How Long Do Stick And Pokes Last

Are you going to get a stick and poke tattoo done on your body but you are thinking that how long do stick and pokes last, That’s a query that everyone had before getting it done but don’t you worry we are here for you and in this post, we are going to dig deeper into this so be with us.

Tattoos, every possible painting that we can engrave on our bodies. But what about the procedure?

Stick and pokes are the most ancient style to calligraphy a tattoo. Stick and pokes tattoos are not new even they gained back their position after facing a lot of criticism which it really deserves.

I used to always wonder how our older generation had some cool tattoos while there was no artist in their respective time, no machines were available and then I researched a lot and got to know about sticks and pokes tattoos or hand-made tattoos (another name of sticks and pokes) and I collected heck amount of information about the official technique of tattoo making.

It is still one of the most popular in the many native cultures around the world and it deserves to be popular, DIY is also the perk of this technique without investing a lot in instruments.

If you are thinking about to be get inked you should also know about this method and then consult your tattoo artist or you can also do it your own but it is highly not recommended at least from my side

Let’s discuss some more about sticks and pokes tattoos before you get one


  • What are Stick and pokes tattoos?
  • History of sticks and pokes technique
  • How long does it last?
  • Machine tattoo vs sticks and pokes tattoos

What are Stick and pokes tattoos?

How long do stick and pokes last

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Tattoos are actually a wound that was made intentionally, now it all depends on the procedure whether you are making a wound and inserting color with the help of some machine or some stick.

Stick and pokes tattoos justify their names as they actually mean tattoos which are made up with the help of actual sticks by poking color on the skin.

It is a total non-electric and purely man-made method just to made the tattoos, no electric machines are used in this method. Just like the way in machine tattoos color is inserted in the body by the machine by creating a wound, just same happens in this case.

By attaching the needle to a pencil (or other stick-like devices) and using the thread to create a temporary tattoo gun, the “paste and push” part of the “paste” can be created. Of course, it is manually operated, so it will not be as effective as a tattoo gun.

Using a professional tattoo needle dipped in ink attached to a disposable handle, a hand tattoo can be created manually so that the needle sits comfortably in the hand and is inserted into the skin. The results are also consistent. This is a very slow process and it takes several hours to create a small tattoo.

History of sticks and pokes technique?

How long do stick and pokes last

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The manual piercing process evolved from the traditional form of non-electronic tattoos used in cultures associated with communities or religions.

The process of using a single needle and ink can be traced back to ancient Egypt when intricate tattoos were found on mummies on the arms, shoulders, and abdomen. In the subculture of the 1970s, sewing needles and tattoo ink were popular at the time.

Well, it is still difficult to say that from where it is originated. According to some theories, it says that it all started in japan while some other theories say that this technique was almost available in every country but with their own different name.

As people were keen to engrave religious symbols on their bodies so this was the only technique available.

How long do Stick and Pokes Last?

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Manual tattoos, such as machine tattoos, are permanent. Hand tattoos and machine tattoos will fade to varying degrees according to various factors.

If the ink is not submerged deep enough, all manual or mechanical tattoos will fade, just as if the ink is applied too deeply, all tattoos may look “dull” or wash off. Certain parts of the body are more likely to change colors, such as B. Arms or legs.

The skin here is usually not easy to get tattooed. If it is not done by an experienced painter in these fields, the ink may not be applied to the skin correctly, and the color may fade or disappear completely.

With the formation of the tattoo and the removal of the crust, since the ink has been removed from and the scar tissue formed leaves an ink-free area, the tattoo will make the tattoo look uneven.

If the artist does too much on the tattoo, scars may form in the area, which may also result in loss of ink pigmentation or the part of the tattoo that is “falling off” and the part of the tattoo that has completely disappeared.

Depending on the type of ink used, the aging of the skin, and the way the skin is cared for, the tattoo may age or lose its shade.

Take care of the skin area, moisturize the skin every day, and protect the tattoo from the sun, or apply a high percentage of sunscreen to the area to make the tattoo as “fresh” or alive as possible. When done correctly, there is no difference in the durability of a hand or machine tattoo.

But I asked many persons who have at least one stick and poke tattoo, according to them it looks faded after 5-7 years, and then it requires a touch-up or “healing” in the tattoo world.

 Difference b/w sticks poke or machine tattoos

While the purpose is the same but due to different techniques both techniques have some perks and some demerits, but I will discuss the main differences which are very essential to understand.

While the machine tattoos are engraved with the help of a little pen like a machine which consists of the motor and creates such horrible sound while sticks and pokes is a very peaceful process but time taking. So you should have enough spare time to get inked an authentic way.

The main difference is that hand-made tattoos do less damage to the skin, so they recover much faster than machine tattoos. It does not pile up too much and requires minimal maintenance.

There is almost no risk of infection. (If the right tools are used) (due to the use of the right tools), so the trauma is minimal, so it is very suitable for patients with skin problems or delay the healing process.

Electric tattoos can take two to three weeks to heal, depending on the size and type of shadow. On the other hand, manually operated ink usually dries faster and has less itching and crusts, which is a plus.

While there are some common things too, just like the quality of ink, hygiene level, proper antiseptics matters equally in both techniques and in spite matters the most in tattoo making. While aftercare of both tattoos is also familiar to each other and is quite the same.

 Some questions related to this technique

  • This process hurts or not?

 Let me tell you in easy words, the tattoo is a wound that is done intentionally and we all know the wound hurts. Even a tattoo heals just like a wound. So yes it hurts cause to insert ink whether the needle was used or stick both hurts but it also depends on the individual too.

If you already have a tattoo on your body then you know the level of pain but for someone else it could be more painful or for some it could be less.

The degree of pain depends on the body part you have exercised. The needles in the bones hurt more than the flesh of the body, and we all have different pain thresholds. period. There will be a pain.

  • Is it safe?

This is a bit difficult. People have been getting these tattoos for hundreds of years, but of course, there is a risk of skin infections and other complications.

Always work together to use clean and disinfected instruments and even sanitary gloves. A small amount of ink can cause an allergic reaction. Therefore, if you know that your skin is sensitive, you should try other options.

  • How to do aftercare?

The carefully selected ink is not easy to crust, and the time for correct use is not long. When you are done, your artist will probably cover your tattoo, but if not (or he didn’t follow our advice and went to an amateur), please make sure that the new tattoo is covered for at least two hours.

It can be removed, and the ink must be washed off with a mild, fragrance-free detergent and moistened with a special tattoo. Lotion or Aquaphor.

The tattoo should be washed and moisturized about twice a day until it is completely healed (about two weeks or less). Make sure that the tattoo is not exposed to sunlight or immersed in water during the recovery phase.

To see what Experts say About Hand poked tattoos watch this video;



whether you should go for a machine tattoo or stick a pokes one?

Stick-and-pokes are a great way to explore new ways of tattooing and gain a sense of aesthetic pride along the way.

It is all the way authentic way of tattoo making but it is also a fact that it mostly not last forever on your eternal body or soul, it will be a grateful experience but it is not as advanced as machine tattoos, and it is not enough capable of much detailing

While stick and pokes tattoos do less damage to your body as compared to machine tattoos but both of them are equally safe.

If I have to pick one I will go for a machine tattoo, as I have 2 machine tattoos already but just to experience the authenticity of the art of tattoo making I will get a small stick and poke tattoo.

Although it’s all your body, consider your body as an empty canvas and hire some good artist which can draw what you want on your body which also imprints on your eternal soul.

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