A Step By Step Guide | How to Fix Baggy Jeans?

Finding a perfect pair of jeans can be super frustrating. Jeans can be labile: which means they are liable to change and jeans can be easily altered. Jeans are the most salient thing in your whole outfit. So, having a perfect pair of jeans can be very jammy for you.

Finding your favorite jeans might not be that challenging but altering them in your perfect size can be quite of a challenge.

Jeans are the most important factor of one’s outfit so obviously, you must have the pair in the perfect size. If you don’t find your size you can alter those jeans too and here are some tips and tricks that you can use to fix your baggy jeans.

As we all know altering jeans is not that easy as altering a dress. It needs more of an expert person. So here, we are going to give a detailed guide on how to fix baggy jeans in some easy ways by yourself only. Let’s dig further, without waiting any longer.

How to fix Baggy Jeans: 5 Easy Ways

There are numerous ways to fix your baggy jeans. So, we have gathered up some of the best tips to consult you on your fixing period.

Hot Water Wash

How to fix baggy jeans with hot water wash

The first and the most common way to fix your baggy jeans are a hot water wash. Give a hot water wash to your jeans and try not to wash with other clothes.

The hot water wash will shrink the fibers and your jeans may get tighter. If you don’t want to go for a machine wash you can soak the jeans in a bucket with hot boiling water.

But this method doesn’t work much properly because nowadays some jeans have artificial fibers.

Sew Seams

How to fix baggy jeans by sewing and seaming
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Wear your jeans inside out, stand in front of the mirror and pinch the loose parts of the jeans with some safety pins in a horizontal way.

Then mark lines with the help of a pencil or tailor’s marker from where the jeans are loose in a horizontal way from the crotch to the loose part and then

check the symmetry and then take off your jeans very carefully and then sew the jeans as per the markings and now try on your jeans, if the jeans are of the proper size that’s good if not go for another try and then cut off the extra fabric and it’s ready to wear.

Tight Waistband with Hot Water

A Step By Step Guide | How to Fix Baggy Jeans? 1 A Step By Step Guide | How to Fix Baggy Jeans?

Here’s another way to fix your baggy jeans. You can tighten your jeans by dipping or soaking the waistband in hot water.

In this method just put the waistband in the hot boiling water for at least 5 minutes, this will shrink the fibers and tighten the jeans and at last for a long stay dry the waistband by ironing it with a hot iron.

This will help in lasting long because this method is not permanent. It is a temporary way for fixing baggy jeans.

Tight Waistband with Sewing

A Step By Step Guide | How to Fix Baggy Jeans? 2 A Step By Step Guide | How to Fix Baggy Jeans?

Firstly, remove the center back belt loop from the jeans very carefully with sharp scissors, just after removing the loop mark a straight vertical line on that area where the loop got removed.

Then try on the jeans inside out and pinch the loose area from the back and secure it with the safety pin.

Now just take off the jeans and measure the area to be removed. Mark the pinched area with chalk or pencil and the marking should be of Triangle shape.

Now just remove the stitches from the marked area and sew it according to the Markings and make sure you use a sewing machine and opt for a professional if you don’t know how to use a sewing machine.

Then after sewing it according to the markings just remove the extra fabric and attach the belt loop again and the jeans are ready to wear.

Boiling Jeans

A Step By Step Guide | How to Fix Baggy Jeans? 3 A Step By Step Guide | How to Fix Baggy Jeans?

As we all know boiling a fabric leads to tightening the fibers. In this method, boil your baggy jeans in hot boiling water it will tighten the fibers of the jeans and make them a little tight than before.

This will help in fixing your baggy jeans. But this method is not that reliable.

Five Hacks for Fixing your Baggy Without Washing!

  • The first and the most common way for fixing your baggy jeans is to wear a broad belt. Don’t wear a small belt because wearing a broad belt will help in hiding the folds of the jeans.
  • The second hack is to spray lukewarm water onto the jeans and then pull to stretch.
  • Here’s another hack put your jeans in the dryer on the hot settings. This will help in tightening the fibers of the jeans and make them a little tight than before.
  • Tiktok is the platform for people to showcase their talent while discovering that app we came across a baggy jean fixing hack and that really works well.
  • This hack will make a proper fit over the waist. You just have to hook up a piece of your jeans string through the belt loops on your jeans from the backside.
  • Now just pull the string as per your choice and tie that string and tuck in your jeans and the jeans are ready to wear as per your size.

