How are Shoes made?

Like every other curious thought that has led us to some great answers, this one for sure is something everyone should know. Shoes once used to protect our feet from the hard graveled, Piercy, thorny surroundings are now a significant contribution to our looks.

So how are shoes made?

This article will help you solve this question and enlighten you with some basic and some knowledgeable aspects of shoemaking.

We can touch a little bit on the history of shoemaking, and after that, we can go further with our question of how shoes are made. So let’s start a bit of bit from the beginning itself.

There were different styles of shoemaking in other nations. The most popular ones in which the first shoe size was measured by hand.

Then after taking the necessary measurement, shoes were carved out of wood by hand, leather was fixed to it by nails, and the sol of the boots was then stitched to it. All of the things mentioned above were done solely by hand, and the price, as you have guessed rightly, was not low at all.

So what has changed now? How has the industry improved progressively? All these questions and their answers are with us.

Let’s go further with what shoes are made up of?

As mentioned, the shoes were made up of wood carvings in the past. It may be the same practice in some parts of the world even nowadays. But during the present time, primarily shoes are made up of Rubber, Plastic, Canvas, Leather, and some petro industry derived chemicals.

Each shoe has its different purpose and uses. Like leather shoes, they are mainly related to formal functions, Canvas shoes are closely related to the sneaker industry, and rubber, along with other materials, is used for sports.

Now let’s take this one step forward and talk about are steps involved in shoemaking and how it is done.

Like we have already told you, guys, the shoemaking industry has dramatically improved, and now it is entirely different from the past days. Below are the steps that will help you guys understand the complete shoemaking process.

1. Designing

How are shoes made?
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Shoes are first designed using some high-end computer software by highly creative designers. Then, the thing in one’s mind is first portrayed on the screen, from where an idea is taken along with an outline on a fabric of the specific shoe to make.

2. Cutting the specific design

how are shoes made?
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After the design is selected, the fabric goes under the special cutter, which cuts the shoe design and makes it a ready-to-make sample for further manufacturing.

3. Moulding

How are Shoes made? 5 Important Steps To Know 1 How are Shoes made? 5 Important Steps To Know
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Molding of shoes is done in factories. After getting the designs ready, a 3d model of the shoe base is created first, on which further processing will take place. It is also done with the help of software and 3d printing technology. This process takes a lot of time and hard work.

4. Metallization

How are Shoes made? 5 Important Steps To Know 2 How are Shoes made? 5 Important Steps To Know
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This process is basically to add metal to shoes. So yes, you are right to question how metal can be added to shoes and not make them heavy? Well, here is the twist, what they fundamentally do is that they make regular plastic to look like a metal fitting. Amazed? So are we right? After this process is completed, the plastic metal is added to the exclusive design and molded by mold injection.
Molding the sole part of the shoe is the most crucial part in shoemaking as this is the part that bears all our weight, pressure, and impacts on the surroundings.

5. Sewing

How are Shoes made? 5 Important Steps To Know 3 How are Shoes made? 5 Important Steps To Know
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Now, this is the same part as done in the past. Although the machines used are entirely different, the process of sewing the fabric to the sole of the shoe remains the same. So this process starts by cutting the fabric according to the design of the shoes. Then, the fabric color is chosen according to the design and the requirements, and the size of the material required is based on the size of the foot the shoe is designed for.

For cutting the fabric, vital metal pieces are used to cut reasonable amounts of material in less time. The stitching process also takes time as it uses the fabric and design cutting from the designers to be carefully stitched together in the shoes. But with the combined effort of man and machine, this process is not tiresome and quite a work of skill and art.

6. Pressure sealing

How are Shoes made? 5 Important Steps To Know 4 How are Shoes made? 5 Important Steps To Know
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This process is also done with sewing as we have the latest technology. Finally, the designs are glued an pressed upon using high-end machines. This is one of the last processes in the shoemaking industry.

7. Shoe lasting

How are Shoes made? 5 Important Steps To Know 5 How are Shoes made? 5 Important Steps To Know
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In this step, the molding is pressed upon by the design fabric to make it long-lasting and comfortable to wear. Finally, the heel part is the last joint, and the whole process completes there.

8. Joining the sole

How are Shoes made? 5 Important Steps To Know 6 How are Shoes made? 5 Important Steps To Know
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This is the last step, and as the name suggests, in this part, the sole is joined to the molded design fabric by using a hydraulic press which does this work in no time whatsoever, and yes, your shoes are now ready for packing and finally deliver to your home.


  • 3D printing technology.
  • Digital light synthesis
  • Clicker cutting machines


We even know these brands by heart !!

  • BATA
  • NIKE
  • PUMA
    And many more…


  • FOAM


The footwear we wear every day has alot of ancient history and its process of making spines our heads, but we should know the thing we wear everywhere beacuse it plays a vital role in our body structure.

I know it sounds a Lil bit hoax, but researchers have said that wearing the wrong shoes can exacerbate existing problems such as pain or arthritis in your hips, knees, ankle, or feet. So it’s necessary to know how are shoes made with every detail of their brands, material, technology, etc.

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