How many reports can delete an Instagram account? (2023)

Have you also seen an account on Instagram that violates the Instagram community guidelines? How frustrating it can be to see these accounts still active. But what can one do instead of just reporting their account? Many Instagram users have seen such accounts on the app and want to report them. Are you also one of them and wondering how many reports can delete an Instagram account, then we have the perfect guide for you. This guide will help you to know everything about reporting an account so that you don’t come across an annoying account in the past.

Quick Takeaways

  • To delete an Instagram account, you must know that the number of reports does not matter to do so.
  • Instagram can delete an account with just one report only if the account has some offensive content.
  • If there are hundreds of reports for an account and it does not have any offensive content, then the account will not be deleted by Instagram.

However, if you want to know more about how many reports are needed to delete an Instagram account, then read till the end.

How many reports can make Instagram delete an account?

Instagram has its own policies and rules that are beyond what a layman can think! If you think that increasing the number of reports against an account makes that account get deleted on Instagram, then you are wrong. However, let us break the bubble for you. It is not the number of reports that make an Instagram account get deleted, but it is the number of times when the account violates Instagram policies and community guidelines.

How many reports are needed to delete an Instagram account? (2023)

Instagram has nothing to do with the number of reports against an account, it can even delete the account with a single report, only if the account has violated community guidelines. If an account is violating the community guidelines or posting content that is not acceptable to society, then Instagram can take a serious step against the account and delete the account. Therefore, it is more likely that Instagram can delete an account immediately if it finds that the account is violating certain policies.

Can reports actually make Instagram delete an account?

Yes, reports can actually make Instagram delete an account. Instagram has some policies which users need to keep in mind while they use the app. These policies and guidelines were introduced to make users safe on the platform and ensure privacy and security. If you have an Instagram account where you are posting offensive content like gore, violence, illegal matters, self-harm, abuse, adult content, and nudity, then this will make users uncomfortable and they will be annoyed seeing your content. As a result, your account will get as many reports by the user. As a result, Instagram will suspect if there is any violating content or not. This will make Instagram decide whether or not you should stay on the platform or not. 

Which Instagram Accounts are terminated faster?

Now as you know it is not about the number of reports that can terminate an Instagram account but the type of content it offers on the app. But you must also know what type of content we are talking about. Let us explain to you in brief. You would generally report an account that you see is violating community guidelines and policies. However, you must be aware of the fact that Instagram would prefer to delete some accounts faster and take some time to delete some. It is usually how the account is violating community guidelines.

If you see an account posting adult content or promoting nudity and illegal content, then Instagram will delete that account faster. It might delete that account immediately. But it is a fact that Instagram will take some time to delete an account posting gore, violence, and promoting harassment. Therefore next time you want such an account to be terminated, consider what type of violating content it is posting. 

Warnings from Instagram

Instagram never terminates an account but will always send a warning to that account. Instagram has several algorithms which detect violating content on the app. If Instagram finds that an account has posted violating content on the app, say a violating post, then Instagram will send the account a warning letter. The warning letter does not mean that the account is on the verge of being deleted by Instagram but, it means that the account must be careful from that very moment about the content it is posting on the app. When Instagram sends the account a warning letter, it will also delete the post itself. 

How many reports are needed to delete an Instagram account? (2023)

It is a matter of fact that Instagram does not have to do anything with how many reports that post is getting. If hundreds of Instagram users report the post, the account will receive only one warning letter from Instagram that too when Instagram will find the post violating the community guidelines and policies. If that account has posted something that is not neglectable by Instagram, it will be detected by the Instagram algorithm and a warning letter will be sent to the user immediately. As a result, that post will also get deleted.

Can one warning letter result in the deletion of an account?

No. A single warning letter will not make an Instagram account get deleted. Now that you know that Instagram will send a warning letter to the account that violated that Instagram community guideline, it will not delete the account by issuing just a single warning letter. If that account keeps posting violating and offensive content, the Instagram algorithm will detect and it will send a warning letter every time that account posts such content.

As the number of warning letters that will make an account get deleted is not specified, too many warning letters may result in the deletion of the account. When an account receives a warning letter, it is mentioned that “Your Account May Be Deleted”, which is why the user must be aware that it’s time to stop posting such content. If the account chooses to post such content even after receiving too many warning letters, then the account will get deleted permanently.

Can Multiple Reports Highlight Your Account?

If you are posting content that makes your friends on Instagram uncomfortable and annoyed, then there are high chance they will report your account. If any of your Instagram friends will report your account, then there will be a higher chance that your account will catch Instagram’s artificial intelligence attention. When it sees that many users are reporting your account, it will check your account and decide whether you should stay on the platform or not. It has a human moderator who is in charge of deciding that any account has violated its policies and will make Instagram delete an account.

