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What Are Minions?

Minions are the male species of fictional yellow creatures appearing in Illumination’s Despicable Me series. They are characterized by childlike behavior and almost incomprehensible speech.

Minions are the male species of fictional yellow creatures from the Illumination series Despicable me. They have been been been characterized by ‘s child-like behavior and almost incomprehensible speech.

Minions are ferocious, naive creatures that are similar in size and shape but are distinguished by their height, several eyes, roundness, or secondary characteristics such as hair, eye/pupil size, and clothing.

It has its distinctive features. There are hundreds of minions, but they vary in height and build (short and chubby, medium, tall and skinny), hair (large buzz cut, short buzz cut, sprouts, comb, spread), and eyes.

One-eyed minions are most often medium-sized, but larger one-eyed minions appear in promotional artwork.


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About Minion Goggles….

There are many easy ways to make minion goggles or goggles to match your Despicable Me minion costume. Their goggles (one or both eyes) are perhaps one of the Minion’s most famous features. We don’t know why minions wear special goggles.

They must have pretty bad eyesight or play a lot of pranks (as seen in movies and short films). Therefore, you should protect your eyes.

Of course, no yellow minion costume or evil purple minion costume is complete without signature goggles or goggles, which might be their coolest costume accessory.

Material Required To DIY Minion Goggles

•Grey/Black Felt Small

•Canning Ring

•White/Black Elastic

•Scissors Hot Glue Gun

•Glue Stick Stapler

•Mini Nuts

•Stationary-Ruler, Pencil, Black Craft Paper, Silver Craft Paint, and Paintbrush.


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How To Use Items To DIY Minion Goggles

  • Measure a 1″ x 4″ strip for each pouch/jar on black paper. Apply plenty of glue to the felt and stick the paper on it. Let dry for 5 minutes. Cut the strip, fold it in half and place the paper inside.
  • Measure your child’s head from ear to ear and add her 3-4 inches to this number. Cut the elastic strips to the same length. 5. Place the rubber edge over the felt edge and bast 6-7 times. Stop just before the crease.
  • Apply hot glue to the inner half of the paper/felt ribbon and the outside of the ring. Gently press the paper inside and outside the ring. 7. Now that the staples are visible inside, glue a small piece of felt to the elastic to cover them. repeat.
  • Glue two mini nuts to the top and bottom of each ring. Mine was dark grey, so I painted it light silver. Let it dry. Your glasses are ready.

Basic Minion Goggle Creation Steps

  • Making one or two lens goggles look like your favorite minion is fairly easy if you follow a few basic steps. To make glasses you will need a lens or lens frame.
  • The lens frame (outside of the glasses) can be made from cardboard tubes, poster mailers, Styrofoam cups, mason jar ribbons, and 2.5 to 3-inch lock nuts. silver coloring.
  • If the lens is not already silver (mason jar band, lock nut, etc.), it should be silvered with paint, spray paint, or Silver/Chrome Duck Tape®. You can also wrap the lentils in aluminum foil.
  • Goggle strap. 1-inch black elastic black strap, strap with buckle or black thread. For a more two-piece effect, use two 1/2″ elastics. attachment.
  • You can use glue gun glue (hot glue), staples, grommets (not recommended for children), or twine to attach the lenses and then attach the lenses to the strap. additional decorative screw.
  • If you want to add more detail to the edges of the minion eyeglass frames, you can add silver screws (no painting required) or vinyl bumpers/pads (painting required) to the edges in 6-8 places.


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How to DIY Minion Goggles Stepwise

5 Easy Ways to Make Goggles Including Making with –

  1.  Cardboard Tube
  2.  Roll paper
  3.  Glass ribbon
  4.  Paper
  5. yarn & bottle

Cardboard tube

  • Make big goggles out of cardboard tubes. Old cardboard tubes, especially large ones, are a great material for making big minion goggles.
  • You can find cardboard tubes in many places and recycle or up-cycle them into costume goggles.
  • Lens Frame – A roll of toilet paper cut into 1/2 or 1-inch rounds. Dye – Silver Craft Paint, Spray Paint, Foil, or Duck Tape.
  • Strap/Band – 1-inch black elastic Fixation – hot glue or staples.
  • Find a cardboard tube. can be found as a postal tube or poster postal tube.
  • Cardboard Ring- Made from used masking tape or Ducktape®. A cardboard tube made from cotton or bamboo thread
  • Once you have your tube, decide how many lenses you want to make – one-eyed minion or two-eyed minion. Cut the tube to the thickness required for the lens (usually 1/2 to 1 inch) and paint or cover with foil or Silver/Chrome Duck Tape.
  • If you want to make a twin-lens google for the Minion, you’ll need to attach the two lens frames using hot glue or a stapler (if you can staple them onto cardboard).
  • Customise your Minion goggles by attaching bands or straps.


