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Today, data is the most important thing. Nobody wants their important data to get erased from the device. Data is a base for various important surveys or information that you may need in the future.

Sometimes, when we make a thought about purchasing a new mobile, we all worried about the data present in our old mobile. Most of us don’t know how to recover that data. Sometimes it is very much important to recover the previous app and its settings on your new mobile.

It would be a happy thing for you to know that Google automatically saves your data like apps, settings, some passwords, and many more. So, in this article, we will give the solution to the query that how do I restore my apps from google drive.

Where App Data Is Stored On Mobile Phones?

How Do I restore My Apps From Google Drive
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Before moving to the topic you must know some facts related to the device you use. It will help you a lot in solving various problems. We all know about storage on our mobile phones.

But many few know where all your data that is used by the various apps are stored. So, you first need to learn this thing. We will discuss both, android devices and ios systems.

In Andriod Phones:

How Do I restore My Apps From Google Drive
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All the android users must go through this situation when our app shows storage is full and we just go to settings and clean the app cache to make some storage available.

Many apps are not able to use cache memory efficiently and your device gets slower. Android stores the installed software in the device’s app folder, whether it came from the Google Play Store or a downloaded app file.

For most apps, that would be /data/app/your package name. Use of /data/app-private/your package name is common among encrypted apps. Because all of your apps store their data here, this area of your device’s storage is also referred to as “Shared Storage.”

In iOS Systems

How Do I restore My Apps From Google Drive
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Apps on iOS normally save their data in a folder called Documents, which is kept close to the place where the app is installed (). In iCloud, third-party apps can store a wide range of different kinds of data.

This can include documents, artistic endeavors, notes, gaming progress, favorites, and more, depending on the app. You might have access to data if the app uses iCloud Drive to store its data.

What Type Of Content I Can Restore From Google Drive?

How Do I restore My Apps From Google Drive
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Google Drive is the best feature provided by the android operating system to store various types of data and content. Now, here is the list of content that can be stored in Google Drive and we can easily back up them again safely. We can backup:

  • Calendar events and settings on Google.
  • Wi-Fi passwords and networks.
  • Wallpapers.
  • Gmail preferences.
  • Apps
  • Display preferences (brightness and sleep).
  • Settings for language and input.
  • Time and date
  • Settings and information for non-Google apps (varies by an app).

How Do I Restore My Apps From Google Drive On My New Phone?

How Do I restore My Apps From Google Drive
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Now, let us jump over the main problem. So, many people have confused about this and some do not have sufficient knowledge. We also see many people around us that come to us and say that I have to buy a new android phone, now how do I restore my apps from google drive? Follow the steps given below to restore the data:

  • At the welcome screen, choose your language and press the Let’s Go button.
  • Tap To use the restore option, copy your data.
  • To get going, join a Wi-Fi network.

You can see every restore option accessible on the screen that follows. If you have access to an old Android phone, choose A backup from an Android phone. We’ll select the A backup from the cloud option in this case.

  • Log in to your Google account (and enable two-factor authentication if necessary).
  • To continue, click I accept Google’s Terms of Service.
  • A selection of fallback alternatives will appear. To restore data, choose the appropriate one.
  • If you wish to restore all of the settings and data from your previous device, select Restore.
  • To select which apps to install on your new smartphone, click Apps.
  • Your data will be recovered behind the scenes. You can configure a screen lock and biometric authentication in the interim.

Can I Backup Apps From Google Drive On My iPhone?

How Do I restore My Apps From Google Drive
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You can backup some type of content from google drive on your iPhone. Google Photos will store a backup of your photos. Google Contacts will operate as a backup for Contacts.

Google Calendar will be used as a backup. But is not possible on iPhone to backup app settings through google drive. You need to remember some points before backing up the data in an iPhone. To back up photographs and videos, your phone has to be connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Only new photographs will be backed up if you perform numerous backups. Additionally, it will replace any existing contacts and calendar backups. The albums you created for your images will not be backed up to Google Photos. Calendars and contacts from Facebook and Exchange services will not be backed up.

How To Restore Apps On iPhone?

How Do I restore My Apps From Google Drive
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You probably felt the urge to delete an app from your iPhone at some point since you no longer needed its functionality. But after some time, you may need some information or data that was stored in that app. Now, in the case of the iPhone follow the given steps to restore apps:

  • On the Home Screen, tap the App Store icon.
  • After that, tap the profile symbol in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Choose Purchased. If your device supports family sharing, you can view a list of each family member’s purchased apps by selecting My Purchases or the name of the appropriate family member.
  • Decide not to use this iPhone.
  • To find the app you want to restore, scroll down the list or use the search bar.
  • To begin reinstalling the app on your iPhone, tap the cloud icon.

How To Restore Photos And Videos From Google Drive?

How Do I restore My Apps From Google Drive
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Sometimes, we delete some important photos and videos from our gallery and trash them. Google has amazing built-in tools like Google Photographs and Google Drive for storing and sharing photos and movies on devices. Google Drive provides you with this amazing feature of backing up your deleted content. The steps required for this are:

  • Start your device’s Google Drive application. After that, go to the “Trash” folder.
  • You may discover all of your recently deleted files in the “Trash” folder.
  • Simply right-click on the file to bring up a menu with the options “Restore” and “Delete forever” to recover them.
  • Mobile users must press the three-dot button to access the restore button, though.
  • Select the “Restore” option now. The file will be placed back where it was originally.

How To Increase Google Drive Space?

How Do I restore My Apps From Google Drive
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Google Drive provides you only some amount of space for storing your data. The storage provided is not sufficient for many people so they want more space to store their important photos and other contents.

So, here Google offers you to increase the storage size but this is paid method. More space required more money. It simply means you have to buy space to make that available for your purpose. It is called upgradation. To do this follow the steps given below:

  • Make sure your Google Account is active and signed in.
  • Open a browser and navigate to
  • Click Upgrade on the left.
  • Select a new storage cap.
  • Review the costs and due date for the revised plan. Next, select Next.
  • Click Subscribe to confirm your Google One subscription.


How Do I restore My Apps From Google Drive
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Can I restore data that is deleted from Google drive?

Move your Google Drive files to the trash to delete them. After 30 days, files in the trash are automatically erased. Before the 30 days, you can restore files from your trash. But you can also delete the data permanently from google drive that you cannot restore.

Can I restore the Whatsapp backup from Google Device?

Yes, you can restore WhatsApp data from google drive. Also, there is WhatsApp local backup system there to recover all your chats and other content.

On iPhone, you can quickly transfer, backup, and restore WhatsApp messages using its “Social Messages Manager” tool. More crucially, you may either restore WhatsApp backup from Google Drive to iPhone.

Winding Up:

How Do I restore My Apps From Google Drive
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You are now prepared to answer someone that how can I restore my apps from google drive? The preceding approaches perform extremely well when you want to know how to recover an Android phone from Google backup. These techniques are useful if you need to replace your Android device or factory reset it because of a problem with your phone.

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