Five Tips for Tailoring!

Tailoring is not an easy task. It is one of the most difficult tasks because tailoring needs more time, a lot more concentration, and experience. An inexperienced person cannot do tailoring. If you want to do tailoring by yourself, you should go through these tips given below :

Be Patient

Patience is the most important thing while tailoring. You should be patient while fixing anything. More patience more good results. So, be patient while fixing anything.

Concentrate More

Concentration is also important, just be more concentrated on the fixing while tailoring. Don’t distract yourself if you are not a professional because it can lead to an injury. A sewing machine can hurt you if you are not concentrated on it.

Get Comfortable

Sewing is not an easy task. It can take hours or even days. So getting comfortable is the basic tip for beginners. Just enjoy the work you are doing and get homely.

Choose the Best Sewing Machine for Yourself

In this task of tailoring sewing machine is your best friend. Sewing machines are of different types and sizes. So, you for a good quality sewing machine as per your favorable choice.

Start by Hand

If you don’t want to do with a sewing machine start with your hands. This will help you and you’ll get more comfortable while tailoring. So, if you don’t want to go for sewing machines go for hands.

How to fix Baggy Knees in Jeans?

If the knee side of your jeans looks baggy in public just pull up your jeans a few inches before you sit down and keep your back straight while sitting and don’t cross the legs, this tip will help you and your baggy knees won’t look worse throughout the day.

Here’s another way for fixing baggy knees, just spray some water in the baggy area, and right after that iron that wet part with a hot iron.

How to Fix Baggy Ankles in Jeans?

Firstly, wear your jeans inside out and pin up the loose part with paper pins or safety pins.

Then mark the pin locations with the help of chalk or pencil. Then after take off your jeans and measure your heel with the help of an inch-tape.

The next step is to connect the markings and sew with the help of a sewing machine and cut off the left-over fabric and your ankles are not baggy and it’s ready to wear.

How to Fix Baggy Crotch in Jeans?

We can fix baggy crotch in jeans by spraying lukewarm water on that area and then pull a stretch and right after that just iron that wet area and it will get a bit tighter.

And here’s another way just put the jeans in the dryer in hot settings, this will make the fibers of the jeans get tighter and this will fix our baggy crotch of the jeans.

How do I fix a pair of mom Jeans that fit around the waist but are too baggy in legs?

Step 1:

The first step is to wear your jeans that are baggy inside out. Wear those jeans properly.

Step 2:

Then the next step is to pin up or secure that area that is loose with the help of safety pins or papers pins. And then take off your jeans carefully so that the pins don’t move from their place.

Step 3:

Now here’s a step that needs all your attention, just hold chalk or a pencil and make dots on the place of pins that are pin down in the jeans and now connect the dots and make a neat and clean track for sewing.

Step 4:

The next step can harm you if you are not professional, so just make sure you have somebody with you while doing this step because the needle of the sewing machine can hurt you. Now, in this step just sew the marked area neatly and in a tidy way.

Step 5:

Now, the next step is to Cut off the leftover fabric of the jeans and try the jeans out if it’s in a good fitting just wear them up and if it’s not fitting just put the jeans once in the dryer in the hot settings, it will tighten the fibers of the jeans and your jeans will look good than before.

Winding up!

At last, take into consideration that every problem has a solution. So, we hope that you have got the answer to your question that how to fix baggy jeans.

While ending up, here are some tips while fixing your jeans: while sparing use only lukewarm water, you must follow that dryer way.

After all, it can save your time than another way,

if you are not professional go for professionals only and if you want to do it by yourself just make sure you should have someone with you because sewing machine is not easy to use and it can hurt you.

So, make sure to be concentrated while sewing. Just remember you should have done tidy work on your jeans so that no one will notice that you are wearing altered jeans.

Just be confident while wearing those jeans, sit straight and don’t cross your legs while sitting and walk straight.

These tips will help you and there will be less chance and your jeans won’t get that attention.

Hope you got all your answers! Thank you!

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