dragon Slayer, Bardiche, Odachi, Zweihänder, Colossal Greatsword, Glaive, RPG-7, and Dual Cleavers. But these are too expensive so you can use other alternatives that come under the A and B categories. Some other alternatives are War Hammer, Trident, Brute Mace, Katana, Shikomizue, Dual Tomahawks, Luiyedao, and Dual Hammers.

We recommend you follow the above tips and tricks to improve your gaming skills. More practice will make you a good player. Don’t compare yourself with others. Just focus on your mistake and techniques to become a pro in the combat warrior game.

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