13 Flattering Clothes For Plus Size Women | Hacks to Flatter Your Curves

Want to try out these lovely outfits but you feel your body is too heavy for it?

Every time you go to the mall, you see those cute lovely dresses, but you have the fear that they will not look good on your plus-size body?

Well, “Fashion has no size and shape”. Always remember that. You should never let your body shape affect your fashion sense.

You think that because of overweight or obesity, no dress fits on you, you do not look good at the party and all the other people look better than you.

By having a plus-size body, you will feel that you do not have much choice to wear clothes, which other thin-skinned people have,

but do not believe that you do not show yourself beautiful with a heavyweight.  You can, when buying clothes, you just need to keep a few things in mind.

We know that people often feel insecure about themselves when they gain more weight. Due to which their confidence also starts to stagger.

Many times you shy away from going to a party because you don’t understand what to wear that looks good.

But don’t you worry as we are here to guide you with this.

Here we will tell you 13 flattering clothes for plus size women. This will also improve your fashion sense and you will get to know what to wear and what to not.

Besides that, there will be other content and frequently asked questions related to this topic and will clear all your doubts after going through this article.

13 Flattering Clothes For Plus Size Women

1) Flowy Top

flattering clothes for big stomach woman


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Tops Select a long flowy top so that no part of your body is visible.  This way you can hide your exhaled stomach easily.  Fat people should always wear open-necked clothes.  It would be better to wear off the top to make the waist look thinner.  You will look a little slick in them.

2)Empire line dress

flattering clothes for big stomach woman

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Empire Line Dresses These are designed in such a way that they are very loose below the waist and are very comfortable to wear during the summer days.  It covers most of the protruding areas of the body such as hips, tummy, and chest in such a way that there is less fat in it, as well as being stylish, this dress will also fit in the party.

3) Black color gown

flattering clothes for big stomach woman

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As it is considered that black color helps in hiding the extra fats on the stomach so it is highly recommended that black color will help you to look slim so it is advised that you should try a black color gown or a black color top in parties.

4) Mid-rise Jeans

flattering clothes for big stomach woman

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Mid-rise jeans hide your excess belly fat.  You will look tall in it and if you look tall then it will look thin on its own.  Wear these jeans in dark color.  It will show your lower part flat.

5) Same color Dress

The dress should not be of very large print, your dress should be of the same color from head to toe.  This will make your waist look comparatively thin.

6) Flared skirt

flattering clothes for big stomach woman

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The shape of the flared skirt is similar to that of a-line skirt.  It has an extra layer at the bottom, making it even more stylish.  Wearing this skirt does not reveal the tummy etc.  Because its layers hide the bulge of the body.

7) Oversize/Baggy Shirts

flattering clothes for big stomach woman

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Yes of course an oversize shirt helps you to hide the bulking parts of your body but always remember that you have to wear an oversized shirt, not a large size. Although there are many other flattering clothes for plus size women, but baggy clothes got no competition. These clothes just do not add a boost to the comfortability factor but it also gives a sense of fashion. Baggy clothes are in trend for the past few years, even popular pot stars like Billie Eilish can be seen flaunting one of these.

8) Boat Neck dress

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A boat neck dress will fall on you.  This will make the shoulders wider and the lower part of the waist thinner.  Boot cut dresses also look good on plus size women. Wear light tops and trousers in dark color.  The belly fat can be hidden through this. Wearing a halterneck and some deep necklines will make you look good.

9) Short heel footwear

flattering clothes for big stomach woman

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Besides the flattering clothes for plus size women, we could also shift our focus on cute footwear! If you have a curvaceous body and are worried whether heels are appropriate for a plus size body, well to put it simply, the answer is yes! of course, you can add a hint of fashion to your feet by putting on some cute short heels!

You Can wear peep toes and pointed heels.  Wearing them will make the thick legs look thinner and it will be comfortable too. Although avoid wearing too high of a heel as it may result in back pain and discomfort.

10) Short sleeve Dress /Cross over a T-shirt

flattering clothes for big stomach woman

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This will help you to manage heavy breasts. If the arms are too thick, avoid wearing a cut or mega sleeve.  Wear dresses with at least three fourth sleeves.  This will not show the fat of arms

11) Strechable Jeans or straight trouser

flattering clothes for big stomach woman

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Wear a small print dress whose base color is dark.  Stretchable jeans are the best option to hide a thick belly.  Instead of wearing loose-fitting clothes, wear straight trousers.

Always be honest, the most important thing is your self-confidence if you wear anything but if you lack your self-confidence nothing will look better on you so always keep in mind that whatever you wear always wear a smile on your face and have self-confidence.

12) The Statement Necklace with the Skirt Set

Do not be ashamed of your flaws and drape yourself in a long skirt and tight top. Add statement jewelry with your outfit and choose light colors. Your curves will lighten you up.

13) The Hammer Pants and Palazzo

You can never be too large for wearing a cute top with hammer pants or palazzos. These are one of the most flattering clothes for plus size women around because these pants fit women irrespective of their body shape and they are also stylish in nature.

Hacks For Flattering Your Curvy Looks

To rock the floor with your curvy body you should remember some tips and follow them.

