Your Step-by-Step Guide: Discord Notification Won’t Go Away

You think you’re technologically repressive but are you as technologically regressive as me? Probably not.

Because a year ago now I didn’t know what discord was until my first roommate from college introduced it to me and since then, there’s been no going back.

Discord is one of the best platforms to chat via voice, video, or text and build or join an online community. It is quite famous among gamers and to be honest, is quite easy to use too. Are you facing the problem Discord Notification Won’t Go Away?

Joining discord is as easy as logging into your Instagram account. You just have to download the app on your device or use the service on your desktop browser and from there you can simply join any server by searching or creating one or accepting the invite.

If you’re using the free version of the app then you can join as many as 100 servers while paid users can join 200.

Discord even lets you customize the notifications of the servers and assign yourself a new nickname for every server that you join.

Though sometimes using Discord can be quite tricky because of several problems, the most prominent of them being discord notifications not working.

More often than not people complain that their discord notification won’t go away no matter what they tried.

In that case, we are here to help and suggest solutions for when your discord notification won’t go away. So, let’s get started.

Why Discord Notification Won’t Go Away?

Even though you don’t have any pending messages from any DMs or servers, you aren’t even ghosting anyone and have null friend requests still the Discord icon will keep showing notifications and it’s driving you crazy since you can’t understand why.

Your brain is clouded by the same thought over and over again, “why Discord notification won’t go away” honestly, the answer is pretty simple. It can be because of two reasons.

Either someone texted or pinged you and then upon overthinking decided to unsend it hence, the notification or it might just be a recurring glitch that happens occasionally without any input from you or your friends whatsoever.

How To Fix a Discord Notification?

There are some ways in which you can get rid of this problem of, “discord notification won’t go away”,.

You can try clearing the cache for starters and see if that works. If it doesn’t then, you can leave all of the hubs that you have joined. At this point, I think your problem has been solved already but if it still hasn’t then, I guess you’re one of the unlucky ones who just aren’t in the good books of Discord.

Now, you can try turning off your Discord notifications from the settings and see if that is of any help. If it isn’t, then I guess it is time to use the antibiotic.

Simply, log out of Discord on your phone, force stop the app and delete all of your app data. Clear cache afterward. Then, you can relaunch Discord and log in again. Your problem should be solved by now.

What Does It Mean When Discord Says You Have A Message?

Discord Notification Won’t Go Away
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Sometimes users can even receive a message from the company itself which is known as a discord system message which they mostly send to alert you regarding an account issue which can range from payment issues to violation warnings.

Now, obviously, discord messages can also come from your DMs or the various servers that you have joined but if you don’t have any from them and still your notification says that you do and that discord notification won’t go away,

then maybe it’s a glitch or system problem as explained in the above section and you should get rid of it as soon as possible.

Does Discord Show Who Deleted A Message?

Discord Notification Won’t Go Away
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No, currently Discord is not that evolved to show you who deleted a message even if you have admin powers over the channel the message emerged from but that doesn’t mean you can’t work your way around it.

You can find the logs of deleted messages by using a web plug-in. Though it won’t show the deleted messages of the past, you can see them in the future. Just follow the simple steps :

  • Download the Better Discord application first.
  • Then, download Message Logger V2.
  • Then, open Discord on your desktop and select settings.
  • Select “Plug-ins” from the Better Discord section and then click “Open Plug-ins.”
  • In a separate window, open the folder you saved Message Logger V2 to when you downloaded it.
  • Drag the Message Logger V2 plug-in into the Plug-ins folder on Discord. Switch on the “Toggle” to activate the plug-in.
  • If you get a warning about missing libraries, click “Download Now” to install.
  • Now, enable the “XenoLib” and “ZeresPlug-inLibrary.”
  • Right-click on the server’s name that you wish to monitor. When the navigation window appears, select “Message Logger.” Then, click on “Open Logs” and then the “Clear log” button. Now, you’ll be able to see the deleted messages.

Why Can’t I React To Messages On Discord?

You might be facing the problem of not reacting to your Discord messages. It might just be a system glitch or something bigger. Whatever it might be, we have a solution to your problem.

You’ll first need to ensure that your reaction settings are enabled. If they are and still the problem persists then, maybe that the server you’re using doesn’t allow you to react to messages.

If that is so we can’t do much about it.  Sometimes, Discord might not be refreshing and your reactions are not visible to you. You can solve that by simply typing Ctrl + R. Also, make sure that you are using a device that completely supports Discord.


Why does my Discord say I have a notification but I don’t?

The answer can be either of the two. Either someone deleted the text they sent you or unpinned you on Discord or your system is glitching. It can be either of the two and can be solved by reading the article above.

How do I get rid of ghost notifications on Discord?

You can achieve that by either refreshing your discord window or by submitting a bug report.

How to get rid of the red dot on my Discord?

Under the Settings menu click on Notifications. Once you’re there, click on the switch beside the Enable Unread Message Badge menu. This will disable your notifications implying that you’ll get rid of that red dot forever.

What is the meaning of the red dot in Discord?

That red dot in Discord means that you might have some unread messages.


Discord is quite a fun app to hang out with your friends or community on and we hope that the minute problems that you faced are now solved especially the one involving you constantly fretting about “why my discord notification won’t go away?”

If you still feel that the problem hasn’t been taken care of, you can contact us. Thank you!

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