How To Fix Jeans Button With And Without Sewing In 2022

You plan to wear your favorite Jeans, but then you notice that oops! Your button came out. Your jeans are not the same anymore, and you doubt whether you can wear them or not.

The only thing that comes to your mind is 

” Will I ever be able to fix it, or will it remain just like that.” Well, leaving it just like that will make you lose your favorite jeans forever.

Therefore, we have the solution for it. Next, we will be discussing how to fix jeans button. Once you know it then, you don’t have to lose your best pair of jeans forever.

Besides telling how to fix the jeans button, we will also talk about fixing the jeans buttonwith or without sewing. 

Once you go through this article, you will learn all the techniques and see how easy it is!

How to fix jeans button?

As we know, jeans are the most durable piece of clothing. So breaking off a button doesn’t mean that you can’t wear it again. Multiple washing may fade away the color of the jeans, but you can still put them on.

The buttons on the jeans are durable as compared to other jeans. Sometimes it gets unavoidable due to regular wear and tear, so sometimes it comes out or breaks off.

However, you can fix your jeans button with or without sewing. You can also use a hammer and other tools for reusing your jeans in a new way. Different types of buttons require different methods to get fixed.

To know more about all the methods, keep scrolling down.

How to fix a jeans button with sewing?

Fixing buttons with sewing is the most traditional method of fixing things. Like earlier, when there was no such advanced technology and methods, people used to sew all the broken or torn parts of their clothes.

Of course, people in the olden days wore fewer jeans, but their sewing techniques are so interesting and proper that you can try them on your jeans when fixing their buttons. 

You may have noticed that sometimes the buttons of your jeans have certain small holes in them.

Putting the thread into the needle, you have to insert it into the holes of the buttons in the jeans and stitch it with the denim.

Once you stitch it tight and right, your button already gets fixed in your jeans. Try to stitch your button in a criss-cross pattern so that it lasts long and does not come out of your jeans again.

You will notice that your jeans button has got fixed permanently.


How to fix your jeans button without sewing?

How to fix jeans button

To fix the button of your Jeans without sewing jeans, you need to follow some steps:- 

● Make your jeans lay down on a straight surface of a table or bed with its front side.

● Unzip and open your jeans at the waistband so that you get more space to work on the button area. You can see that the hole is missing. That’s your spot, and you have to work on it.

● Hold the waistband of your jeans at the point of the hole and turn it over so that you can focus on the hole’s backside.

● Take a tack and insert it on the backside of the hole and push it through the hole.

● If the hole of your jeans is too large, you can make it small by pinning up the sides of the hole and then pushing the tack.

● To work on your hole, apply a flat surface like a piece of wood or a board on either side of your jeans.

● You can also use a small hammer so that your button doesn’t break off.

● If you’re not comfortable holding the button with your fingers while hammering, you can substitute it with a pair of pliers for holding the button in the right place.

● Your button is fixed in the right place. All you need to do is test your button by buttoning it again so that you’re yourself ensured about the fixing process.

How to fix a jeans button with a hammer?

Fixing jeans button using hammer
Image Source: Ehow

Fixing the button of your jeans using a hammer is a process of mending things without sewing. Hammering the button makes it fit correctly and tightly on the tack from behind. 

After pushing the tack from behind the hole of your jeans, secure the button over it with a hammer. Tap your button gently in the right place.

Taking an even surface like a board or a table benefits you in distributing the force exerted on your hammer equally at all places.

Also, you have to make sure that your button doesn’t break off while hammering it.

Difference between rivet and snap button


Rivet buttons

● The tiny copper buttons you see at the front of jeans and around the pockets are rivet buttons. They are an important component in the whole denim jeans and also play an important role.

● They are set in the high tension areas of the jeans, and in the early days, miners use rivet buttons. Slowly they became a mainstream clothing item that lasted for so many centuries till then. They provide extra support to your jeans.

● Apart from jeans, People also use rivet buttons in other clothing pieces. They are excellent at holding things together and attaching them to something else.


Snaps Buttons

● These are the small fused discs buttons used in various pieces of clothing as alternative normal daily used buttons. Besides snap, you can also call them press, snap, poppers, and basically, they are made of metal.

● Snap buttons can be fused both on textile and leather and have four parts: cap, socket, stud, and post. You can divide the button into two different parts. One part will have the cap and socket in it, while the other will have the stud and the post.

