How to Find Birthdays on Snapchat: Step-by-Step Guide (2023)

Discovering birthdays on Snapchat gives your relationships with friends a deeper sense of celebration and connection.

It’s an easy but effective method to show someone you care. On the website, you can establish more intimate relationships, send heartfelt greetings,

and even take part in fictitious celebrations by learning about and honoring your friends’ birthdays.

We’ll go over the easy steps for finding Snapchat birthdays in this article so you can take advantage of every chance to brighten someone’s special day.

Find Birthdays on Snapchat

Here are some of the methods to find birthdays on Snapchat mentioned below:-

●      Launch the App, Then Sign in

Install the Snapchat app and log in on your smartphone. If you haven’t already, you must make one.

●      Access the Friend List

Once you are on the home screen, select the “Friends” icon in the lower-left area of the display. Following that, you can browse the profiles and activity on your friends’ buddy listings.

●      View Friend’s Profile

To visit your friend’s profile, tap on their Bitmoji or username. The open page will show their Snap Score, most recent activity, and other details.

●      Search Birthday Icon

If your buddy has added their birthday to their Snapchat profile, you will see a birthday cake icon next to their name. This sign denotes that a person’s birthday is coming up or has already passed.

●      View Birthday Information

Tap the icon representing a birthday cake for additional information about your friend’s birthday. A pop-up showing the precise date of their birthday will appear.

●      Birthday Greetings

Once you know your friend’s birthday, you can wish them a happy birthday by sending them a personalised Snap or chat greeting. You may also use various Snapchat features, including stickers, filters, and lenses, to make your message more festive and entertaining.

●      Add Birthday Reminders

You can set up reminders within the program to ensure you remember all approaching birthdays. Snapchat will notify you whenever it’s time to wish your friends a happy birthday.

●      Create a New Profile

Consider adding your birthday to your Snapchat profile if you haven’t already. Your pals will be able to know when your special day comes near due to this.

●      Security Settings

Remember that not everyone’s birthday information on Snapchat may be accessible. Some users’ privacy settings may be set up to prevent non-friends or particular groups from seeing their birthdays. Observe your friends’ preferences for privacy.


The simple procedure of searching through your Friends List and looking for the birthday cake icon on your friends’ profiles is how you can find out when someone’s birthday is on Snapchat.

Birthdays on Snapchat can be improved by sending unique greetings and using the app’s interactive capabilities. Have fun celebrating with your pals and respect their privacy settings.


Q1: Where can I look up someone’s birthday on Snapchat?

Go to your friend’s list and choose the person whose birthday you want to know about their Snapchat birthday.

The person’s name will get a birthday cake icon next to it if they have added their birthday to their profile. They can find out their precise birthday by tapping on the emblem.

Q2: What if the birthday cake icon isn’t visible?

A friend may haven’t updated their birthday to their Snapchat profile, or they could have set their privacy settings to limit the appearance of their birthday details if you can’t see the birthday cake icon next to their full name.

Q3: Can I set up alerts for upcoming birthdays?

Yes, you may set up notifications for when your friends’ birthdays are approaching within the Snapchat app. This informs you about celebrations and ensures you remember to send out your best wishes.

Q4: How do I wish someone a happy birthday on Snapchat?

Once you are aware of your friend’s birthday, you can send them a Snap or chat message wishing them a happy birthday. Utilising Snapchat’s features, like stickers, filters, and lenses to give your message a festive flair, you may make it more distinctive.

Q5: Is there a method to keep the date of my birthday private?

You can manage your privacy settings on Snapchat, yes. You can specify who can see your birthday information by changing your preferences. You can limit who you choose to celebrate your birthday with in this way.

Q6: Can I share birthdays on Snapchat with friends?

Absolutely! Birthday celebrations on Snapchat are a wonderful way to remain in touch and participate in your friends’ joyous occasions.

The celebration can be enhanced by sending unique greetings, utilising artistic features, and participating in virtual celebrations.

Q7: What would happen if I wanted to update Snapchat with my birthday?

You can update your birthdate by navigating to your profile settings on Snapchat. Go to your profile page, click the settings gear, and choose “Birthday.” You can change or add your birthdate here.

Q8: Does Snapchat’s birthday search function work on all app versions?

Users can search for birthdays using a feature in all program versions. Keep your app updated to ensure accessibility to the most recent features and upgrades.

Q9: Are there any privacy concerns that should be considered before using this feature?

You must respect the privacy preferences of your pals. Some people may choose not to disclose their birthdate to others. When seeing or sharing someone’s birthday information, always pay attention to these settings and abide by their guidelines.

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