  1. Choose dresses that wrap around you. This will make you look smart and bossy with your attire.
  2. Make the black colour your best friend when it comes to wearing clothes. Black goes with all skin colors and it will make you look elegant.
  3. Wear a belly belt to reduce your belly fat. This is very easy to put on and makes your body feel completely in shape.
  4. If you’re wearing crop tops, layer them with structured jackets. It will not only hide the fact that you’re fat but also look stylish on you.

If you have a fear that your belly looks fat with every outfit, then choose a tummy tucker because it will flatter your curves and accentuate them eventually.

 Best Clothing Brands for Plus Size Women

Nowadays all sites provide dresses in plus sizes. Some specific sites which have a good reputation are


It is a fashion brand from London and it has 10000+ trendy women’s clothes and styles.


It is a Spanish fashion brand that contains fast fashion products and accessories like shoes, perfumes and makeup products.


It is a Swedish multinational clothing brand which is very popular for men, women and kids clothing.


It is an American brand that has a lot of women’s clothing and accessories.


Vero Moda is an international brand that was launched in 1987. It deals in feminine clothing and accessories.

You can refer to any of them as they showcase models which are plus-sized so that your confidence gets boosted up when you go for the dress.

9 Popular Plus Size Models in the World

1) Kate Wasley


Age:- 27 years old

Nationality:- Australia

She rose to fame through her social media content on body positivity with her friend. She boosted up the confidence that modeling is also for the curvy thick girls. She removed the stereotypical thought of just straight slim girls making their way into modeling. Now, Kate Wasley is internationally shooting for the magazine of Sports Illustrated this year.

2) Paloma Elsaesser


Age:- 28 years old

Nationality:- London

Born in London, she rose to fame after appearing in the shoot for the Glossier Billboards. She spreads body positivity with every single shoot that she does. She is recognised as the face of Fenty Beauty and has also appeared on one of the pages of the US vogue.

3) Tara Lynn 


Age: 35 years old

Nationality:- American

She is one of the top plus size models who got the spotlight in 2011 by appearing on the vogue Italia’s famous plus size editorial board. She supports all women in embracing their natural figure and the concept of self-love.

4) Candice Huffine


Age:- 33 years old

Nationality:- American

After competing with other women in beauty pageants, Precious Lee refused to reduce her body weight for modeling when people asked her to do so. It was because of her exuberance and courage that she could spread body positivity with full confidence.

5) Precious Lee


Age: 29 years old

Nationality: American

She was the first black plus size model to get featured on the cover page of the American vogue. She inspires people with her body positivity thoughts and advocates people to believe in diversity irrespective of their age, race, and gender. To her, embracing yourself is very much required, so you should love yourself first.

6) Tess Holliday


Age: 35 years old

Nationality: American

She is a mother of two and an advocate representative of the fashion industry. She took a stand for herself when people called her unhealthy due to her body size. She feels proud of her body and thinks that your body size can never define your profession of becoming a model.

7) Clementine Desseaux


Age: 30 years old

Nationality: French

She is also a plus size model who spreads body positivity and also blogs on her YouTube channel. She has started the “all women project”. This project has been started to change the fact that models with high popularity always have to be thin and slim. She is on the list of the top 10 plus size models of the world.

8) Iskra Lawrence


Age: 27 years old

Nationality: Britain

She uses her social media platform to promote the concept of body positivity and also that everything that you see on social media is not true. She also has a lot of youtube channels like EveryBODYwithIskra where she posts videos on workouts and inspires aspiring plus size models. She is plus sized and she feels that plus size modeling is an experience of liberation. She also spreads body positivity and is an inspiration to all who want to be a model with their plus size figure.

9) Jennie Runk


Age: 28 years old

Nationality: American

She became a prominent figure in the US vogue 2005 issue of shape and spread the message that it’s beautiful to be different. She has also written a piece for the BBC stating that shape diversity is okay in modeling and it is completely acceptable in modeling fields.

FAQ Related to Clothes for Plus Size Women :

What Style Looks Best on Plus Size women?

There is no particular style for plus size women, but they look good when they put on some loose baggy clothes. They’re comfortable and look cute on plus size women.

Are Big Prints Slimming?

Prints and patterns play different perspectives with volume when they are tried. Large and horizontal prints increase volume whereas small and vertical prints decrease the volume.

Do High-Waisted Jeans Make You Look Thinner?

High-waisted jeans reduce your belly fat by perfectly fitting in. They compress your belly and make you look thinner. Therefore many plus size women wear them so that their belly does not make a bulging effect when they put on their tops.

What Colors do Plus Size Women Wear?

Plus size women are recommended to wear black or dark-colored clothes. They look very good and stylish in dark colors. Also, dark colors make them look attractive and solid. It is seen that most of the plus size women prefer wearing dark colors.


In conclusion, we would like to say that, do not let your body size restrict you from wearing what you want. You should always love yourself and your body. Always be honest, the most important thing is your self-confidence if you wear anything but if you lack your self-confidence nothing will look better on you so always keep in mind that whatever you wear always wear a smile on your face and have self-confidence. Add to add on your confidence we have already given 15 flattering clothes for plus size women! So, we would love to know if this article was helpful to you and please let us know your views and recommendations about it.

Thank you!

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