Negative ghost rider | What Does It Mean? Everything You Need To Know

Negative Ghost Rider

Negative ghost rider! Top gun? Don’t know about the Negative ghost rider phrase, or have some confusion about the top gun? No problem when I’m here. It all started with top gun, 1986. We all have to admit that it is just a phrase not of our time but one of the most savage Phrases … Read more

I Am Inevitable: 10 Things You Need To know About this super amazing dialogue

i am inevitable

THANOS, I AM INEVITABLE! SO WHAT? WE HAVE IRON MAN! The most famous dialogue from the most loved superhero movie, AVENGERS: ENDGAME said by the most loved or hatred villain who does not require any introduction. Yes, you guessed it right, it was said by mighty “THANOS”, a humongous alien, dangerous and powerful and very … Read more

Do you have any clue that Do cigarettes expire? Or cigarettes expire us?

It is a common question that, like Wine and whiskey, does cigarettes also taste better with time or do cigarettes expire? Do cigarettes expire?   THIS IS THE QUESTION, EITHER A SMOKER OR NON SMOKER WANTS TO KNOW! Well, several funny memes are going viral on the internet about this topic. CIGARETTES DON’T EXPIRE, BUT … Read more

Blunt Top 11 Fashion Designers In India 2022 | I Am Sure You Know The 2nd One

In this blog post, you are going to know about the top 11 fashion designers in India 2022. In modern times, Fashion designing is one of the most desirable works and youngsters have a great craze for this. 1st of all, one must know what is the work of fashion designer, Generally we can say … Read more