Top 5 Best Easy Steps | How to Detangle Matted Hair

One beauty features the world has been constantly gaga about for ages in the hair and beauty industry is lustrous and healthy hair. But hair problems don’t let us breathe happily and most people think about how to detangle matted hair?

Our hair carries the potential to transform our whole look and vibe through how it appears. Be it traditionally loved long straight hair, a short funky colored bob, or European wet curls- your hair is one of the methods to make a lasting impression and make a doting statement.

But then again, for any hairstyling to stand out and make a point, the basic requirement is, of course, healthy hair.

You might be an expert at hair styling, keeping up with the trends, or carrying a particular look, however, if your hair lacks a quality foundation or suffers daily negligence, then no amount of styling is going to make it look as you desire.

As an added disadvantage, over-styling, bleaching, and coloring may worsen your hair, not to mention matted. But as always, problems come with solutions, and it’s never too late to rescue your exhausted, matted hair with a tinge of love and care.

So without wasting more time let’s dive into the solution on how to detangle matted hair?

What is Matted Hair?

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Matted hair is the birth child of neglecting your hair. It is often caused by cases of keeping your hair uncombed a lot, keeping it wet, tying wet hair, etc.

It is when your shedding hair entangles itself around the existing hair and forms a dry, dirty entangled mass of hair extremely hard to get rid of and very ugly to look at.

What Causes Your Hair to Matt?

Hair matting can be caused due to a lot of factors in play such as deliriously neglecting your hair over a period of a long time, very poor hygiene where you do not wash your hair appropriately or at all, an infestation of head lice, dermatitis caused by extremely drying shampoo or chemical reactions from them with your scalp, intense friction on wet hair like maybe tying wet hair too tight or styling wet hair vigorously, or if you are suffering from severe illness or are on harsh medicines acting outside effects.

How to Detangle Matted Hair without Cutting?

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So, you have decided to detangle your average to severely matted hair even though most of your friends have advised you to chop it off.

It might have been the easier method but then we understand how it may be tough to give up a whole lot of hair. Worry not, some methods can help you detangle your matted hair without chopping it all off.

  1.  Believe in Conditioners:

 If you have tried on over-the-counter conditioners and they did not work out, try out deep conditioners that have special detangling serums and are a part of hair treatment.

You can also dive into oils like coconut oil, olive oil, argan oil, etc to let them instill some moisture into your hair to ease out the entire detangling process.

What you do is slightly wet your hair and apply an appropriate amount of the hair treatment product, work it out properly and keep it on for as long as stated.

If you are using an oil, try exceeding 30minutes but do not exceed 2 hours because it way turns your hair clumpy and more difficult to work with.

Put on a plastic bag to lock in the moisture and slowly take out the easier parts of your hair and start detangling it, working your way down with your fingers- do this on as much hair as possible.

  1. Your Comb May Work Wonders:

    Combing your hair before washing may work wonders for you. Remember when combing out tangled or matted hair, you always comb from the ends to the top. Maybe hold your hair up or put weight on the scalp with your palm to avoid hurting your head. After shampooing combed-out hair and following the conditioning step, use a hair cleanser but only on your roots. Wash out both simultaneously. Hair masques also work wonders.

  2. Usage of Proper Tools:

    Do not shy away from buying a proper detangler. Get that tangle-Teezer brush and work your way on your tangled hair.

  3. Quality Detanglers:

    Invest in a good-quality detangler and apply it evenly before brushing out your hair. Remember the golden rule here Invest in quality products get quality results.

  4. The Power of Shea Butter:

    Shea butter is an out-of-the-world hair hydrated product and applying shea butter after detangling your hair works wonders on restoring the hair quality and gives out a smooth, shiny finish to your tortured hair.

For detangling matted hair painlessly, you need to be patient with your hair. The more you rush, the more it is going to hurt your scalp.

And like we mentioned before, matted hair does not necessarily mean you have poor hygiene, it can also be caused by things like excessive braiding or keeping your hair tied for too long.

