How To Exfoliate Legs | 4 Easy Techniques And Benefits Of Exfoliation

 Are you having a dark shade on your legs!!

Scrubbing time and again but still have no results in your legs. The daily chores and hurdles in your life make no time for taking Proper care of your skin.!

Many of them come up with the question  “is it ever possible to manage your skin and work together in a balanced way?”

Well, the answer to this question is yes. You can take proper care of your skin and manage your work at the same time. We are here to provide you with some quick and easy tips and tricks on how to exfoliate legs and other parts of the skin. Exfoliating your legs will make the new skin cells come over the dead cells and give them a shimmer look.

Therefore let’s dive into the article;

  • How to exfoliate legs | 4 easy techniques
  • Benefits Of exfoliating your legs
  • Removing dead skin cells by home remedies
  • Exfoliating legs with ingrown hairs

How To Exfoliate Legs (4 Easy Techyniques)

How to exfoliate legs

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 First of all, let me tell you all about exfoliation. It is the way dead skin cells are removed from the upper surface of the skin.

You can exfoliate your skin with both chemicals well as natural remedies. It is very effective for people having rough, flaky, or dry skin on their legs. Everyone should have the proper knowledge of how to exfoliate their skin. The following steps are to be followed accordingly

  • Brushing your legs skin

Brushing legs how to exfoliate legs

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The initial process to exfoliate your legs should be brushing the outer surface of your legs with a dry loofah or an exfoliating glove or simply a brush. This will loosen the dead skin cells on your legs. It is advised to do this process on absolute dry skin.

Rub the brush in an upward circular pattern towards the abdomen region by gently exerting pressure. For best results, do this step after taking a shower. This is a vital step in the process of exfoliation and benefits in improving blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

  • Washing the skin

Washing legs How to exfoliate legs

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After completing the process of brushing, shower the area you are exfoliating with warm water. This warm water washes away the lingering dead cells on the skin and also opens the pores for the skin to breathe in.

Use a good cleansing soap or body gel to lather the loofah and use it in the same pattern as you used for dry brushing. Rinse your legs thoroughly with hot water once and then switch to cold water and rinse once again. Rinsing it with cold water will close the pores which will prevent clogging later.

  • Polishing with oil

Polishing legs with oil - How to exfoliate legs

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If you are not so regular with your showering routine, then you should surely opt for the option of polishing your legs. Polishing our legs performs the work of washing without actually getting wet.

It is recommended that you should always look for a body polishing gel that will not only exfoliate but also cleanse and smoothen your bumpy skin. Oiling your legs after polishing will lock the moisture into your skin.

  • Moisturizing your legs

Moisturize Legs - How to exfoliate legs

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The last and final step for exfoliating your legs is moisturizing them. You should use a good moisturizer for this process which will keep your skin healthy and hydrated after exfoliating.

The first two steps before polishing, oiling,and moisturizing can be skipped if you are exfoliating your legs separately from your Normal showing schedule.

 Benefits of exfoliating your legs

Benefits of exfoliating your legs

  • You get silky and smooth legs

Exfoliating your face is very common and regularly maintained by most of us. The Legs are the part of our body we pay less attention to. Most of the time they stay hidden underneath our pants and long skirts especially in the cold winter season. Therefore, exfoliating your legs is necessary. They make your legs look sleek and Gorgeous.

  • Cleansing the pores

On exfoliating your legs, the dirt and oil remaining at the pores get eliminated from the skin. It reduces the chances of getting acne on your skin. It also prevents the darkening of the pores because it removes the dead skin cells from the layers of the skin. It may lead to strawberry legs otherwise.

  • Improves the blood circulation

Exfoliating your legs also boosts up the circulation of blood in your legs and maintains the skin tone. So you get rid of the dull dark skin tone over your legs. Also,, the improved circulation reduces the chances of scars and cuts appearing in your skin.

Exfoliating leg treatment can be done in both physical and chemical methods. According to the survey it has been seen that dry or sensitive-skinned people avoid the physical exfoliation treatment which is also known as mechanical exfoliation. Physical exfoliation treatment makes the skin drier. To discuss more in detail let’s know more about them.

  • Physical exfoliation treatment

The physical or mechanical treatment of exfoliation includes a tool in the process. The most common natural tool is your fingernails. You can use your fingernails for scraping away the nonexisting skin cells.

Other tools like brush, loofah, a microfiber cloth, or pumice stones also include in the process of physical exfoliation treatment. Use topical skincare products for this process. For instance, scrubbing creams exfoliate the dead skin cells by the microbeads ingredients.

It also involves the process of microdermabrasion which includes tiny particles for the removal process.

  • Chemical exfoliating treatment

This process of exfoliation treatment is based on products that contain enzymes and acids facilitating the process of removing the dead skin cells. These chemicals consist of citric, glycolic, malic, and salicylic acid, and some fruit enzymes. This process is generally done by people who are suffering from heavy acne because interfering with the skin’s oil balance can be really harmful.

