HOW TO FADE JEANS? Methods That You Should Know In 2022

Faded jeans are the staple of trends. Sometimes jeans are too dark or they can be the wrong color altogether. Dark jeans have the tendency to look extremely good but not every time, it can be boring sometimes, you can get tired of your dark jeans in your closet but still can accomplish the look you want by fading your jeans. It is an easy way to give them a new look and bring a new life into them.

Fading your dark jeans can refresh your wardrobe and also can reinvent your style without spending much and here we are going to share the best ways to fade your jeans at home. However, make sure while you are fading your dark jeans it is necessary that to be careful while using chemicals as they can harm your body especially your hands.

You can wear gloves as they will protect you from chlorine, bleach, or other chemical products. There are many other precautions and tricks to take into account regarding fading your jeans so without any further due let’s start with our creative ideas for how to Fade jeans? Shall we?

How To Fade Jeans At Home?

1. Salt

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Did you ever think …A simple cooking salt can help you to fade or lighten your jeans very easily? It is a natural, safe, and approved formula. Just a pinch of salt does not only enhance your food but can also upgrade your wardrobe to higher levels. Let’s know how to do so.

Step 1: A bucket and salt

Fill a tub with normal water, add 2 -3 cups of salt. Salt can be of any type it doesn’t matter but preferably use cooking salt.

Step 2: Soak the jeans

Soak the jeans in the solution for 30 to 50 minutes. Stir your jeans from time to time so that the color is even. After the desired color is achieved, remove your jeans out of the tub and wring out the excess water

Step 3: Wash the jeans

Dry out your jeans in the sunlight and if you want to wash them so you can… it totally depends on you. Now enjoy your final look

2. Lemon Juice

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Another technique for fading your jeans is using lemon juice as this method is safer as compared to bleaching but it takes a bit more time than bleaching. Lemon juice is a rich source of acetic acid or citric acid. This property is famous for lightening or bleaching the surfaces, fabrics it comes in contact with. If you want to bleach your jeans, lemon juice might be the cheapest option to go for.

Step 1: Use a bathtub

The first step always is to-Use a bucket and fill it with normal water, Now Dip your jeans in the water-filled bucket for 2-3 minutes

Step 2: A full gallon of lemon juice

Now add some quarts of concentrated lemon juice to the water-filled bucket. Keep jeans in the bucket for some hours for the soaking process till the desired faded effect is achieved and check it from time to time for the best result

Step 3: Hang your faded jeans for dry

Step 3 is to wash your jeans with your favorite laundry detergent to avoid a lemony smell and last hang your jeans on a clothesline in the sun to dry

3. Sandpaper

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Sandpaper, as freaky it may sound, but trust us it isn’t even that bad, to begin with. Fading jeans with sandpaper sound hard. Well yes, it takes some effort but the process is a simple one and the results are promising.

Step 1: Prepare a setup

Prepare your area where you use the process. Lay your jeans on a flat table or surface. You can also use a cushion under it

Step 2: sand and repeat the process

Now rub that 180 grit sandpaper on your jeans- rub back and forth to that area where you would like to fade. Apply this process with some pressure but make sure that too much pressure can be harsh on your fabric. Okay, when you get the faded effect on your particular area then simply repeat this process on any other area where you would like to fade.

Step 3: wash your jeans

The final step is always to wash your jeans with a washing machine and laundry detergent as it helps to remove the excess dye or Fibre.

4. Spot bleaching:

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If you are a fan of naturals and when you want a perfect uneven fading effect then you should definitely go for spot bleaching. Here are some steps that you should follow before using the spot bleaching technique.

Step 1: Standing Table

Use a table to give support to your jeans. Just lay down straight your jeans on the table and make sure to don’t allow your jeans to crinkles

Step 2: Sponge or Cloth

After that first step prepare a bleaching solution. Use a sponge or cloth for giving the tap-tap(spot) fading effect to your jeans. Do remember you did not have to soak your jeans in the bleaching solution instead dip your sponge or cloth in the solution and pat the sponge or cloth to the area where you want to lighten.

Step 3: Wash your Jeans

After your jeans dry, wash them in the washing machine with detergent and make sure no other clothes are in it as it is tie-dyed along with your jeans.