If your hair is tangly in nature we suggest you comb it at least twice every day and use a quality serum that not only smooths out your hair but also nourishes it.

Oiling your hair once or twice a week is also a great way to prevent it from drying that further causes breakage and matted hair.

Spa creams and hair masques are also amazing add-ons to your hair care routine because of their nourishing properties.

But the basic to remember is washing out products from your hair thoroughly so that it does not clump and create a mess. And never forget the most important: conditioning.

How do you Detangle Matted Hair at Home?

How to detnagle matted hair

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Before you jump to the conclusion to cut your hair and just about to grab the scissor, hold on! There are ways to detangle your matted. Don’t worry. You don’t have to cut your strands.

Step 1: Dampen your hair with a spray bottle of water or just hold your hair under the shower or sink. But remember that you need to wait for the next step after your hair becomes dripping wet to avoid breakage.

Step 2: Before running your comb through matted hair you need to saturate your hair with oil, moisturizer, conditioner, or hair detangler. Apply a sufficient amount of product to the matted or tangled area to smooth tangles.

Step 3: After applying the detangler product, use a wide-tooth comb that goes through your hair smoothly and begins to loosen your strands. Start working with the ends of your hair, then ends up to the roots slowly. Do not pull your hair forcefully. To avoid a tight pulling sensation, hold your hair near the roots.

Step 4:  When you can easily run your fingers through your hair, rinse any hair treatments with cool water.

How do You Get Rid of Matted Hair?

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Now you know that how to detangle matted hair. I know you must be wondering how to prevent future matted hair.

  • Combing your hair daily is the ultimate solution to get rid of detangled, matted, or knot hair. Use a wet brush or wide-tooth comb while combing your hair.
  • While washing your hair, remember to use any detangler products like conditioner, mask, proteins, etc. These products smoothen hair strands, reduce friction, and further matted hair.
  • You need to protect your hair at night to prevent matted hair with a scarf, pillowcase, or pineapple method that is putting your hair in a high, loose ponytail.
  • If you are planning for bleach or other chemical treatments, you should stop that as these treatments tend to dry out your hair, resulting in weaker and breakage hair.
  • Try to trim your hair every six or eight weeks to avoid split ends and detangled hair.

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Detangle Matted Hair?

  • Does Coconut Oil Detangle Matted Hair?

For people with dry hair with a tendency for severe tangling, coconut oil is like that magic elixir the benefits of which were discovered ages ago, but still cannot be disproven.

Your regular coconut oil is made of a certain fatty acid called the lauric acid that provides coconut oil with a simple structure that is very easily absorbed into your hair follicles.

Coconut oil contains incredible healing, moisturizing, and restoring properties, not to mention its cheap price in comparison to other over-the-counter olive or argan oils.

Your regular coconut oil dies not only to repair the damage but also helps your hair to grow longer and stronger.

Besides this it also helps to deal with head lice, sun damage, contacting dandruff and its dryness, and prevents excessive hair loss.

And obviously, its intense slippery and healing structure also helps in detangling matted hair and prevents it from further severe matting, if used correctly.

  • How does Apple Cider Vinegar Detangle Matted Hair?

Apple cider vinegar is a natural ingredient that helps to soothe your skin problems and helps treat matted hair or other hair problems.

It helps in conditioning the hair naturally and helps in removing tangles. You can separate your hair easily with the help of ACV as it smooths your hair strands by laying the cuticles down. To prepare this remedy, mix ½ teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with 2 cups of water. Rinse off your hair with this mixture and then followed by warm water.

If you do not like the smell of this product, you can rinse off the product right after the shampoo before the conditioner.

  • You can make your very own, Coconut Oil Detangler:

Many people want to avoid the harsh, complex substances in a cosmetic store Detangler, and it is only fair because even though they do their job, they might cause a lot of hair damage.

