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As you know that cell phones are one of the most fundamental pieces of the present everyday life and on the lookout, there is a large number like Android and IOS iPhones. In any case, in this article, we will discuss one of the cell phones Samsung Galaxy S9.

We realize that you have countless issues in regards to this cell phone so you don’t need to stress. In this article, we will offer every one of the responses to every one of your questions.

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What is the specification of the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus?

The Galaxy S9 Plus comes in two variations. The model with 6GB RAM + 64GB inside stockpiling costs Rs. 64,900. The 6GB RAM + 256GB inside stockpiling variation of the premium cell phone costs Rs. 72,920.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus has a somewhat bigger 6.2-inch Super AMOLED screen with a 2960 × 1440 pixels goal and an 18.5:9 perspective proportion. There’s no apparent score on the Galaxy S9 Plus, yet it figures out how to flaunt an exceptionally great screen-to-body proportion of 84.2 per cent.

Universe S9 Plus sports a double camera arrangement on the back with every camera flaunting a 12MP sensor. The essential sensor accompanies an h double opening focal point (f/1.5 and f/2.4).

]The front camera has an 8MP sensor with an f/1.7 aperture and a 500mAh battery that controls the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. Shockingly, reports demonstrate the superior Android cell phone has Quick Charge 2.0 Fast Charging support.

Why Is My Samsung S9 Not Making Calls?

We think that you are all, hoping for a little guidance on how to troubleshoot this. Earlier if your S9 stopped making or receiving calls and if you are facing this problem on your Samsung S9 and you are not able to make calls on it.

Everything else works fine like you can text, stream data, wifi, etc. When you go to make any call it immediately hangs up as if the call had just ended. We think it’s a barrier to outgoing calls. It does this with any call including voicemail.

Since then at various times you have been receiving the No SIM Card message. You’ll try restarting and removing and cleaning the SIM Card. The Error message is usually not present but the problem remains the same whether it is there or not.

How can I solve the Calling Issue in Samsung?

You went to Settings > Connections > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names > Add, and afterwards you composed the information in the Smartphones section of the second table of the above connect (Android gadget information settings) to make a custom APN.

You need to save that and afterwards return and select that Access Point Name rather than the bygone one you had chosen. This permitted you to settle on decisions (yet brought about information not working).

To get information (without Wifi) you need to change back to the old APN, so this is certainly not an ideal arrangement, and you can have telephone capacity or information at some random time. Perhaps you could find settings that work for both however we have had the opportunity to analyze them yet.

How Do I Fix Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ Touch Sensitivity Problems?

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S9 & hope this applies to you. Go to Settings>General Management>Language and input>Mouse/Trackpad and/or Pointer Speed. 

You should see a blue line which you can adjust from Slow to Fast. Play with this setting until you are comfortable with the speed of typing on your device and we will hope that this will work for you.

What Are Some Common Problems with the Samsung Galaxy S9 plus?

If you have been using mine for almost 2 years now, and have not had any problems at all. We did a factory reset after the update to the OS. Samsung recommends you do that. We also do a factory reset annually and recommend anyone with an Android phone to do the same as it keeps it problem free.


Is The Galaxy S9 Plus Call Issue On New Phones?

There is a complaint registered on its website of Samsung where the shop owners said that “We’ve had an issue here in the store myself. Customers just got brand new phones, and two days later. BOTH of them couldn’t receive calls. We tried everything”.

But customers think it’s the phones that are the issue and want to return them. So currently, we have two unhappy customers that can’t receive phone calls. Verizon needs to fix this asap.

Is There Any Possibility That You Have Some Issues With Your Smartphone?

If you got your new smartphone you have to unlock the S9 through Samsung for the mobile network. Then you can also get the same calling issue. If you are on a phone call and completely lose audio. If you have to call back and then the person on the other line says they were hearing me just fine. 

How do I fix my glitchy audio?

First, we recommended you get a new 5g sim card that didn’t fix it.. then you have to reset network settings..nothing. My mobile data wasn’t working either after I replaced the sim card but they fixed that. If they don’t fix the issue w calls, I’m sending back the phone. My old galaxy worked better.

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