Catch Can You Hide Your Snapchat Score | Let’s Explore 2022 Edition

Snapchat is a famous social media platform used by various people. The working pattern of this app is very unique and different from other social media apps like Facebook or Instagram.

Facebook owner wants to occupy Snapchat but this proposal was denied by Snapchat’s owner. If you are one of its users, you may hear about the terms, snap score, and streaks.

can you hide your snapchat score
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This is a unique gaming model of the app. Two people make streaks with one another and send them a picture of what they are doing.

You cannot hide your Snapchat score from your friends because it is displayed on your profile. But don’t worry, you can limit who can see your profile by hiding your Snapchat score from individuals you aren’t friends with. Here’s how.

Many people don’t know the purpose of the snap score. Also, some people have this query that can you hide your Snapchat score? So, we will cover all these facts and queries in this article.

What Is Snapchat Score?

Snapchat awards its most devoted users in the form of points. Although they may have little value to some people, they have been highly successful in increasing users’ engagement with the app.

can you hide your snapchat score
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Some users feel that these factors are crucial since they demonstrate how socially active a person is. Additionally, a high Snapchat score shows that a person prefers Snapchat above other forms of communication.

For some people, it is a sign of achievement.


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Why Hide Your Snapchat Score?

Before answering this question about that can you hide your Snapchat score or not you should know why to do so. Some people don’t want to show their Snapchat scores to everyone.

Yes, this is true. You may be wondering why people do this. Snapchat score depicts that you actively participate in interactions with people on this social media platform, then why there is a need to hide this?

can you hide your snapchat score
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Hide your snap score as one method of preventing stalkers from contacting you. In the end, if you keep your snap score a secret from someone, they won’t be aware of your snap activity.

In other words, it will stop someone from finding out how many snaps a day you send. This helps you to maintain your privacy.

How To Hide Your Snapchat Score

Your Snapchat score can only be seen by your friend. It means both the person must be friends with one another if they want to see each other’s snap score.

Unfortunately, Snapchat does not offer any privacy option related to Snap score but if a person is not your friend, he will not be able to see your Snap score.

can you hide your snapchat score
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Although, Snapchat offers you with Contact Me option that able you to decide who can send you a snap, chat, or call on Snapchat. From this, you may get the idea that removing or blocking a friend will help you to hide your Snapchat score.

Now let us learn step-wise step how can you hide your Snapchat score from someone.

Removing or Blocking a Friend 

  1. Select the Chat page button. In the bottom left corner of the program, there is a message box icon. By doing so, you’ll be directed to the Chat page, where you can delete a friend. You can keep a buddy from seeing your Snapchat score by removing them. Be aware that while doing this will restrict how frequently they view your profile, it won’t entirely hide it from them.
  2. Press and hold the friend’s name. This will provide a menu of choices.
  3. Select Manage Friendship.
  4. Depending on your preference, tap Remove Friend or Block. As a result, both you and the friend will be taken from each other’s friend lists.

Modify Profile Visibility 

  1. Select “Profile” from the menu. It is your avatar image located in the upper-left corner of the Chat, Camera or Stories pages. Using this technique, you can restrict who can view your profile by configuring your privacy settings. Users who are not your friends won’t be able to see your Snapscore because there is no way to make it disappear from your profile.
  2. Select “Settings” from the menu. On the profile page, it is the gear icon in the upper right corner.
  3. Go to “Privacy Controls” by scrolling.
  4. Modify the privacy options. The following options will restrict who can view your profile. A setting to conceal a Snapscore is not yet available. This is a fantastic method to use Snapchat safely.


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How To See The Snapchat Score Of Someone

We have already discussed this above in the article that two-person need to be friends to see each other’s snap score.

So, if you want to see someone’s snap score make sure that you both are friends. Follow the steps given below:

  • To check someone’s score, start a discussion with them.
  • From your messages or the conversations you’ve had with this person, tap on their profile symbol.
  • In the profile box that displays view their rating. It will be at the top, next to their username.

Your Snapchat score is only visible to people you have added as friends and who have added you as friends. They cannot view your Snapchat score if you added them as a friend but they didn’t add you back.

Similarly, you cannot check someone’s Snapchat score if you add them as a friend but do not add them back. Both parties must add each other as friends on Snapchat in order to view each other’s snap scores. If not, neither party will be able to see the other’s score. The space under your username will be empty if someone hits your Snapchat profile and searches for you but isn’t friends with you. So you won’t need to be concerned about someone else finding out your snap score.

How Does Snapchat Score Works

You can see how active you are on Snapchat by looking at your score. Your score will increase as you engage with other users, contribute material, and watch videos.

It differs from the “like” option you’ll find on many social networking sites in that it doesn’t indicate how well-liked your material is.

can you hide your snapchat score
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The most comparable comparison is a forum post count score, which assesses a user’s degree of activity. Snapchat Score is a “just for fun” function with no real-world use.

No matter how high your score, you won’t receive any extra benefits or added features, nor will anybody pay you anything.

Does Your Snapchat Score Reset Every Year

There is no such case that your Snapchat score is reset every year. Snapchat score tells the activity status of a person. Every individual user has a different snap score.

It can never be reset to 0 until some bug occurs. Each time a user sends or gets a Snap, Snapchat Score is refreshed. When a person views their score, it ought to rise right away after sending or receiving a Snap.