And naturally, organic, and vegan products even though necessary cost way more than those chemical-infused ones.

So, we present you with a natural substitute as discussed earlier.

Yes, your regular coconut oil. Now you may think of introducing it to your regular hair regime, and that will work wonders in itself.

But if you suffer from matted hair a lot, just due to your hectic schedule or hair type, your one boon is a homemade coconut oil detangler! And it is easier than you think.

All you do is heat some coconut oil and beware to not make it hot but just warm enough.

Then you take a coin amount in your hands and work your way from the end, using your fingers to detangle out the hair.

We would suggest you not apply it to the roots because it might give you an undesired, oily, wet look when detangling.

Coconut oil with its simple, slippery structure allows you to finger detangle most of your hair painlessly. And after then, when you use a wide-tooth, preferably wooden comb to detangle to rest, it is going to be easier than ever.

Another trick with coconut oil, if you have that stubborn matted hair is to apply the oil to its own room temperature and then putting on a heated towel.

Be cautious and do not overheat it, it will only damage your hair and can burn you. The warm towel will soften the shaft of your hair and make it easier to with, using a wide-tooth or rat-tailed comb.

We really suggest you use a wooden comb because it is healthier for your already damaged hair, from matting.

A few things to remember when detangling start with being very patient.

You must understand that your hair has taken a certain shape and been there for a while and it is going to be tough.

Impatience will cause you to damage your hair more. Another thing to keep in mind is to work through the easier knots before.

And let the coconut oil do its magic while you do the east strands. If you get tired or frustrated, then leave your hair for a while and try again later, do not tug, and pull, and make it a painful process.

Aren’t you are able to find a solution suitable for you keep reading we have some Bonus remedies too to help you out;

Bonus Home Remedies On How to Detangle Matted Hair?

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If you are a person who believes in home remedies but is skeptical about coconut oil, vexes not. There are other ways to detangle that evil matted hair!

Deep conditioning treatment: When you matted hair, you need to give them proper moisturizer and nourishment with some deep conditioning hair mask.

Take a decent amount of the product and apply it to every strand. Then take a wide-tooth comb and run it through your hair slowly and gently.

You can either cover your hair with a shower cap or you can put a towel on the pillow if you think the product might leak. Rinse your hair in the morning and then comb your hair again if needed.

Baking Soda: Yes, yes even we have heard all the magical uses of baking soda in your laundry and gut health. But it is different this time, and not very widely known.

Did you know you could make a baking soda and conditioner mask to get rid of those stubborn knots? Well, now you do.

Take one part of baking soda and three parts of your regular hair conditioner and mix them well. Section your hair into four parts and apply the mixture well, evenly on your shaft and scalp.

Proceed with covering your hair in a shower cap because the mixture can get drippy.

Leave it on for half an hour to forty minutes and rinse it out thoroughly with warm water. Make sure the paste does not contact your eyes, lower your head if possible.

Conditioning Spray: If you are in a hurry and you want to detangle your hair fast then just apply a conditioning spray.

To prepare this mixture, mix one-part conditioner with three parts of water in a spray bottle and apply it all over your hair.

After that wait for few minutes, then take a wide-tooth comb to run through your hair to detangle the knots.


In the world of hair issues such as split ends, dandruff, hair fall- matted hair is not very often talked about.

We are so often advised to chop it all off and start with new hair growth, but then some people suffer matted hair because it is their inborn hair texture.

When in reality, matted hair is not so tough to deal with if taken care of consistently. All you need is to be informed and be patient.

There are not only cosmetic remedies such as deep conditioners, over-the-counter Detanglers, Tangle-Teezers, and combs. but also, tons of natural and homemade methods to get rid of those undesired hair knots and tangles such as coconut oil, shea butter, ACV, and baking sodas. So no, do not just give up on your matted hair. Go on and detangle it with ease using the remedies stated above!

Do let us know how often you face this problem? And if u liked the article share it with your friends and family and help them too.

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