How long does dry cleaning take | An Easy Step To Step Guide ( 2022 )

           Do you feel hectic while washing your clothes or dry cleaning?

You think it is a long process and you think you won’t be able to wear your favorite dress while going out.

” Wish I could wear my pink dress today”, you might have this regret in your mind.

Well. There is a solution to it. You can dry clean your clothes instantly. Dry cleaning is like regular laundry at home.

You use a liquid solvent in the place of water or detergent and spread them on your clothes. Your clothes do not get wet and the evaporation of liquid happens quicker than of water.

Besides this, you will also know how long dry cleaning take. We will also discuss other topics like

History of dry cleaning

How long does dry cleaning take | History of dry cleaning

The idea of dry cleaning was first invented by the French people in the year 1855. There’s a small story behind dry cleaning. On a certain day, the dyeing house owner Jean Baptiste Jolly knocked over a lamp of kerosene accidentally.

The content of the lamp was spilled over the tablecloth. It was very astonishing to see that the tablecloth fabric was not damaged with peculiar spots over it. The reason behind this is kerosene is formed by distilling oil and is a very good solvent.

This happened to be the very first case of dry-cleaning in the world. It was initiated by France but the idea spread to other countries and they quickly adopted it.

What is dry cleaning?

What is dry cleaning how long does dry cleaning take

In simple language, we can say dry cleaning is a process of cleaning clothes in the absence of water. Many non-water-based chemical solvents are involved in the process of dry cleaning which makes it have its name.

There are a few steps to dry clean your clothes. They are Tagging and Inspection, Spotting the points, The Process of dry cleaning,  post Spotting of the marks, and giving some finishing Touches.

How long does dry cleaning take?

If you are cleaning clothes of soft fabric, then the process of dry cleaning might take three to four hours on average.

The time taken by the process depends on the material of the garment, the level of dirtiness, and also many other factors. For materials like side and leather, the process takes a long time of 24 to 48 hours.

On what factors does dry cleaning depend?

The main factors on dry cleaning depending on the fabric of the clothes; like how thick and intense it is, the area covered by dirtiness whether it is large or small, and some other factors like water, and a mechanical activity which is assisted by a block of soap or alkali.

This alkali is used in the process of saponification of the oils and also for dislodging ordinary soils and other different matters.

  • Location of the shop

You can also dry clean your clothes from the laundry. Your dry cleaning process gets easier if your laundry shop has its location near to you.

You can reach the shop in no time and get your clothes dry cleaned really quickly. This will facilitate you in getting your favorite dress dry cleaned quickly and you can wear it out anytime.

  • Location of the cleaning site

If you want to get your clothes to get dry cleaned at an online laundry, then you should always make sure that the site is a trusted one.

Go through the reviews of the website in detail. Check if the dry cleaning results are good on the website or not.

  • Type of garments or items to be cleaned

Some garments like taffeta, wool, silk, acetate, velvet, and cotton can be dry cleaned.

Particular fabrics like rayon, wool, and silk deserve professional dry cleaning because of their heavy materials. Thick and heavy fabrics like leather and suede are also dry cleaned.

  • The services you seek

There is some service which you want to get fulfilled when you take your clothes for dry cleaning at the cleaners. These services are

  • Taking expertise help

The process of dry cleaning is very complicated and once you give it to the dry cleaners you are saved from the pain of removing stains and dirt from your cloth.

The process of dry cleaning is done by experts so there’s that point of you worrying about using the wrong stain removal for your clothes. You can continue with the important things in life and go ahead without having to think about the stains in your clothes.

  • Removing all the stains

Brightening up your product after rigorous cleaning is not an easy task. Many products can remove the stains but you need to know which product will be best for your skin. The experienced dry cleaners have better skills and they know which equipment will be best. This helps them to combat all kinds of stains and remove them effectively.

  • Blotting the fabrics

The stain of the fabric can be blotted by wetting the marked area. In case you got a mark on your cloth due to a coffee or beverage spill, the immediate action that should be taken is blotting the cloth.

Seek out proficient dry cleaners for vanishing the mark without damaging your fabric.

How the process of dry cleaning works?

The Dry Cleaning Process
By laundry heap

The process of dry cleaning involves 5 steps. The steps are:-

  • Tagging and inspection

The first step after you take your clothes to the dry cleaners is tagging. The clothes are marked or tagged with small paper tags.

This is done so that your dress can be identified and they do not mix up with other clothes.

Clothes are inspected if they have any dispute like missing buttons, torn parts and then it is informed to the customers. It is done so that the dry cleaners do not get blamed later.

  • Pre-treating the clothes

The marks or stains are then looked after by the dry cleaners. They treat the fabric by blotting the mark and making it wet. This makes the removal process easier and then they proceed to the next step.

  • Dry cleaning step

A non-water-based solvent is spread over the clothes and dumped into the Washing room. The solvent is added to dry clean the clothes.