● What happens in a snap button is that we just fit the cap and socket over the stud and post portions. Sufficient pressure needs to be applied to it so that it fits tightly into the stud. Besides that, the carving of the cap and socket upon the stud can be done as per users’ recommendations.

● These buttons are versatile, and you can use them for fixing materials of different strengths and toughness. They are not only used in joining jeans and clothes, but you can also use them in leather bags, footwear, harness, and saddlery.

 So, suppose we differentiate between two buttons. In that case, we can say that a rivet is a cylindrical shape, mechanical fastener which can attach multiple parts of cloth by fitting through a hole and deforming its head.

But, on the other hand, Snap buttons are very versatile and can also be used in different appliances.  

How to fix jeans with Rivet buttons

Rivet buttons are not hard to fix in your jeans, as long as you use the correct tools for fixing them.

If you use them correctly, the rivet buttons will give you quick, firm, and durable jeans that you can put on for a long time.

Fixing rivet buttons is easy. First, you need to place the button where you want to and hit it with a hammer.

Next, apply a sufficient amount of force so that it can go through the fabric. After you see that the button has fitted in the right place, simply tap on it to secure the button on your Jeans.

The process is very easy, and it takes just 5 mins to complete it. Once it’s done, your pants will look as new as before, and you can wear them for a long time.

How to fix snap buttons on jeans

Snap buttons are like a fastener. You can see jeans, pouches, shirts, purses and a lot of other things. To fix the snap buttons on your Jeans, you need tools like a snap tool, a flathead screwdriver, a small hammer, and some snaps. 

● Lay your fabric straight with its front side facing on a flat surface and insert your flathead screwdriver between either side of the socket closure point of the snap buttons.

● While inserting the screwdriver between the cloth and stud, you have to make sure that it doesn’t tear your fabric in the process.

● Lift your screwdriver until the snap comes off, and continue removing the socket closure on the opposite side of your cloth.

● Use the snap tool to replace the snap button and place it at the stud’s top and base of the tool. Next, place the flattened piece on the other side.

● After this, place the snap tool under your cloth and insert your metal stud through the small hole of the cloth.

● Tap the top of your base with a hammer so that your stud gets firmly attached to the stud base.

● Next, place the socket at the base of your snap tool and the bottom to the other side of the tool.

● Now place your snap tool underneath your cloth and insert the ring through the hole of the fabric.

● Use your hammer again to tap the top of your snap tool. It will attach the socket to its base more tightly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better, rivet or snap?

Though you can’t put one kind on the better side, both have different features, but snap buttons are versatile, and you can use them on various objects. 

When it comes to fixing, Rivet buttons are easier to fix. It happens in just 5 minutes, and your jeans are all set to look as if its new.

Fixing snap buttons is a longer process, but it secures your button well onto your jeans.

How to fix the missing jeans button?

To fix the missing buttons of your jeans, you need to understand the type of buttons first. You need to find out whether it was a rivet button or a snap button.

Also, you need to match the designs with the existing buttons on your jeans. After completing the search and realizing that you founded the perfect match, you can apply the previously discussed techniques.

You can use some tools like a hammer or a flathead screwdriver. If your buttons have certain holes in them, you can sew them up with your pants too.

How to remove the jeans button?

The buttons fitted on the jeans required some force to get there at the correct position. They will also require a certain amount of force when you want to take them off from that position.

Therefore, you need strength for removing hold of the button which they on each other along with the fabric.

The process is an easy one, and it will take just a few minutes to do so, but you should not be over-aggressive and damage your buttons.

Instead, you should handle the buttons with care, even while removing them. You can use some tools like an Exacto knife to cut off the stitches, making your process easy. 

Can you reuse a jeans button?

Yes. You can reuse a button if they are in good shape and good condition. There is no harm in reusing them.

You just have to make sure that it fits tightly and tightly on your jeans and makes a firm hold on them. Also, old buttons can be easily replaceable once the buttons of your new Jeans come out.


I would like to say that now you don’t have to lose your favorite pair of jeans forever if the button comes off. You know how to fix the jeans button, and I know that you will try this yourself for sure.

And since you know the techniques, you can do it yourself in no time and wear your favorite jeans whenever you want to.

We would like to know if this article was helpful to you so please let us know about your thoughts and views below. For more such content, keep reading with us.

Thank you!


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