5. Vinegar:

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Vinegar can be considered as a stronger version of lemon juice. As we know vinegar is an aqueous solution and it contains 5-8% of acetic acid by volume. Although we have also mentioned the lemon method, using vinegar will be a faster and more efficient hack. It will definitely help you to fade your jeans naturally.

Step 1: A Bucket and Vinegar

Fill a bucket with normal water and add 1 cup of white vinegar in it and stir it well for 4 to 5 minutes to achieve the better result

Step 2: Soak your jeans

After that soak your jeans directly into that solution for 30minutes to an hour. stirring it occasionally for the even color effect and then leaving it for some time

Step 3: Dry your jeans

Remove your jeans from the bucket and wring out the excess water, hang your jeans on the clothesline. But make sure to avoid it from the direct sunlight as it can be harsh to your fabric and again washing your jeans totally depends on you!

How To Fade Jeans With Bleach?

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We all are familiar with bleach right? Everyone must be familiar with its cleaning and stain removal properties, but did you know it works much more than just being an alternative to detergent. Sounds interesting right?

Jeans are something that people usually love, especially those faded jeans. These are universal pants that are worn by all kinds of people to level up their looks. So the question here is “how can you bleach your jeans”? Don’t worry we’ll show you great ways to fade your jeans with bleach in order to give your jeans a brand new look.

In order to give your jeans a new life, you must follow these steps:

Step 1: Arrange materials where you are going to start the bleaching process. Firstly arrange a bucket and fill that bucket with moderately hot water

Step 2: Empty the bottle of bleach into the tub and swish the water with your hands to mix the bleach, in order to do that you should wear gloves ( wearing gloves will protect your hands from chemical substances).

Step 3: Put your jeans in a separate sink and rinse the jeans or twist them to remove the excess water.

Step 4: Put the jeans in the bleached water and leave them in the water for 20 minutes and after bleaching for 20 minutes just simply remove them from the bleach water tub.

Step 5: Now wash the jeans with your favorite laundry detergent and hang them to dry ( make sure the weather is sunny).

Precautions to take while bleaching:

1. You must work in a well-ventilated room to avoid irritation like coughing and sneezing, etc.

2. Put on gloves so that they can protect you from chemicals that can harm your hands.

3. Lay old newspaper on the surface to protect it from bleach spillage.

4. Wash freshly bleached jeans separately and do not leave your jeans in bleach for too long as it can damage the fabric permanently.

5. After you use your bleach, store them properly to avoid any disaster.

Tips For Bleaching Faster And Evenly


TIP 1: If you are bleaching for the first time, Don’t try it directly on your favorite pair of jeans instead try it on an old pair of jeans.

TIP 2: Different jeans color reacts differently in their own way so choose a pair that is ruined and close to your favorite pair of color so that it can give an accurate idea

TIP 3: You can use Bleach pen as an alternative(available in every store). By using this pen you can draw your favorite or unique designs, words onto your jeans but Do remember this pen won’t create a natural look but yes they are applied easily.

TIP 4: Wear your jeans for a week(wear them for the whole day- even to your bed) without washing them. Ahhh! sounds cringe…Right?No worries your jeans will fade quicker because of the friction you create by moving here and there

TIP 5: Wash your jeans with hot water as hot water works naturally in the process of fading and after washing hang your jeans in the sunlight to dry. you will definitely see a little fade effect to it.

How To Fade Blue Jeans White?

Dark blue jeans are among the world’s most popular styles of pants. These pants have become a staple fashion item for both men and women. These jeans look awesome but can be boring sometimes.

You can get tired of your dark jeans in your closet. Sometimes you buy a pair of dark jeans and later you do not like them. What you can do is you can fade your dark blue jeans to a white or lighter color. Bleach will lighten its color and will give it a totally new texture. These are the easy steps to fade your blue jeans to white or lighten color:

Step 1:  Fill the bucket/bathtub with hot water and add 2 cups of bleach to the water. 2 cups of bleach will be enough to lighten the dark blue jeans.

Step 2: Put your jeans in a separate sink and rinse the jeans or twist them to remove the excess water.

Step 3:  Put the jeans in the bleached water and leave them in the water for 20 minutes. make sure that you are wearing gloves so that you can protect your hands as well.5

Step 4: Remove them from the bleach water tub. wash the jeans with laundry detergent and hang them to dry.

