Fixed error, “Please Wait for a Few Minutes” on Instagram

How does it feels to get interrupted by an error while using social media? And the most common error is ‘ Please wait for a few minutes ‘on Instagram. But you are always confused about how to fix this and get back on Instagram. No worries, fixing this error is an easy task. Going through the below information would give you an idea of how to do so.

Quick Takeaways

  • Suspicious activities from any account make Instagram mistakes as an internet not.
  • Errors on Instagram occur as Instagram is concerned about it being automated and users’ privacy
  • Regaining Instagram access required users to wait for some time.

However, you must go through the below information to know more about ‘Please wait for a few minutes’ error on Instagram.

Fixing Instagram error “Please wait for a few minutes” on Instagram

Internet bots have been a major problem Instagram has been dealing with for a long time. Bots are the accounts that are on Instagram running with minimal human input. These accounts may perform multiple activities at the same point in time, such as following multiple at the same time, liking various posts, and even commenting on different posts.

Fixed error," Please Wait for a Few Minutes" on Instagram

These bots may somehow be beneficial for providing customers with news updates but can be misused like spamming and even doing an irrelevant conversation with the accounts.

 When you sometimes log in to your Instagram account and then immediately log out, Instagram detects this as suspicious activity and thinks it is done by a bot. Which is why it blocks your access to your account immediately. If this happens, you might get to access your Instagram account only after some time. Instagram does this to maintain users’ privacy and protect itself from automation.

But the time for which you get logged out is only decided by Instagram. Many users have been logged out and were able to log back in immediately. Some users have also been logged out for more than two days. While some users were never able to log back again.

If this happens to you, you must know how to log in to your Instagram successfully.

Another reason why you are encountering the error of, ‘Please wait for a few Minutes’ on Instagram could be because of the long stored caches. Caches are the data stored by Instagram on our device to improve the functioning of the app. The Caches help to reduce the loading time on Instagram and store data at once which needs to be downloaded multiple times. Therefore, it is a vital step to clear the caches from time to time. Some other errors that are caused by the caches are The story being unavailable, Instagram stories repeating errors, Instagram photos can’t be posted, Instagram stories not uploading, and Unable to reply to a specific message on Instagram.

How to fix it?

  • Changing IP address

When Instagram logs you out, your IP address is immediately blocked by Instagram. Therefore, when you change your mobile network, your IP address changes and this helps in logging back to your Instagram account. For example, if you are using your mobile data, switching it to Wi-Fi would change your IP address. If you find that you cannot log in even after changing to the mobile network and even wifi, you should try using a hotspot from another device.

  • Removing any third-party app

Nowadays, Instagram has several other third-party applications. These allow the users to connect with Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms and share their photos, life events, and also videos with friends and family. Many other apps allow the users to even see who unfollowed them. These third-party apps ask users to log in to their Instagram by using them. Any attempt to log in to Instagram through any third-party app makes Instagram find it suspicious, and it thinks that it is a bot trying to log in. As soon as Instagram finds any suspicious login, it blocks access to that particular account. The best way to solve this problem is to disable any third-party app that hinders and violates Instagram privacy. Below are some steps with which you can stop any third-party app accessing your Instagram:

Through your desktop.

  1. Open your Instagram then go to the ‘more’ option.
  2. After that, go to the settings.
  3. A list will pop up, click on ‘ app and websites’.
  4. Now you will be able to see a list of third-party apps. From there you can delete the third party apps.

Through your Instagram app

  1. Open your Instagram on your mobile device.
  2. Click your profile picture at the right bottom corner.
  3. Tap on the three lines icon on the right corner at the top of your screen.
  4. Go to settings and then security.
  5. Now go to apps and websites. From here, you can remove access to third-party apps.
  • Using a VPN app
Fixed error," Please Wait for a Few Minutes" on Instagram

VPN is known as a virtual private network. It is an app that would keep any of your online activity private. While using it for Instagram, it would change the IP address. This would help you to use Instagram without even letting Instagram know about your activity. Also, Instagram would never be able to detect your actual IP address. 

Reinstalling the Instagram app

Many times, occurring errors can be fixed when you reinstall certain apps. This error on Instagram could also be fixed if you uninstall and then reinstall your Instagram app. This is one of the easiest ways to fix this problem.

  • Waiting for some time to regain access

If you are trying to log in to your Instagram repeatedly, Instagram would be suspicious of this activity and would suggest you wait for some time before trying again.

How to prevent ‘ Please wait a few minutes on your Instagram?

Fixed error," Please Wait for a Few Minutes" on Instagram

Avoid logging into your Instagram again and again. This would make Instagram suspicious about your activity rather than fixing it. Many people think the best way to fix this error is to constantly try logging in but this would only increase the time you have to wait till you regain your access. Therefore, you must wait for some time to get your access to Instagram back rather than permanently blocking it.

Another way to prevent this error is to never use Instagram through any public network. Public networks are a hub for spammers that are ready to hack your Instagram access. Public networks are never a safe option as they can risk your Instagram access. You must always use your mobile network to keep your Instagram safe.


There can be many reasons behind the error ‘Please wait for a few minutes on Instagram’. Maybe Instagram is preventing itself from being automated because of Internet bots. Keeping Instagram privacy in mind, it suspects any suspicious actions from users and detects it as an internet bot due to which you may encounter this error. Another reason could be long-stored caches. If caches are not cleared from time to time, they may turn into junk files making the loading time of the app and device slower. If you do not want to encounter this problem on Instagram, you can follow the above fixes and they will definitely work for you.


How long do I have to wait when Instagram says to try again later?

In many cases, users were able to log in immediately after the error occurred and in a few cases users found the error fixed after two or three days.

Why does Instagram shows Please wait for a few minutes.

Instagram detects some unusual activity on some accounts that it thinks might be bots and temporarily blocks the IP address of those accounts. This means they would have to wait for some time to regain access to their Instagram account.

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