Can You Hide Your Snapchat Score (2023): Your Step-by-Step Guide

The Snapchat score is one of the functions that users love most about the Snapchat app. Your overall activity, including adding new users, sending and receiving snaps, creating stories, and more, is what determines your Snapchat score. You can compete with your friends for the top score on Snapchat and win a trophy. When you receive bad scores or have privacy concerns, you could occasionally want to hide your Snapchat score. 

On the Snapchat app, hiding a score is a rather simple process. There is no dedicated feature or option to hide your Snapchat score from your friends. Still, you can hide your snap score from a specific person, i.e., block or remove your friend or modify the profile’s visible options. 

You cannot hide your Snapchat score from your friends because it is displayed on your profile. But don’t worry, you can limit who can see your profile by hiding your Snapchat score from individuals you aren’t friends with. Here’s how. 

How To Hide Your Snapchat Score?

To hide your Snapchat score from all the users on Snapchat is quite not possible as it is one of the major features of the app. It’s like being on Instagram and not being able to follow the people you want to.

Here are a few ways listed below using which you will be able to hide your Snapchat score, also known as Snap Score.

1. Removing or Blocking a Friend 

  1. Select the Chat page button.
  2. In the bottom left corner of the program, there is a message box icon. By doing so, you’ll be directed to the Chat page, where you can delete a friend.
    • You can keep a buddy from seeing your Snapchat score by removing them.
    • Be aware that while doing this will restrict how frequently they view your profile, it won’t entirely hide it from them. 
  3. Press and hold the friend’s name.
  4. This will provide a menu of choices. 
  5. Select Manage Friendship. 
  6. Depending on your preference, tap Remove Friend or Block.
  7. As a result, both you and the friend will be taken from each other’s friend lists. 

Inbox > Long tap on the friend’s name > Manage Friendship > Remove Friend/Block.

2. Modify Profile Visibility 

  1. Select “Profile” from the menu.
    • It is your avatar image located in the upper-left corner of the Chat, Camera, or Stories pages.
    • Using this technique, you can restrict who can view your profile by configuring your privacy settings. Users who are not your friends won’t be able to see your Snapscore because there is no way to make it disappear from your profile. 
  2. Select “Settings” from the menu. On the profile page, it is the gear icon in the upper right corner. 
  3. Go to “Privacy Controls” by scrolling. 
  4. Modify the privacy options. The following options will restrict who can view your profile.
  5. A setting to conceal a Snapscore is not yet available. This is a fantastic method to use Snapchat safely. 

Can Other Snapchat Users See Your Score? 

Both parties must add each other as friends on Snapchat in order to view each other’s snap scores.

Both parties wouldn’t be able to view each other’s snap score unless one of them added the other as a friend. Your Snapchat score is only visible to people you have added as friends and who have added you as friends. They cannot view your Snapchat score if you added them as a friend but they didn’t add you back. 

Similarly, you cannot check someone’s Snapchat score if you add them as a friend but do not add them back.

Both parties must add each other as friends on Snapchat in order to view each other’s snap scores. If not, neither party will be able to see the other’s score. The space under your username will be empty if someone hits your Snapchat profile and searches for you but isn’t friends with you. So you won’t need to be concerned about someone else finding out your Snap Score. 

Why Can’t You View Someone’s Snapchat Score Anymore? 

Someone has unfriended you if you are unable to see their Snapchat score anymore. If not, it is because you have unfriended them.

Only when both parties have added one another on Snapchat can you see someone’s Snapchat score. You can check the status next to someone’s username in your chat list to see if they removed you from their list of friends on Snapchat.

If the status reads “Pending,” it signifies that the other person has unfriended you. Additionally, if you visit their profile, you won’t be able to check their Snapchat score. Instead, there will be nothing there under their account. 

Can You Create a Fake Snap Score? 

You can add arbitrary celebrities on Snapchat and send them many photos if you want to enhance your Snapchat score. You may quickly raise your Snapchat ranking using this strategy without needing to submit any snaps to your pals.

Your snap rating will swiftly increase if you snap at famous people. You can send snaps to the same group of recipients that you previously sent one to by using the “Last Snap” option.

The best way to appear to have photographed a lot of people on Snapchat is by doing this. A different option is to add oneself to Snapchat and send many photos to yourself. Your snap score will also rise if you send yourself snaps. 

Bonus: How to Increase Your Snapscore?

Although there isn’t a surefire way to raise your Snapchat score, the following advice will assist you nonetheless:

1. Keep up Snapstreaks

Your Snapchat score is determined by taking into account the quantity of Snaps you have sent and received, as well as your Stories and other variables.

It is evident that sending and receiving more Snaps will help you improve your Snapchat score instead of looking for tricks.

Maintaining Snapchat Streaks is a great approach to achieving this. Considering that maintaining a Snapstreak necessitates sending each other a Snap at least once every 24 hours, you can naturally boost your Snapchat score with no effort.

2. Send snaps to a number of friends at once

I advise you to send the Snap to several individuals at once to keep them updated on Snapchat rather than sending them one at a time or adding them to your Story.

This gives you the opportunity to swiftly raise your Snapchat score and win more bonus points. Sending a Snap to 10 users at once might get you 11 points, thus using this method will help you improve your Snapchat score.

3. Expand Your Friend List

Ask for their Snapcode if you have friends you’re not connected to on Snapchat so you can add them.

You can interact with more people and give and receive Snaps in this method, which raises your Snapchat rating.

4. Use the App Frequently

It should go without saying that if you use the app more frequently and send Snaps to pals, your chances of raising your Snapscore improve. Since a user’s activity on the platform determines their Snap score, you must utilize the app to raise your score.

Additionally, avoid visiting websites that claim to raise your Snapscore while you’re pursuing them. This is because they are frauds intended to defraud you of your money. 

FAQs | Hide Your Snapchat Score

Q1. What is Snap Score?

Your Snapchat score keeps track of all of your app activity, including stories you send, users you add, snaps you send and receive, and more.

In order to compete with one another or add trophies to their Snapchat Trophy Case, many users compare their Snapchat scores.

Q2. Why is a person’s snap score not increasing?

A person hasn’t lately sent any snaps to anyone if their snap score isn’t increasing. Sending snaps to individuals is the only way to raise your snap score.

Second, it’s possible that the user has stopped using Snapchat or is inactive. Because they aren’t sending snaps to individuals, a user’s snap score won’t increase if they stop using Snapchat or are inactive on it.

Q3. How is a Snapchat score calculated?

Your Snapchat account’s quality is indicated by the Snapchat score, which is a number or rating. The number of snaps you have sent received, and placed on your stories, among other things, are used to calculate how active you have been on the app.

Q4. Does anyone know if you view someone’s Snapchat score?

No, they won’t be informed if you view your friend or loved one’s Snapchat profile to see their username, Bitmoji avatar, Snap score, or any other private information. They also have their location as well as any chat-saving images and videos. 

Closing Thoughts

If you don’t want someone to find out about your Snapchat activities, you must hide your Snapchat score. You can’t hide your snap score without removing or blocking the user, which is unfortunate.

The “who can…” part of your preferences is where you can make changes to additional privacy settings, though. You can manage who can contact you, see your story, find you nearby, and see you in the quick add section. 

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