12 Awesome Braid Hairstyles For Men You Need To Try For Sure

Thinking about New haircut mate? What about some BRAID HAIRSTYLES FOR MEN
Sounds odd? Braid hairstyle for men! It’s not odd anymore brother but still, So you are at the correct destination my friend cause the braided hairstyle is a new fashion and looks good as well and you get a lot or enough information about braid hairstyles for men.

The only requirement for having a cool and generous braid hairstyle is definitely not long hairs, it only and only your consent and in up growing world if you’re thinking about a new hairstyle it’s time to turn out hairstyle into a cool badass braid hairstyle which will definitely suit you but not as much it suits on me.. haha! Just kidding, obviously, it will suit you more

Braid hairstyle is a look which loved by many teenagers, middle-aged men as they want something new and braid hairstyles are not new but gives the feel of newness and it looks attractive so it obviously attracts them. And the best part there is a hack of customization available to try out or you can experiment it out too according to your ideas or visualizations.

As someone said braids in the sign of strength and believe me I’m not the one who said this, just acknowledging you that cause in the ancient period, warriors had hairstyle with braids. So now without wasting your precious time let’s get into knowing about 12 awesome braid hairstyles for men.

Braid Hairstyles For Men You Need To Try For Sure

1. Ragnar Lothbrok style / old period style

braid hairstyles for men

Many of you know who is Ragnar Lothbrok, one of the most loved characters of the Viking series, and believe me I’m not promoting it. Ragnar lothbrok look means a clean long hair braid hairstyle with a long beard just like a warrior which he was or we can say this look old period people look or warrior look, a look in which you look different or a different personality or maybe another Ragnar lothbrok or a warrior. But one of the best-braided look you could ever have especially if you are a big man with a big tattoo over armour thinking to have that big tattoo in future

2. Messy hair braid hairstyle

Braid hairstyles for men
There are many people I guess who love Messy hair and or think hair deserves to be messy so it’s time to experiment a little bit, lets make a combo of messy hair and braid, yes! It’s time to bring a revolution so let’s try to bring some revolution in hairstyles too. A simple messy hairs with some braids kickass hairstyle. Just bring out 1-2 or as many braids you want on your existing messy hairstyle

3. Side braids only

Briads hairstyles for menIt is not necessary to have braided all over the top, braids can be customized according to a person’s perspective, and this is one of the cleanest looks you can ever have, a single or double braid on just one side of your hairs and the rest of hairstyle, or it’s like an upgraded version of hairstyle that you want.

4. Both side braids

Braid hairstyles for men

okay, so what about braids on both sides, sounds amazing naa and pretty sure it will look more amazing, both side braids and hairs between them, well arranged and wavy hairs will complement it more, though braids are most important for which you’re here, but definitely a go for hairstyle, and I can say I owe you for suggesting this hairstyle

5. Short hair braids

Braid hairstyles for men

Yes, short hair braids are possible but it totally depends on person to person whether he likes it or not as due to short hair and converting them into braids just expose way too much your scalp, but it is still in fashion and many people like that and in foreign countries, it is way too common, so you can try out this too If you find it suitable for you.

6. universe boss braid style

Braid hairstyles for menWho would deny the fact that the most familiar person with braids that we saw is none other than universe boss Chris gayle, a person admired by many people so what’


s wrong in admiring or copying his braid hairstyle and you can go with a scarf to cover the top just like him, an easy to go hairstyle and only demands the long hair and if you play cricket like “boss” then it becomes a must-have hairstyle

7. Ponytail braid style

Braid hairstyles for men


Well, this is not something new but its the most liked braid hairstyle, braids all over the top of the head continued by a short ponytail at the back, sounds cool and looks cool as well, definitely an option to look if thinking for a braid hairstyle and obviously you’re thinking about that’s why you’re checking this out. Or you can have this hairstyle just for any occasion or festival just to look extraordinary.

8. Partial braid style

Braid hairstyles for men



just in case you’re not sure about braids all over your head or doesn’t find the above-mentioned hairstyle cool or of your type then hope you’ll find this one cool and it turns out to be that one hairstyle you’re looking for. It’s not mandatory to have braided all over the head, sides Naah! A big no! you can turn out some parts of your hair into braids according to yourself, the area of hair which you want as braids, it’s the freedom of this hairstyle or the biggest perk of having this hairstyle, just want to convey ball is still in your court or in short braids are for everyone

9. Clean sides with braids over the top

Braid hairstyles for men

Sounds interesting! Maybe it resembles our last haircut just excluding braids which we don’t have last time, remember when we said hairstylist to totally clean our sides just because they look sexy, and now think to upgrade just turning the top free hairs in which we already loaded tons of wax into quirky perky braids

10. Dutch braids

Braid hairstyles for menQuite resembles with ponytail braids but no, this one is different, this hairstyle is quite common or talk of the town these days as many people and artists own this hairstyle hence it proves this hairstyle is will be so famous and will be so common. Braids over the top available with different customization or you can experiment on that too followed up by a bun on the backside of the head

11. Simple Braids

Braids hairstyles for men

In the race to introduce different types of hairstyles related to braids, I missed out on the existence of simple braids, simple cool easy to do braids over the back of your head and always make your existing ultra cool hairstyle cooler, a trend that now everyone follows and why shouldn’t be followed when a small effort can make you 1000 times sexier.

12. colourful braids

Braid Hairstyles for Men

We all live in such a colourful world, we wear colourful clothes. colourful shoes, colours all over so what’s the problem to add some colours in our hair which is too common but how cool colourful braids will look, go for different colours and experiment it out dude, go for symmetry with braid colours or something super creative which you guys are and if you have simple braid hairstyle just fill up your braids with some colours, lets bet after colours you will love them even more.


As we discussed some major braid hairstyles for men and concluded that if you are ready to do something new with your hairstyle then this blog is quite helpful for you, it introduces some different world of braid hairstyles for men and gives enough information about different braid hairstyles.


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