311+ Funny Questions To Ask on Instagram Story To a Girl

It all begins with a reply on the Instagram story. The most meaningful bonds are formed after that. Yes, we may be exaggerating. BUT BUT BUT! If you have a certain girl who watches your Instagram story and you are willing to spark a conversation with her, Onxshadow is here for you to take care of that. Here is a list of 300+ funny questions to ask on Instagram story to a girl.

Read this article until the end and we will make sure that your girl gets a good laugh and you begin to bond. Yes, with one funny Instagram question. Why? Because you can never be so sure when it comes to girls. You never know what little things they keep pondering about, what they might take to their hearts, or what they might overthink about.

Taking a girl with great humor is one sure shot way to her heart. So, if you are looking for some humor because you don’t have any, you have landed in the right place. So what’s the wait for? But hang on! We are here with not just funny, but also deep, hypothetical, and random Instagram story ideas too!

So, you see? We have more to offer you than you asked. Now, without any further delay, let’s get down to business!

Funny Questions to Ask on Instagram story To a Girl in 2023

These funny questions to ask on Instagram story to a girl will not only help you begin your conversation with a girl but will also help you boost your Instagram reach. Let’s pound down!

Here is a list of funny questions to ask on Instagram Story to a girl:

1. If you become a raccoon for a day, what will you do and why?

2. What is one weird thing about you?

3. Would you rather be a zombie or a vampire?

4. What’s one thing that is not scary but scares you?

5. What do you think you were in your past life?

6. Where do you think you will go – to heaven or hell?

7. What is one thing about girls that only girls know?

8. One year in jail or 6 months with your ex?

9. What song lyrics you had wrong until recently? What were those lyrics?

10. What’s the funniest thing ever that you remember?

11. What’s the weirdest thing that’s happened to you on a date?

12. Would you rather work/study for 3 weeks and chill for 1 week or have weekends?

13. What’s the funniest thing you did on a picnic?

14. Did you ever take a leak in a swimming pool?

15. What were the lowest marks you ever scored?

16. If you had to name yourself, what would you pick?

17. What’s the one basic thing you got to know recently?

18. Which is the one weird life hack you know that works?

19. What movie could have been a hit if played by a different lead?

20. Is there a funny nickname you gave to your school teacher/professor?

21. What’s the one embarrassing thing you did at someone’s home as a guest?

22. What’s the one embarrassing thing someone else did at your home as a guest?

23. What’s your take on “Aesthetic Instagram?”

24. If you could take one person with you on a world tour, who would it be?

25. Who is the funniest person you know?

26. If you could give someone a piece of your mind, what would you say?

27. If you could only take one thing when your house is on fire, what will it be except your phone and property papers?

28. What is one thing you find weird but everyone does it casually?

29. If you could know 1 thing about any of your professors or teacher, what would you want to know?

30. If you could marry a celebrity, who would you marry?

31. Who is the funniest celebrity of all?

32. If you were in a Harry Potter Movie, which professor would you play?

34. If you were a ninja, what would be your name?

35. What’s your idea of a good day?

36. What HAS to be included in your perfect date?

37. Would you rather smell good and be bald or look good and smell foul?

38. What do you think happiness looks like?

39. Do you believe in the existence of aliens?

40. If only you knew how aliens spoke, how will you explain it sounds?

41. What’s the one fancy thing you ate and didn’t like?

42. Would you rather breathe fire or exhale rainbows?

43. If Hide & Seek was an actual sport, where would you hide to win the gold medal?

44. What was the most embarrassing thing you caught someone doing?

45. Which was the weirdest excuse anyone bought?

46. If you had to name a TV Serial after your life, what will you name it?

47. What’s one current TV Serial that resonates with your life?

48. What’s one thing that shouldn’t exist but does?

49. What’s the weirdest internet moment for you?

50. Which was your “nightmare come true” moment?

51. Any paranormal experience?

52. What’s one lie you heard and let go of while you knew the truth the whole time?

53. Which is the one cartoon you watched as a child that now you think is inappropriate?

54. If you could be a side character in a Disney movie, which character would you choose?

55. What’s one thing that’s gross but satisfying to watch?

56. Which is the one Snapchat filter you hate?

57. Honest opinion on ghosts?

58. What color would you rather have the grass?

59. If you could make the water taste like anything you want, how would it taste?

60. What’s the one thing you could eat for the rest of your life?

61. What’s your biggest turn-off?

62. Would you rather speak dog language or cat language?

63. If you were a shoe, who would you pick up as cinderella?

64. What’s the funniest thing you have ever watched on TV?

65. If you were a FRIENDS Character, which other show would you make a cameo in?

66. If you became a boy for a day, what’s the first thing you would do?

67. What’s the one thing your mom should know about herself but she doesn’t?

68. If you were arrested for a murder, who would you call first?

69. If you could only eat one basic meal for a whole year, which meal would you choose?

70. What are the things you disagree with your parents on but they don’t know about them?

71. IF you had to choose between speaking for the rest of your life or reading for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?