Both the methods of exfoliation will provide the best results if performed by a licensed practicing professional. In case you try it at home, you should be very skillful and careful.

Removing dead skin cells by home remedies

How to exfoliate legs

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You can make your own scrub for exfoliating your legs. But you should be careful and make your natural home scrub. Here we will mention some tips according to the different skin types for the exfoliation process. The list is given as follows

  • For oily skin type people

For making this home remedy, you have to mix 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and 1 teaspoon of sugar thoroughly and apply it directly on your legs. Let it dry completely and then wash it off with lukewarm water.

Gently scrub your legs for 3-4 minutes. For making a smoothing effect on your oily skin you can use cucumber or kiwi juice, oatmeals, honey, and lemon. They are very effective for oily skin.

  • For dry skin type people

For people having dry skin, take a much-riped banana, smash it into a mash and add just two tablespoons of sugar and a tablespoon of honey to it. Mix them well into a sticky scrubby mixture and apply it directly to the skin of your legs.

Keep it like that for 20mins and let it dry hard. After that wash it off with hot water first and then cold water. For making your legs smooth after the process, you can add almond, coffee, and green tea oil to your legs. They provide excellent results for dry skin.

  • For all or combinational skin type people

Since people having all or combinational skin types are free from any kinds of specifications for skin products, they can go for anything like they like or can opt for any one method mentioned above.

In addition to that, you can also make a natural scrub of coffee, Yoghurt, and honey. You need to mix these ingredients really well and apply them to your legs. In case, you want some shiny, sleek glowing effect on your legs you can choose any kind of fruit scrubs.

Other elements like baking soda, lemon juice, olive oil, and few essential oil drops can turn out to an effective exfoliating scrub. You can add these for all skin types.

Exfoliating legs with ingrown hairs

How to exfoliate your legs

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Ingrown hairs are problematic for all. They cause inflammation and red-colored bumps on the skin which causes a lot of itching and pain. They have been common in people who have coarse-textured or curly hair.

Sometimes, they do not cause a lot of of of complications but that is rare. They resolve without any proper treatment. In case they don’t, here we have some tips on how you can actually exfoliate your legs with ingrown hairs.

  • Wash your legs thoroughly with hot water and mild soap. In case of irritated skin, the exfoliation process should be very gentle.
  • A lukewarm wet piece of cloth should be applied on the legs with ingrown hair so that the follicle opens and the drainage process becomes easy. Keep it for one minute straight and then pull it off.
  • You need a sterilized tweezer or needle for teasing out the hair.
  • Once the hair comes out of the skin surface, grab the base with the help of the tweezer and pull it upward. This will remove the hair.

Gently wash your legs with soapy warm water and soak them with a warm cloth. It will soothe out any kind of irritation.

Never make any attempt of pulling out ingrown hair beneath your skin. It may cause infections and push the hair deeper. It will increase the time taken to heal.

Exfoliation is highly required in case you have ingrown hairs cause it removes the dirt, oil, and non-existing cells which would have clogged your skin pores. It will also reduce the chances of growing further ingrown hairs. A gentle exfoliation process is enough for pulling out the ingrown hairs outside the skin.

Some FAQs related to this article

  • Why should I exfoliate my legs?

You should exfoliate your legs because it’s advantageous in many ways. It makes you have proper blood circulation which regulates your skin color. It cleans your legs from the dirty oil and makes them fresh and healthy. Also, it prevents ingrown hairs and makes you have sleek shiny legs.

  • Do I exfoliate legs before or after shaving?

You can exfoliate your legs anytime ie. Either before or after shaving. But exfoliating before shaving is more effective because you will face fewer problems while shaving. For example, your razor will not have dead skin cells loaded during shaving. It is a shaving tip to exfoliate before.

  • Do I exfoliate or cleanse first?

It is better to cleanse your legs before exfoliating because in the process of cleansing, the dirt, sweat gets removed. After that exfoliation process will pile the dead cells and throw them off. You will have soft fresh skin on your legs.

  • Is it better to exfoliate in the morning or evening?

The best time for exfoliating is in the morning because your dead cells loosen overnight. So it will be easy for you to just brush them off in the morning. Doing it in the evening or at night will not produce effective results.

  • What to apply after exfoliating?

You should apply some hydrated moisturizing skin products like cream or gel after exfoliating. This will make your legs brighter and smoother.

  • How often should I exfoliate?

For exfoliating your legs, you should have a routine of doing it once or twice a week. The American Academy of Dermatology states that you should offer some time to your skin after your exfoliation sessions, especially if you have dry or sensitive skin. There are no specifications as such for oily skin. You may be frequent with your sessions if you have oily skin.

  • How do you keep your legs hydrated?

For keeping your legs hydrated you can use a hydrating moisturizer or essential oils. Oils of almond, coconut, lemon will also provide effective results. You will get soft, plumpy smooth skin for your legs.


we would like to say that you should take proper care of your skin and your legs. Do not abandon them.

The above-mentioned tips will make your work easy.

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