But sometimes it takes hours or even days for a friend’s Snapchat Score to change for others who are seeing it.


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Does Ghost Mode Hide Your Snap Score

No, Snapchat’s Ghost Mode won’t conceal your snap rating. It will, however, prevent individuals you are friends with from seeing where you are right now.

Using the choices included in Snapchat’s settings, you may disable the ghost mode or temporarily hide your position. We have already discussed above that you must either unfriend the individual or ban them on Snapchat to hide your Snapchat score.

can you hide your snapchat score
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This is because users can only view each other’s snap scores if they have both added each other as friends. Unfortunately, there isn’t a Snapchat privacy feature that lets you keep your snap score a secret from other users.

So, ghost mode does not hide your snap score from someone.

Why Can’t You See Your Friend’s Snap Score?

The short answer to this is no, they are not your Snapchat buddy. If you have added them and can see their profile, they have either never added you or have likely removed you from their Friends list.

For instance, if you last checked their scores and remembered seeing them, but you can’t locate them right now, it means they unfriended you.

can you hide your snapchat score
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If you remember not seeing someone’s Snapchat score even after adding them, this indicates that they did not add you back.

You won’t be able to access someone’s Snapchat scores or view their profile if they block you or deactivate their account, in addition to unfriending you.

You can check the status next to someone’s username in your chat list to see if they removed you from their list of friends on Snapchat. If the status reads “Pending,” it signifies that the other person has unfriended you. Additionally, if you visit their profile, you won’t be able to check their Snapchat score. Instead, there will be nothing there under their account.


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Can You Create a Fake Snap Score? 

You can add arbitrary celebrities on Snapchat and send them many photos if you want to enhance your Snapchat score. You may quickly raise your Snapchat ranking using this strategy without needing to submit any snaps to your pals.

Your snap rating will swiftly increase if you snap at famous people. You can send snaps to the same group of recipients that you previously sent one to by using the “Last Snap” option.

The best way to appear to have photographed a lot of people on Snapchat is by doing this. A different option is to add oneself to Snapchat and send many photos to yourself. Your snap score will also rise if you send yourself snaps.

What Is The Highest Snapchat Score

For chatting and having fun with our pals, Snapchat is the finest app. The account Dion-19 scored 61 million, which is the highest Snap Score ever. The highest snap score for 2021 and the person with the highest snap score worldwide will now be obvious to spectators.

Young people sometimes want streaks to compete with their peers or to show that they are close friends with a particular contact.

can you hide your snapchat score

But if they think that others have closer friendships than they do, they can feel under pressure to respond constantly, which might lower their self-esteem.

This is so interesting to know that the one with the highest snap score has no special benefits. The person with the highest score and the person with the lowest score, both lie at the same level.

BONUS: How To Increase Your Snapscore! 

Although there isn’t a surefire way to raise your Snapchat score, the following advice will assist you nonetheless:

  1. Keep up Snapstreaks

Your Snapchat score is determined by taking into account the quantity of Snaps you have sent and received, as well as your Stories and other variables. It is evident that sending and receiving more Snaps will help you improve your Snapchat score instead of looking for tricks. Maintaining Snapchat Streaks is a great approach to achieving this. Considering that maintaining a Snapstreak necessitates sending each other a Snap at least once every 24 hours, you can naturally boost your Snapchat score with no effort.

  1. Send snaps to a number of friends at once

I advise you to send the Snap to several individuals at once to keep them updated on Snapchat rather than sending them one at a time or adding them to your Story. This gives you the opportunity to swiftly raise your Snapchat score and win more bonus points. Sending a Snap to 10 users at once might get you 11 points, thus using this method will help you improve your Snapchat score.

  1. Expand Your Friend List

Ask for their Snapcode if you have friends you’re not connected to on Snapchat so you can add them. You can interact with more people and give and receive Snaps in this method, which raises your Snapchat rating.

  1. Use the App Frequently

It should go without saying that if you use the app more frequently and send Snaps to pals, your chances of raising your Snapscore improve. Since a user’s activity on the platform determines their Snap score, you must utilise the app to raise your score. Additionally, avoid visiting websites that claim to raise your Snapscore while you’re pursuing them. This is because they are frauds intended to defraud you of your money.

Final Wordings

We hope all your doubts have been cleared regarding can you hide your snapchat score. Hiding your Snapchat score is the best option to hide your activity status from someone. We hope Snapchat introduces some features like restrictions on Instagram in future updates so that you don’t need to remove or block someone for ignoring them.


Can you delete your Snapchat score?

You cannot remove your Snapchat score. You may, however, keep it a secret from the individuals you choose by unfriending them or preventing them from viewing your score. Snapchat scores refresh from time to time and keep on increasing.

Can someone stop their snap score from going up on Snapchat?

Naturally, if you don’t use the app, your score won’t improve. Your score will remain the same if you haven’t communicated with someone for several weeks. But occasionally, even if you use the app again, your score won’t improve. When you haven’t used Snapchat recently, this occurs.

Is it possible for your score to decrease?

No, your Snapchat score cannot be dropped. If you recently installed the app and haven’t used it, you can have a score of 0. However, as soon as you start participating, your score always increases. However, occasionally you can notice a decrease in your score.


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