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 Paper rolls

  • As a variation using cardboard tubes, use toilet paper rolls to create the outer lens frames of the goggles, paint them and attach them to the straps or glue or staple them together.
  • If you want your kids to help you make costumes, this version is a good recycling project and kid-friendly.
  • Since these goggles are smaller and more decorative, we recommend putting these smaller goggles over a yellow beanie like Marie from Make and Takes does as part of her Despicable Me Minion costume.
  • The materials you will need are: Lenticular Frame – A roll of toilet paper cut into 1/2 or 3/4 inch rounds. Dyeing – Silver Craft Paint, Spray Paint, Foil, or Chrome Duck Tape.
  • Strap/Band – 1-inch black elastic. Fixation – hot glue or staples
  • Decide whether you need one or two lens frames. Next, cut the toilet tube to the thickness required for the lens. Usually 1/2 to 3/4 inch. Hand or spray paint the frame grey or cover it with chrome-plated Duck Tape.
  • The advantage of using tape on the toilet paper core is that the thicker the tape, the more stable the frame.
  • (Foil or Intertape is a good, kid-friendly option for covering a roll of cardboard) Attach the two lens frames with hot glue or staples if you are making twin eye goggles for the Minion (A stapler should work on the thinner side). cardboard).
  • Customize your Minion goggles by attaching bands or straps.


Mason jar bands

  • One of the smartest ideas for recycling or up-cycling goggles is to use the outer band of a mason jar, also known as a mason jar.
  • These lid bands may be something you have around your house (or your grandmother’s house) in case anyone is still eating canned food. Like lids, you can find them with just lids and ties.
  • This pair of glasses requires the same material Frame more fore projects.
  • Lens Frame for  – LED Tape all brands. Coloring – Not required as the glass band is silver.
  • Strap/Band – Nylon strap + buckle or 11-inch black elastic. Attachments – hot glue or grommets.
  • The biggest challenge with this style is figuring out how to connect the two lid bands. Playing with Laura Erickson from Scissors, we attached the two lid straps with a handy grommet tool. This is not a kid’s craft as the grommets will have sharp edges.
  • Her other way to connect the frames is by hot gluing the lid straps together, as shown by her in the video.
  • Make a strap or headband using nylon straps and buckles (follow Laura’s instructions). Jar Straps, Glue Gun Glue, and Black Elastics do a great job.
  • Demonstrates how to make goggles using Mason Jar Straps, Black Elastics, and a ton of glue gun glue. You’ll have to watch until 6:00 to see her making mason jar lid jars.
  • If you want to see the rest, you can see her in her minion costume.


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  • For both Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2, printable yellow minion goggles were available on their site as a PDF file to download.
  • These printable goggles have been some of the best ways to get single-eye goggles and to get minion goggles for free (other than the price of printing on paper or cardstock).
  • Lens(es) frames – printed on paper. Coloring – already on the paper Strap/Band – printed on paper Attachment – glue or staples
  • With these printables you can download, print onto cardstock and assemble into your pair of single-eye or dual-eye minion goggles.
  • You might even just want to use the goggle eye part and attach them to black elastic with glue, tape, or staples.
  • we think that the goggles may have been taken down in anticipation of The Minion Movie, so I found copies and put them here as jpg images to print out.
  • To use the download, set it to full page and print it on paper or card stock. Cut along the edge. Pay attention to the little circles printed inside the eyes and cut them out so you can see them through the paper glasses.
  • To make the paper minion glasses more durable, glue them to construction paper before cutting them out. Alternatively, simply attach the lens portion to the black rubber band with glue, tape, or clips.
  • To use the download, set it to full page and print it on paper or card stock. Cut along the edge. Pay attention to the little circles printed inside the eyes and cut them out so you can see them through the paper glasses.
  • To make the paper minion glasses more durable, glue them to construction paper before cutting them out. Alternatively, simply attach the lens portion to the black rubber band with glue, tape, or clips.


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Yarn and water

Crochets will be delighted to discover the Minion Glasses crochet pattern.

  • Lens Frame – Grey Yarn
  • Lens – plastic bottle (for lens glass
  • Dyeing – is not required as it is included in the yarn
  • Strap/tape – black thread
  • Attachments – Sewing Threads
  • We found two different crochet patterns online, one for knitted hats.
  • The first version is knitted with grey and black yarn from Amigurti. She cuts off the bottom of a large soda bottle to add a glass “glass” to the design.
  • Free minion goggle patterns are available on the Ambiguity website.
  • The second version was made for the whole crochet minion, this version of her Stephani from All About Ami (Amigurumi) is a very detailed image tutorial.
  • Check out her photo to see how she assembled the minion glasses for her crocheted Despicable Me.
  • Despicable of hers for free on her All About Ami site Find the Me Minion pattern. The knit version is glasses knitted into a yellow beanie hat.
  • This Minion Hat (with goggles) was designed by Maura Houston. The goggles have white knitted lenses, so they don’t work well as stand-alone goggles, but they work well as a beanie.


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Why does Minion need Goggles?

Without the glasses, the Servant’s vision is blurred. When one of his Servants lost his glasses due to a purple Servant, he couldn’t see properly. That seems to be the reason for wearing goggles.

 Why are Minions so popular?

In this overheated situation, minions act as clumsy cultural mediators, playfully uncovering differences and similarities. Their enigma makes Minions the ideal globalist product.

Is Minion a Disney film?

Minions is a 2015 American computer-animated comedy film produced by Illumination Entertainment and distributed by Universal Pictures. This is a spin-off/prequel and his third installment in the entire Despicable Me franchise.

What’s the language of Minions?

Minions or minion language or called banana language.


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