72. Would you rather read all the books in the world and meet the characters, or watch all the movies and meet the leads?

73. Anime characters or Book Leads?

74. Would you rather have $25 million and die at 25 or have $100,000 and die at 80?

75. Would you rather be pretty and dumb or unattractive and intelligent?

76. What’s one basic thing you wished men understood?

25 Best Quiz Questions for Instagram

Here is a list of the Best Quiz questions for Instagram to get the brains of your followers running:

1. What is that one movie you can watch over and over again and not get bored?

2. How many instruments can you play?

3. What is one instrument that you would like to learn?

4. Are you a morning bird or a night owl?

5. What do you think makes you different that others?

6. What’s one series/show you can have watched over 5 times?

7. Do you prefer to concentrate on music or without music?

8. Which is one useless skill you have?

9. Depending on your current lifestyle, how long will you live?

10. What are 3 reasons to stay single/be in a relationship (answer depending on your current relationship status)

11. If you are grateful for something/someone, what/who is it?

12. Instagram, Snapchat, or FaceBook?

13. Would you rather stay in or have an outing?

14. Clubbing or Netflix?

15. If you could murder someone and. not get charged, who would it be and why?

16. What are the things you think were WRONG about your high school?

17. What are the things you think were RIGHT about your high school?

18. Why is your best friend your best friend?

19. Which Friends character would you not mind having the president of the country?

20. How did you first think babies were born before you got to know how they were born?

21. Which is the weirdest Reality TV you watched?

22. At what moment did you feel true happiness?

23. If there was one thing you wished that your younger self followed, what would it be?

24. Is there something you want your parents to know but can’t know because they’ll disown you?

25. On a scale of 1-10, how friendly of a bond do you have with your parents?

25 Top Funny Questions To ask on Instagram 

1. Which is the funniest meme you saw on Instagram? DM me.

2. How old were you when you first started using Instagram?

3. Would you eat unhealthy for a month or deactivate Instagram for a month?

4. Would you rather be an air disaster or a water disaster?

5. Would you rather breathe underwater or fly?

6. What’s one pretty but useless thing that you own?

7. Which is the most expensive thing that you own?

8. Did you ever write a song on an answer sheet? Which song was it?

9. Did you ever have someone who was jealous of you? What was the reason for the jealousy?

10. Were you ever jealous of someone? Why?

11. Which is the yummiest but bad-looking dish you have ever had?

12. Which is the tasteless but good-looking dish you ever had?

13. If you could tell your ex something right now, what would it be?

14. Do you think using Instagram makes people dumb?

15. What’s your go-to phrase? Mine is “what the heck?”

16. Would you rather sneeze during a kiss or cough during a kiss?

17. What’s the one embarrassing thing that has happened to you in bed?

18. What. is one weird thing that turns you on?

19. Ever tried doing something weird after watching a reel?

20. Which movie did you last watch that defied all laws of science?

21. If you could be in two places at one time, where would you be?

22. What’s your best kindergarten memory?

23. If you can print a picture on a mug for your best friend, what would you print?

24. If you could choose to live in one season all the time, which season would you choose?

25. What inspires you to create art (write-up, poem, drawing, painting, just about anything)?

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Bored of Funny Questions To Ask on Instagram?  Here is the 15 Deep Questions.

1. If you could ask your younger self one thing, what will you ask?

2. What were the things you dreamed of doing as a kid that seems out of the world now? What made you stop dreaming like that?