How Do I Get The Best Denim Fade?

As we all know bleach is a fading agent but let’s explore some other ways to fade Well after all this if you are still not satisfied with remedies or maybe want to go for some other alternatives for fading jeans you might be interested in the below-given methods. Here are 3 other ways for fading your Denim:

1. Sleep in your jeans:

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Sleeping in your jeans brings friction when you move around and friction brings a fading effect to your jeans and for the fastest effect wear your jeans everywhere inside or outside both.

2. Freeze your jeans:

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Freeze your jeans in liquid nitrogen as deeply frozen jeans in the temperature as cold as 346-Fahrenheit create creases for fades but this option is limited for the chemistry students.

3. Rub coffee beans:

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As coffee contains acid so it should not be shocking that the beans possess fading properties. Just take the beans full of your hand and rub them a little harder throughout the targeted areas. After then wash your jeans in warm water and let them dry and yeah! your new look is ready, wear it with your favorite t-shirt.

How To Fade Jeans With Darker Shades?

1. Lighten them with bleach

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Bleaching is the most effective method to strip color from any fabric as it’s a super way to fade your jeans. Add 1/2 cup of bleach in lukewarm water, place them inside and soak them for 20 minutes.

Drain the water and re-wash your jeans with fresh water and hang them to dry. Check them later, hopefully, they’ll come out lighter than they were before.

2. Wash them in hot water

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You can wash your jeans in hot water if you don’t want to use harsh chemicals on your jeans. Before using any other methods to fade your jeans, you must wash your jeans in hot water. Take your jeans and put them in the washing machine with the hottest water settings possible.

The hot water will fade your jeans and will turn them into a slightly lighter tone. Once you are done with the washing, rinse your jeans and twist them to remove excess water. Hang them to dry. If you are not satisfied with the results, then wash your jeans once more in hot water as it will give you a genuine result.

3. The salt method

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This is a safer method to fade your jeans. What you have to do is simply turn on your washing machine and fill it with cold water. Then add 2 cups of salt and put your jeans underwater.

Soak them for 20-30 minutes and stir them properly. Take out your jeans from the machine and hang them to dry. The salt will help to lighten your jeans.

These are some appropriate methods to fade your jeans with dark shades.


 How much bleach does it take to fade jeans?

It takes only 1 cup of bleach or one part of bleach out of five parts of warm water.

 How long do jeans take to fade?

It depends on your method whether you are using a chemical method or the natural method. The chemical method gives you an instance of faded effect but the natural method takes 3-4 months.

Will one wash jeans shrink?

It depends, if you are using hot water to wash your jeans then it might shrink a little. Hot water not only fades your jeans but also shrinks them.

Should I wash jeans after buying?

Yes, you should wash jeans before wearing them as it is not so mandatory but washing your new pair of jeans before wearing them saves you from some nasty reactions.

Why won’t my jeans lighten with bleach?

Bleaching is easy when all the steps are followed accurately and still if you are facing a fading problem then you should check the fabric of your jeans maybe it is hard to bleach.

Do all jeans fade?

Yes, all Jeans fade, especially blue and black jeans as they tend to easily fade in the washing machine. If you are not satisfied with the outcome then you can try bleaching your pants.

Can you fade normal jeans?

Yes, you can fade normal jeans too but it depends on your initial wash as initial wash helps you to know your actual fabric of clothes

What happens if you bleach black jeans?

If you bleach your black jeans repeatedly it can turn your black jeans whiter as black contains more pigment to be bleached so it takes a few washes only to turn them into white.

Wrapping It Up!

All in all, fading your jeans can sound a lot of fun and all but using chemicals like bleach or even using the natural ingredients available at home can lead to a tragic experience and big chaos if not used well and with precautions. But don’t worry we have provided the best ways to fade your jeans at home with ease and caution.

You don’t have to boggle your mind anymore with the question of how to fade jeans?. Not only the best techniques but some tips and tricks are also mentioned to ace your work up without much hassle! Fading was never so easy until now, so what are you waiting for? Let’s grab those outdated jeans and make them one of the best staples of your wardrobe! If you liked this article do share it!

Happy Reading!

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