How To Change Oculus Controller Battery

It is so baffling to think that ten years ago people were losing their minds over the rise of social media with the emergence of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

and since then, technology has taken such a giant leap that the real world and virtual world are separated by a thin line whose ends are going blurrier by the day.

A device which is coming in quite handy for the eradication of this line is the oculus controller.

The oculus controller is also known as the oculus touch and is a means through which you get to have a personal experience in the virtual world and thus, it takes interaction to the next world.

They are an instant favourite among the gamers and are quite easy to use too!

But, sometimes, technology can also be scary and complex to use.

That’s where I come in the picture, to make your correspondence with this controller as pleasant as possible.

You’ll find every minute detail about it in this article. From its basic definition to how to change oculus controller battery, this is your one stop to learn about everything related to the controller.

What is Oculus Controller?

How to change oculus controller battery
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Ignorant About The Purpose Of This Controller?

Oculus touch or controller is the motion controller system used by Reality Labs in their Rift CV, Rift S, Quest, and Quest 2 virtual reality systems.

The oculus touch was renewed into three different controllers which were used with the respective virtual reality systems they were developed for.

They are, Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest and Meta Quest 2. To put it into simpler words, these controllers basically help you to interact with the virtual world which you could just see earlier.

They turn your physical movements into digital movements in your choice of cyber world.

How Do Oculus Controllers Work?

How to change oculus controller battery
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Technology Behind Oculus Controller.

They come with a set of buttons, triggers, and typically a thumb stick that allow you to grab, push, throw, and move around virtual objects.

For instance, pressing a specific button on a controller translates into punching an enemy whereas using a thumb stick can help you walk in a virtual world.

They track your hand movement so precisely that it feels like you’re actually using your hands, waving them, or even making gestures in the video game.

The technology behind it is that the ring in each controller contains a set of infrared LEDs, which allows the controllers to be fully tracked in 3D space allowing them to be represented in the virtual environment.

To all my non-technical readers out there, I feel you, the mechanism is indeed quite complex so we won’t go into any further details.

What Are The Benefits Of  Having An Oculus?

How to change oculus controller battery
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Green Flags Of An Oculus Controller.

It might sound weird but these controllers help in relieving social anxiety.

Avatars with different dialogs and facial expressions are created which give a sense of realness yet keeping the person calm by assuring that it is a virtual reality.

This method is quite effective for the people suffering from social anxiety disorder and makes them better for interactions in the real world.

By throwing punches and kicks in the video game through one’s controller, people can get into motion and workout simultaneously which then results into proper blood circulation of the body.

It is also a great way to reduce stress and improves the quality of one’s sleep too.

The controllers are really turning out to be real life doctors as they also cure phobias by making people accustomed to them in the virtual reality.

Also, they are a great way enhance one’s balance and coordination, as people basically turn into the protagonist of a video game.

Oculus Controller Button Names. How To Use Oculus Controller?

How to change oculus controller battery
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Working Your Way Around The Controllers.

If you’re like me and are a boomer who is finding it difficult to learn the functions of the buttons on the controller, then don’t worry! I’ve got you covered. The several buttons on the controller have all different functions. For example,

  • Trigger, A and X buttons: Press to select things.
  • B and Y : Press to go back to the previous screen or menu.
  • Oculus button: Press to go back to Oculus Home or press and hold to reset your controller orientation.
  • Grip button: Press to grab objects or make a fist when using your virtual hands.
  • Menu button: Press the menu button from Oculus Home to bring up the menu.

You should also keep in mind that any button will wake the controller once you have turned on the headset.

Price Of Oculus Controller

How to change oculus controller battery
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Are These Controllers Pocket-Friendly?

The answer to this question is something that might not be to your liking. Yes, the controllers are quite expensive because it is manufactured with all experimental hardware.

In addition to it, the production numbers are quite low, there are no other competition in the maket to keep the prices in check and the options are also very limited.

Though, you can try buying a second-hand controller at a comparatively cheaper price.

How Long Do Oculus Controller Batteries Last?

How to change oculus controller battery
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Now, the question might come to your mind that how long does the battery of a controller last?

The representatives of the controller mentioned it to last for around eight hours but it also highly depends on the usage conditions.

For example, it’ll exhaust quite fast, if long hours of video games are played using the controller. You can check the battery level on your home screen by pressing the oculus button and heading to the battery section.

How To Charge Oculus Controllers?

How to change oculus controller battery
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Is charging the battery of the controller as easy as that of your mobile phone?

You can only charge your controller if the battery used is a rechargeable AA battery.

All you need to do is to slide the battery cover out and then slide the controller into the charging section and let it charge until the light is green.

The ideal option for charging your oculus controller batteries is the Anker charging dock.

How To Change Oculus Controller Battery?

How to change oculus controller battery
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This is the answer to all queries regarding, “how to change oculus quest controller battery”, “how to change oculus rift controller battery” and so on.

We will help you to perform the task of oculus battery replacement.

In case, you don’t have a rechargeable AA battery, you can always change it with the new ones.

Many users find it challenging to act on their impulse of how to change oculus controller battery since they can’t locate the battery compartment.

It’s usually hidden in the palm grip of the controllers. Once you have located the compartment, you just have to follow certain easy steps to change the oculus controller battery :

  • Find the release or eject button of your controller.
  • Place the release button up and away from you and use your thumb to press on it gently.
  • The plastic cover will slide away and expose the single AA battery. Now you can change it with your desired battery.

If the compartment is difficult to open, don’t apply too much force, just use a knife, screw driver or something handy.

Disadvantages Of Oculus Controller.

How to change oculus controller battery
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Red Flags Of The Oculus Controller.

The controller can overheat and shut down quite frequently. Apart from being non-economical, it also has tracking problems plus sometimes it can be challenging to connect with your headset.

It also affects the brain negatively if used for prolonged hours. These are some of the drawbacks that might make the users think before purchasing it.


Do Oculus Controllers Break?

If you use the controller long enough, eventually this will breakdown and can’t be fixed. This is a problem with all controllers, not just oculus.

Can The Controllers Be Cleaned?

To clean your oculus touch controllers: use a clean or new dry cloth to clean the outside of your controllers. Use non-abrasive anti-bacterial wipes to clean the surface and buttons. Don’t use alcohol or an abrasive cleaning solution.

What Other Options Are There Instead Of Oculus?

Pico Neo 2, Pico Neo 2 Eye, HTC Vive, Valve Index are some of the market alternatives to Oculus.

Oculus Controller : Virtual World Made Real But At What Cost?

So as I have mentioned in the article above, these controllers provide you with a great experience online and are also quite easy to use.

But apart from being extremely expensive they also have long term effects on your brain.

So are they worth it? In my opinion, if you can afford them then you should surely go for the usage but for short periods of time, and only for recreational purposes, so that you don’t get caught by any health hazards proposed by them.

Also, I hope that this article resolved all your queries regarding it and specially ‘how to change oculus controller battery?’ Next time, when you face a problem with the controller, feel free to come back here.

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