3. What’s one thing that your mom/dad told you that made an impact?

4. What’s one thing that your best friend taught you?

5. Were you ever in a toxic relationship? Why did you endure the toxicity?

6. Are you scared of anything? What scares you about it?

7. How mindful are you of your words?

8. What is one thing that you wish movies portrayed realistically?

9. Have you been working towards your supreme goal?

10. Would you rather be with someone who is funny or someone who is attractive?

11. Are you good at anger management?

12. Will you be able to handle someone who is having a mental breakdown?

13. What do you think of 2 adults shouting at one another?

14. What is one good habit that you developed since the beginning?

15. What’s one lesson you took from a children’s show?

Best Instagram Questions for Story

1. If you could live on one feminine trait for the rest of your life, which trait would it be?

2. If you could swap your lives with someone you know, who would it be?

3. If you could swap your life with a celebrity, which celebrity would you choose?

4. What is your go-to midnight snack?

5. If you could eat only one fruit for the rest of your life, which fruit will you choose?

6. The cheapest yet tastiest meal ever?

7. If you had to pick a pen name for yourself, what name would you choose?

8. Which is your favorite quote from a movie/book?

9. One life mantra that you live by?

10. If you could trade lives with one Harry Potter character except for Harry, Ron, and Hermione, who would it be?

Funny Questions to Ask on Instagram Story About Me

1. If you know me, which school teacher did I make fun of most?

2. What was the name of my first school crush?

3. Which is the most embarrassing thing that happened to me while playing a sport?

4. Which is the one joke I made that wasn’t funny but you laughed at?

5. What’s my childhood nickname?

6. Which weird skills do I have?

7. What was my career plan as a child? What is it now?

8. What’s one unhealthy food that I like?

9. What’s one thing I whine about the most?

10. If you had to stop 1 thing I do, what will you stop?

11. Which is my weirdest facial feature?

12. What is one weird thing I do when my crush is around?

13. Which is the worst fight I have gotten into?

14. Do you think I am aggressive?

15. What is one thing I need to be working on the most?

Best Instagram questions to Ask on Instagram Story Poll

1. Tea or Coffee?

2. Books or movies?

3. Take a walk or stay at home?

4. Take 10 minutes shower every day or a 60-minute shower on a weekend?

5. Mountains or beaches?

6. Sunset or sunrise?

7. Would you rather have money but no time to spend or have time to spend but not a lot of money?

8. Pizza or momos?

9. Would you rather lose the ability to speak or to feel touch?

10. A fake smile or a grumpy face?

11. Heels or sneakers?

12. Live on mars alone or on earth with an ex?

13. Would you rather eat lunch for the rest of your life or eat dinner for the rest of your life?

14. Would you rather not like your favorite flower or have an allergic reaction to it?

15. Social media or real life?

Hypothetical/Situational Instagram Questions To Ask on Instagram Story

1. If aliens attack, where would you go and hide?

2. If you died, which celebrity would you want to be there at your funeral?

3. Which celebrity, living or dead, would you like to go on a date with?

4. If you could solve a mystery, which would it be?

5. If you could teleport yourself to a specific historic event, which event would it be?

6. If you could choose to be born in a specific historic age, which historic age would you choose?

7. If you were a politician, which law would you press to pass?

8. If you could only have 3 things with you in case of an emergency, what would those be?

9. If you could breathe in space and have no fear of death, where would you want to go?

10. Would you rather live on the moon or live on mars?

Random/Casual Instagram Questions to Ask on Instagram Story

1. How was your day?

2. How’s your mental health?

3. WHat’d you eat today?

4. What song do you have on a loop these days?

5. What has been making you happy recently?

6. Have you been working out?

7. When did you last talk to your best friend?

8. How are your studies/work?

9. What time have you been sleeping lately?

10. If you live away, do you miss home? If you don’t live away, do you wish you could?

Juicy questions to Ask on Instagram story

1. What’s your weirdest kink?

2. How old were you when you had your first kiss?

3. What’s your body count?

4. Have you ever done it in a public place?

5. Have you ever faked an orgasm?

6. Did you ever get caught loving yourself?

7. Would you risk making out in a lift?

8. Slow and romantic or hardcore?

9. What’s the oldest you would do it with?

10. Would you make out with a stranger for 1000$?

Debatable Funny questions to Ask on Instagram story

1. How long should someone use social media? Why?

2. Should students get mental day leave at school?

3. Should you intervene in a public fight?

4. Basic manners most people lack?

5. Will you return a lost wallet with loads of money in it?

6. What is one unpopular opinion that you have?

7. Was the pandemic fun for you?

8. Do you read reviews before buying something?

9. Was the early 2000s a good time?

10. Do You think you are a good person? Do you think your friends will agree?

Intense Funny questions to Ask on Instagram story

1. What are the craziest adventures you have tried in your life so far?

2. What smells the best to you?

3. Have you ever fallen off a bike in front of a lot of people?

4. Did you ever go commando somewhere?

5. Did you ever make a cashier uncomfortable because you bought weird stuff? What was it?

6. Did someone ever catch you off guard while you did something embarrassing?

