How to create or add a new location on Instagram?

You must be posting various photos and videos on Instagram. Have you tried posting using your current location on Instagram? This is what Instagram’s location feature is! But do you know how to create or add a location on Instagram? Here is a brief description of the same which will help you use Instagram’s location feature easily.

Quick takeaways

  • Instagram not only allows you to post pictures and videos but now you can also add location to your instagram posts.
  • You can use the previously used location and also create your own custom location.
  • Instagram location feature does not work properly sometimes but with some simple steps, you can aid this problem.

How can you create a custom location on Instagram?

How to create or add a new location on Instagram?
  • Start by adding a Facebook post, then go to the ‘check in’ option.
  • Through Facebook, you will be able to set your location.
  • Go to the search bar on Facebook, then go to the + option which you will see at the bottom of the screen.
  • There, you can save the details of your custom location.
  • If you find that location does not exist, chances are that someone else has already registered a location that has a similar name as your location.
  • After adding the name and details of the location, and then save your custom location by clicking on ‘ save custom place’.

Steps to add your location on your Instagram story?

  • Go to the add story option by swiping left on Instagram.
  • On the top right corner, you will see an emoji option. Go to the emoji icon.
  • There you will see the location option right on your screen.
  • There you can search the name of your location and the address you are looking for.
  • Click on the desired location name .
  • Drag and adjust where you want to place the location tag.

What to do when Instagram does not allow you to create a new location?

How to create or add a new location on Instagram?

When you try to add a location on Instagram, as both Facebook and Instagram are linked, your location will be added to both apps. But sometimes there are many reasons which don’t allow you to create your location. But the solutions to the problem are always there which are

Wait for a while

Many times apps take time to show the created locations. Sometimes the created locations show up within a few minutes and some locations show up after a few days. So you can always wait for some time for your location to be on Instagram.

Turning your phone’s location off

Instagram and Facebook do not allow you to add location tags that you are not currently on. It would also not allow you to add location tags that are nearby your location. If you turn off your device’s location, then Instagram will never be able to detect where you actually are and you will be able to add your desired location tag.

Adding location on Instagram without using Facebook

If you are trying to add a location on Instagram without first using Facebook, then you will not be able to create a new location on Instagram.

Instagram’s location feature not working?

Sometimes, the Instagram feature does not work and we are here to let you know how to fix this problem.

How to create or add a new location on Instagram?

Your device’s location

First, you need to go to your device’s settings.

Then go to the location option and check whether you have turned your location off. If yes, then turn on the location.If you are trying to add a new location and your device’s location is not enabled, how would the instagram be able to use your GPS. After you turn your location on, instagram will find your location and will show you your location in the location feature.

Restarting the device

Another easy way to fix the location feature problem is to restart your device. After you restart your phone, open instagram and try adding any post with the location.

Updating instagram.

If you are using an outdated version of Instagram, then chances are you might face problems with several features of the app. The same is true when it comes to the location feature. If you want to resolve the problem, you should update Instagram and after updating it, you can add the location. It is important to update Instagram as an outdated version can be a hub for some other Instagram errors such as Instagram story not uploading, Unable to reply to specific messages, Instagram Photo Can’t Be Posted.

Is it possible to create a location without using Facebook?

Instagram and Facebook are linked and both their activities are linked. In short, you can never create a location on Instagram without using the Facebook app.

There are many locations on the app and you can only use those locations. But there are many fun location names already added on the app. So you can use them and spice up your location name 


Using location features on Instagram is another way to spice up your Instagram posts. It is fun to add your location along with your posts. But sometimes, due to some issues you are not able to properly create or add your custom location on Instagram. Which is why you may face some inconvenience. But using the above information, you can easily resolve the issue and can add your desired location to Instagram.


Is it possible for me to fake my location on Instagram?

Instagram always uses your device’s location and through the GPS knows your exact location. So there is no way you can fake your location.

Why am I not able to use my Instagram location?

The reason might be you have not enabled permission on the Instagram app through your device setting. Allowing location access will resolve the problem.

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