If many users report your account, artificial intelligence will handle those complaints while the human moderator will have a look at the situation and analyze it. If it does not see anything that violates its policies or does not see any of the content that is offensive, then Instagram will not terminate your account.

Posts down Ranked by Instagram

Instagram usually downranks the accounts and posts that share misinformation through their posts. If you are posting posts that promote misinformation, then chances are that Instagram will de-rank your account.

Why would you report someone’s Instagram account?

Instagram should be a safe platform for all its users. These days as scammers and spammers are everywhere around the world, they are making their hold on Instagram too. Quite Shocking right? They make an Instagram account and misuse it. These accounts are more likely to violate community guidelines and policies.  This makes it important for you to report their Instagram account. Below are some reasons that make it mandatory for users to report such accounts.

How many reports are needed to delete an Instagram account? (2023)


Instagram is full of Spammers these days. They are in search of users who they can reach and contact them. They can even interact with multiple users. These spammers will send you messages on Instagram in bulk to promote their products. These emails are usually numerous in number and can flood your chat section on Instagram. Spamming is a kind of promotion that is done on Social media apps. They will send you messages that use commercial content. They also contact various users at the same time to promote their products. These marketers cannot just promote using messaging on Instagram but they can also post various posts promoting their product. These accounts will usually post various pictures on Instagram for the same. Therefore, if you see such an account, you must report it immediately.


These accounts usually use internet bots on Instagram. Scammers can contact multiple Instagram users at once. These are the internet bots that help them to do it. The scammers can message multiple people at once, they can like many Instagram posts, and can upload several pictures at once. 

The scammers usually try to get as many followers due to which they send follow requests to multiple users and follow them. If you see such an account, make sure to report it.


This is done by the cybercriminals. Phishing is a cybercriminal activity that engages with users to gain sensitive and confidential information from them. They will contact you through your DMs and will provide you with certain email addresses. Also, they may send you some links that you click and all your data will be in their hands. Therefore, to prevent this, report the account if you see an account performing such suspicious activity.

Offensive Content

When an Instagram user violates the community guidelines and policies, it has certain content behind it. These accounts usually post or promote gore, violence, nudity, harassment, adult content, nudity, illegal content, contradictional content, suicide, and self-harm. Consuming such type of content is harmful to society as Instagram’s audience has people from all age groups. These also include the youth. When people see such content on Instagram it is uncomfortable and unsettling for them. There are many accounts on Instagram that still post such content and are still active users on Instagram. But they should not be. If you want to prevent this from happening, then whenever you see such content, you need to report that account.

Violation of Property rights

Instagram is very concerned about your privacy and security just like you are. As an Instagrammer, you must be aware that using the content of other Instagram users without their permission is an offensive activity. But there are still many users on Instagram that do so. They will use your content on Instagram as their own and you would not be aware of it. This account may also use a fake Instagram ID to do so. Therefore if you want your Instagram account and your content to be safe, stay away from such accounts and report them.


Just like scammers and spammers, you will also see some people who pretend to be someone else on Instagram. This is called Impersonation. You may receive some DMs from a person who is pretending to be someone else on Instagram. As they message you, they will either pretend to be a celebrity or a famous influencer which they are actually not. These accounts also create fake Instagram accounts and can message you. They can also use your name to create an Instagram account. They can use your Username and also your pictures on their fake account. This will make other Instagram account users think that you are operating that account. So to avoid that, you need to make sure to report that account and protect yourself and your privacy. Staying away from these accounts is the only thing to protect yourself


As you know there are many scammers, spammers, and fraud users worldwide, and you will be shocked to know that these are also on Instagram now. You will see these accounts posting content and messaging others that is uncomfortable for the users and unsettling at the same time. These accounts will violate the community guidelines on Instagram and also the policies.

However, they are still active on Instagram. They can harm your privacy and flood your Instagram DMs with messages. You will see these Instagram accounts posting irrelevant content. These accounts may post nudity, self-harm, abuse, harassment, adult content,  illegal content, suicide, violence, and gore. This type of content is not relevant and safe for other Instagram users to consume. Then there is an urgent need to report such content. Other reasons to report some accounts are scamming, spamming, phishing, and impersonation.

However, if you think that reporting an account will make Instagram delete it, then you are wrong. Instagram has a certain algorithm that detects such type of content on the app and sends them a warning letter. When Instagram sends someone a warning letter it also deletes the posts that are offensive. Also, you need to know that Instagram has nothing to do with the number of reports for an account. Instagram can delete an account with just one report only if it detects that the account has offensive content. 


How many reports are required to delete an Instagram photo?

There are no specified number of reports that are required to delete an Instagram Account.

Can 5 reports delete an Instagram account?

Instagram can delete an account only with a single report but that account must have some offensive content.

Can I delete my own Instagram account by reporting it?

Yes, you can do it but the account must have some offensive content on that account.

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