7. What’s one thing your teacher said that wasn’t funny but you laughed at?

8. What’s the weird but cute thing you have seen someone do?

9. What would you say if you ever had to get out of an awkward date?

10. Did you ever have an imaginary friend?

Funny Questions To Ask on Instagram Story For a Game

1. What is your go-to karaoke song?

2. On a scale of 1-10, how much does the appearance of a person actually matter to you?

3. Which is that one song you think is overhyped?

4. If you find out that the life you are living is currently a dream, would you rather wake up or keep sleeping?

5. What is the most important green flag you have?

6. What’s your love language?

7. What’s your dream body like?

8. Would you rather date a 6 ft with no manners or a 5’8 walking green flag?

9. What passed your vibe check?

10. What does a picnic mean to you?

Funny questions to Ask on Instagram Story For True Followers

1. What was my follower count when you first followed me?

2. What do you like the most about my content?

3. Which is one of my best posts of me?

4. Why did you follow me?

5. Do you think I have more brains than beauty?

6. What can I do to make this account better?

7. Did I ever do or post something that made you cringe?

8. Is there anything I say that annoys you a lot?

9. Do you think I am a romantic or a practical person?

10. How many followers do you think I deserve?

Top Questions to Ask on Instagram Story to Make Everyone Laugh

1. If you were banned from entering a theme park, what would be the reason?

2. Did you ever sleep during class?

3. Did you ever get caught eating lunch during class?

4. Did you ever leave the camera of the zoom call on mistakenly? What were you doing?

5. Were you ever caught doing something weird online?

6. Did your dad ever catch you watching porn?

7. Which is the weirdest dream you ever had?

8. Did you ever say that you forgot to bring your wallet just so the other person could pay for it?

9. If you were to die now, what silly thing would you like to do?

10. Did you ever sleep with a plushy?

Funny Questions to Ask on Instagram story Trending Today

1. What’s the one thing that aligns with your Astro sign?

2. Biggest pet peeve?

3. Do you have any plans? If yes, what are they?

4. What will an ideal day with your family be like?

5. Did being an adult turned out to be the way you thought?

6. If you had to replace a character in any tv show with you, which character would you choose?

7. Do you have the sixth sense?

8. If you could invite a celebrity to your best friend’s birthday, who would it be?

9. Are you related to anyone famous?

10. What are the 5 things on your bucket list right now?

List of crazy Funny questions to Ask on Instagram

1. What’s the stupidest thing ever you did to someone for love?

2. What’s one thing your mom told you earlier that makes sense now?

3. If you told your mom that you were homosexual, what would the reaction be? If you are homosexual, how did they react when they first found out?

4. What do you think makes a healthy friendship?

5. Do you like stickers on WhatsApp?

6. If you had to describe your current mood in one emoji, what would it be?

7. Is there someone whose voice annoys you a lot?

8. What clears out a cloudy day for you?

9. What’s the real-life movie moment for you?

10. If you could make out with one character from a novel, who would it be?

This or That Funny Questions to Ask on Instagram story 

1. Winters or summers?

2. Chocolate or vanilla?

3. City life or countryside life?

4. Dogs or cats?

5. Cook at home or eat outside?

6. Pizza or burger?

7. Movie date at home or go shopping together?

8. Spicy food or sweet food?

9. iPhone or Android?

10. Free food for life or free travel for life?

10 Extremely Funny questions to Ask on Instagram story

1. What’s the hottest yet weird pickup line you ever heard of?

2. Did you ever fall for an anime character? Who was it?

3. Which was the funniest joke you read?

4. On a scale of 1-10, how effed up do you think your life is?

5. Which. is the funniest rumor you heard about yourself?

6. If you can, what kind of group would you be a part of?

7. Who is that one person in your friend group who could murder someone?

8. What is the Funniest rumor you started or helped spread?

9. What wasn’t funny to you then but is now?

10. Would you rather explore space or explore underwater?

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5+ Tips for choosing Funny Questions to Ask on Instagram story

There is always a fine line between humor and disrespect and one always has to keep that in mind.

Here are 5 tips for choosing funny questions to ask on the Instagram story:

1. Keep in mind that the questions are not targeting a cultural belief or group. Social media can turn a little joke into a socialistic movement really fast. You have to keep in mind that you are not targeting any ethnic communities and/or religious groups.

2. Be mindful of the language you are using.

3. Always make sure that the question that you are asking relates to the audience.

4. DON’T overdo it. You might come out looking like a fool.

5. Be ready for some humorous replies as well if you are asking funny questions. Don’t take anything personally.

Conclusion | 300+ Funny Questions To Ask on Instagram Story To a Girl

So these were the funny questions to ask on Instagram story to a girl. If you read these questions all the way down, let us know what questions did you choose. If you have any questions in mind that we might have missed share them with us here and we will be sure to add them here.

Also, don’t forget to keep in mind the 5 tips for choosing funny questions to ask on Instagram story to a girl. They will save you from a lot of trouble!

We will see you soon in other interesting articles, VERY SOON!

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