How to check who unfollowed or don’t follow you on Instagram

Instagram is all about making new connections and interacting with friends. You must have followed your friends and acquaintances on Instagram and increased your Instagram family. Many of your friends would have unfollowed you and many would have never followed you back. As Instagram does not notify you that someone has unfollowed you or has not followed you back, then how to check who unfollowed or doesn’t follow you on Instagram?

Quick Takeaways

  • Instagram does not notify you about who unfollowed you or who hasn’t followed you back.
  • You can either find it by yourself or can even use some third-party apps.
  • Third-party apps are not always a safe choice so it’s better to keep a check on your followers and unfollowers manually.

However, if you want a better explanation of how to Check Who Unfollowed or Doesn’t Follow you on Instagram, it is advised to read till the end.

Is there any way to know who unfollowed you on Instagram

How to Check Who Unfollowed or Don't Follow Me On Instagram

Below are some effective and easy ways to keep a check on who unfollowed you on Instagram.

Using third-party apps

Instagram does not have this feature to tell you who unfollowed you on Instagram. Several third-party apps help you to keep a check on who unfollowed you and who don’t follow you back. While these 

third party apps may claim to keep you updated with your unfollowers list, 

they may not be authentic.

Checking manually

Another way to check if you have been unfollowed by someone on Instagram is to check it manually. To do this, simply go to your followers list and see if the number of followers has decreased. Then go through the followers list to ensure that a particular person has unfollowed you. You can also directly search their profile and check their following list, as they will never know that you searched them.

Instagram analytic tools

Checking for Instagram unfollowers can be a bit time-consuming if you have thousands of followers. Therefore, you can use Instagram analytics tools that would help you to keep a check on your unfollowers and also keep an eye on who removed or blocked you.

List of popular Third-party apps for Instagram

Below are some commonly used third-party apps that help you to check who unfollowed or don’t follow you on Instagram.

  • Followers Assistant 
  • AiGrow
  • Growthoid
  • Follow Meter for Instagram
  • nFollowers
  • IG analyzer
  • Followers-Unfollowers
  • Follow Cop
  • Follower Insight for Instagram
  • Unfollow Pro

How to know who don’t follow you on Instagram

Keeping a check on your Instagram followers is a tricky task. As you are not directly notified by Instagram, you are not able to know who doesn’t follow you back. To know who doesn’t follow you back on Instagram, you can use several analytic tools. You can either use Instagram’s analytics tool or any third-party app to keep a check on the users who don’t follow you back on Instagram. 

How to Check Who Unfollowed or Don't Follow Me On Instagram

There are many third-party apps to let you know who doesn’t follow you on Instagram like Followers Assistant, SpamGuard App, Reports+, OnTrack, and many more.

While another way of knowing who is not following you is to check it yourself on your Instagram. Also if someone deleted their account, they will not appear in your followers list. To ensure if that person deleted their account, you can see it through your mutual friends.

Are Instagram Third-Party Apps Safe?

Several third-party apps claim to provide you with what Instagram does not. But, are they safe enough? 

Instagram is a safe social media platform that takes care of its user’s privacy and security. These apps ask you for your Instagram username and password which may risk your login credentials. Doesn’t matter how good they are reviewed by people but after all, these are just some third-party apps that may increase the chance of your account being hacked. 

Using such unauthentic apps is never a wise choice as it risks your security and sometimes they also might show you incorrect information. Instagram does not allow any other apps to use its data and information.

If you are using such apps for a long time, Instagram might restrict your access to your account for some time or can even restrict some of your actions. So it is always better to stay away from such unauthentic apps if you do not want your Instagram account to be hacked or even restricted from Instagram itself.

Reasons why someone might unfollow you

As you are an Instagram user, you might experience losing some of your followers. This isn’t disheartening if you lost a few of them but is concerning if you have lost many of them.

How to Check Who Unfollowed or Don't Follow you On Instagram

The reasons might be many, some of them are

  • If you are posting irrelevant and inappropriate content on Instagram, that contains gore, violence, nudity, or any other contradictory and objectionable matter. Your followers would never like to see such content and would unfollow you.
  • If you constantly message or call someone on Instagram, they might get disturbed and would eventually unfollow you.
  • Promoting spam on abuse on Instagram through content that violates community guidelines increases the chances of you being unfollowed by your followers and even being reported by them.


Keeping an eye on who unfollowed you or is not following you back is in your hands. You can either do it manually or can use several third-party apps.

Though you might be concerned about your Instagram unfollowers, it is advisable to not obsess over your number of followers or who is unfollowing you. After all, it’s just a platform for people to interact and not for you to be stuck with the unfollowers statistics.


Is it safe to use Followmeter?

As Followmeter claims that it does not secure your data and your password, it might be safe to use it but not completely as it is just a third-party app.

What is Instagram’s vanish mode?

Vanish mode on Instagram is a new feature allowing people to send disappearing messages, videos, stickers, and gifs in their chat.

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