  • Post- spotting

The clothes are rechecked. If any spot is further spotted they are removed completely from your fabric.

  • The last touch

The clothes are finely pressed, folded and packaged so that it reaches you in a good condition. These last touches are done so that clothes look new and beautiful.

How to get the best dry cleaning results?

To get the best dry cleaning results, you need to follow the steps.

  • Read the labels of the clothes Properly.
  • Never try to remove your stains without the proper knowledge of the types of equipment you possess.
  • You need to be sure that all the stains in your cloth are spotted out before finally dumping them into the machine for dry cleaning.
  • After dry cleaning, recheck the cloth properly. See if your cloth has any sorts of special buttons or do they require stitching in any part.
  • If your cloth needs special care as per the requests of the customers, you should do that. This will help you have the best dry cleaning Results.

How to dry clean at home?


 You can also dry clean your clothes at home. For that, you have to wash your clothes in a Machine with cold water. Use a mild liquid detergent in this process and set your spin for the gentlest cycle possible. Take out your clothes immediately after the end of one or two cycles.

Lay them on a plain surface and let them dry. Use a sink or a basin to hand wash on the more affected spots of your clothes.

Then soak your clothes in a tub filled with cold water and add a solvent like Woolite over your clothes. Take them out and make them dry under the sun. You will get the best results of dry cleaning at your home.

How long does dry cleaning take for different clothes type

 Dry cleaning depends on the fabric of the clothes. For clothes, with mild fabrics, the process of dry cleaning takes 3-4 hours. For clothes with heavy material fabric requires 24 to 48 hours.

What is pick dry cleaning?

The concept of pick dry cleaning is an online-based dry cleaning service technology. They provide premium washing and dry cleaning service for your clothes.

On contacting them, they will pick up the dirty laundry from your doorstep and deliver fresh, clean clothes back to your doorstep.

Is dry cleaning a wise choice? Is it possible to reduce the waiting time?

 Dry cleaning can be considered a wise choice because it does not involve water in this process. Water is conserved and the clothes are cleaned with a chemical solvent of perchloroethylene.

Also, it removes stains better and quicker than the normal laundry system. It also makes it possible to remove the waiting time because your work gets finished quicker.

Reasons to dry clean

 There is some reason as to why you should dry clean your clothes. The first reason is that dry cleaning preserves the delicate fabrics of your clothes. Dry cleaning can remove the tough stains from your cloth really quickly.

It also improves the durability of your clothes and they last long. You can wear your favorite dress for a long time. The dry cleaners have experienced skills and knowledge and they are professional with their job of cleaning clothes and removing stains.

The dry cleaning method saves your time and you can concentrate more on your work than your stain.

Importance of dry cleaning clothes

Importance of dry cleaning

 Dry cleaning is important because it gives professional attention to your clothes. Besides as you can see from the above reasons that dry cleaning benefits you in a lot of ways.

Why it’s necessary

 Dry cleaning is necessary because it helps in the protection of fabrics that can tend to get damaged due to heat and water.

The traditional washing system may ruin your cloth color and damage your dress. They are very popular in removing stains that are not removed by the normal wet cleaning process.

What to avoid in dry cleaning

 For certain materials like Spandex, you should not use chemicals like chlorine for dry cleaning your clothes. This is because they can bleach the fabric.

Cotton and linen fabrics also not be dry cleaned with harmful chemicals because they can cause the risk of cloth shrinkage and fade the colors.

Also, dry cleaning involves washing with cold water and if you wash cotton and linen cloths with cold water they might ruin the quality of the cloth.


  • How long does it take to dry clean a coat?

Coats and jackets require 2-3 days for dry cleaning. The time duration also depends on the material of the coat fabric.

  • Why is dry cleaning so expensive?

Dry cleaning involves a step-by-step long process of finding out the spots and marks minutely on the clothes. Besides this, the chemical used by the dry cleaners for dry cleaning is also very expensive. Therefore they charge a lot of money for dry cleaning your clothes.

  • How long does it take for a carpet to dry after cleaning?

After you have washed and cleaned your carpet, it will be slightly damp on the upper portion. The carpet requires 6-10 hours to get dry completely after cleaning. It can also take 24 hours depending on the time, humidity, and temperature of your surrounding.

  • Can you get a suit dry cleaned in a day?

Suits do not get dry cleaned instantly in a day. It requires 2-3 days to dry cleaning your suit.

  • Can dry cleaning cause stains?

The dry cleaning process is done for removing stains. However, there may be many such minute stains on your clothes which may stay even after the dry cleaning process. They can easily be noticed after dry cleaning because these stains get heated up and dry completely along with your fabric which makes it hard for you to remove it.

Wrapping it up

 In conclusion, I would say that you can opt for the dry cleaning method because it’s really effective and can remove stains and clean your clothes really quickly.

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