Best Jeans To Wear With Jordans | The Ultimate Pants For Your Jordans 2022 Edition

When ranking different types of sneakers, Jordans consistently rank as the best. They are a trademark for Michael Jordan, one of the greatest basketball players in the history of the NBA.

The Jordans are the best-selling sneakers today and come in different colors and designs. The average cost of a Jordan is roughly $90, depending on the type of customization.

Even though Jordans look amazing, having the best jeans to match them might be tricky.

Best jeans to wear with Jordans
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If you are looking for the best jeans to wear with Jordans, then you are in luck. This article will explain all the best pants you can wear with Jordans to get that classic and casual look.

By the end of this article, you will have known:

  • How to choose Jordans For your jeans
  • The Best Jeans to Wear with Jordans
  • How you can put on Jordans
  • The best outfits that match your Jordans
  • All the tips for wearing a Jordan

Let us begin by looking at the best jeans to wear with Jordans.

High-Grade Jeans To Wear With Jordans.

Vintage Dark Tinted Wash Blue Jeans

The vintage dark tinted wash jeans are an excellent choice to go with Your Jordans. They will give you a compelling classic mix of vintage and modern looks.

When choosing your tinted jeans, you would want to ensure that you find the ones corresponding with the length of your legs.

Best jeans to wear with jordans
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You would not want to cover your Nike logo with your jeans, so you should look for jeans that fit you perfectly.

You should also make sure that your tinted jeans cover your ankles entirely for them to compel your pair of Jordans.

Oversized Pair Of Cargo Pants

Cargos are one of the best pants for Jordans if you want that extra vibe while you walk across the streets.

Many celebrities have been spotted wearing oversized pairs of cargo pants on top of their Jordan sneakers. Cargo indeed looks way more relaxed when you wear them with Jordans.

Best jeans to wear with jordans
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One thing with cargo is that it comes with many designs that can be differently colored Jordans. You can go with a black or brown load, depending on your taste.

Try finding a cargo with many side pockets as possible as they just give you a better. This design will not disappoint you.

Skinny Jeans 

It is not easy to ignore a person wearing skinny jeans with Jordans. Skinny jeans take the body’s shape giving you a fantastic look.

Best jeans to wear with jordans
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Not only do you get to look good in your Jordans while wearing skinny jeans, but you will also feel more confident walking across the street.

Wearing red and black Jordans with skinny black jeans will leave you feeling great.

Even if you do not have skinny black jeans, you can also wear blue ones, which are also great with Jordans.

Sweat Pants

Sweat pants are thick, comfortable, and loose-fitting pants mainly used for exercise during cold weather.

Even though they are for exercise, they will match your Jordans perfectly, which were also made for playing basketball.

Best jeans to wear with jordans
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Jordans with sweat pants is a charming casual outdoor look that even celebrities love to wear. The good thing is that sweat pants are highly affordable and available.

So if you have a pair of Jordans, why not wear them with some sweat pants?

Ripped Jeans

Ripped jeans are one of the best jeans for air Jordan 1. These jeans look casual yet stylish to wear with the Jordan 1.

If you want the ultimate streetwear, consider wearing some ripped jeans. To get that fantastic combination, you should not wear oversized ripped jeans.

Best jeans to wear with jordans
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If you feel like ripped jeans are revealing too much of your body, you should consider getting the ones that are only ripped at the knee.


Even though khaki look good already, wearing them with a pair of Jordans will make you look even more significant.

Khakis are mostly an official look that people like wearing to the office. If you have a pair of Jordans, try them with your khakis and see how it will turn out.

Best jeans to wear with jordans
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On Saturdays, wearing khaki pants with your sneakers will allow you to maintain an official look while looking casual at the same time.

Like, what’s the best pants for Jordans on a Saturday than khaki pants? If you love being official all the time, why not try them.

Straight Jeans

Straight jeans are the way to go if you want a more casual look. They are one of the few types of jeans that go with Jordans.

The good thing about this type of jeans is that they are readily available in most shops and can fit many people.

Best jeans to wear with jordans
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Straight jeans are mostly worn by women but also look good on men. Wearing straight jeans with Jordans gives you that clean look that you can want to wear on the streets.

If possible, fold the bottom and put on white socks. It looks much better than having your straight jeans all down your ankles.

Since you know the best pants to wear with Jordans, let us look at the different types of Jordans you could wherewith jeans.

What Are The Best Jeans To Wear With Jordans?

After knowing the best jeans to wear with Jordans, you may wonder which are the best Jordans for your jeans.

Since the first Jordan shoe launch in the mid-1980s, over 30 editions have been produced.

You might have seen different types of Jordans on Tv or in a shop, or you might have already bought some of them.

But which are the best Jordans to wear with Jeans? In this article section, we bring five of the best Jordans you can wear with jeans.

Air Jordan 1

The air Jordan 1 was the first ever Jordan sneakers released in 1985. Even the Michael Jordan was skeptical about these shoes, they turned out to be the best selling.

Best jeans to wear with jordans
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This sneaker matches many jeans and will probably look good on your jeans. To get that clean look with the Jordan 1, you might consider wearing jeans that cover the ankles adequately.

Air Jordan IV 

The Air Jordan IV is also a perfect shoe to wear with jeans. You can choose your jeans depending on the color of your Jordan IV.

The Jordans above can go well with white sweat pants or oversized cargo pants. They are also perfect to wear with black or white skinny jeans.

Best jeans to wear with jordans
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If you have any of the pants mentioned above, we believe they are perfect with these Jordans.

Air Jordan V

The air Jordan V are sneakers with a fantastic design to make them look elegant in just any type of jeans.

Best jeans to wear with jordans
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However, many people find it an excellent sneaker for wearing skinny jeans. It would be best if you wore skinny jeans that match the color of your Jordans.

Air Jordan X

The Jordan X is also one of the best Jordans to wear jeans. You can wear this type of Jordan with black, blue, or vintage wash jeans.

The Jordan X is also an excellent choice to wear with Khakis as you go to the office. These Jordans come with different color customization for you to pick from.

Best jeans to wear with jordans
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White sweat pants are also preferred when wearing a white or black Jordan X. They are very compelling to each other.

Air Jordan III

The Jordan 1 might be at the top, but the Jordan III sure is close. This type of Jordans goes with pants very well.

You can have your Jordan III in khaki or even vintage wash jeans. They will make you look great and confident even when walking by the streets.

Best jeans to wear with jordans

These Jordans are well designed, which is why they are also considered one of the best Jordans to wear with jeans.

There you have it, the top five air Jordans to wear with pants. So, If you have a lot of jeans, You should consider wearing them with the sneakers we have discussed above.

As much as you might have a Jordan, do you know how to wear it? Next in the article, we will examine how to wear a Jordan.

How To Wear A Jordan |

Best jeans to wear with jordans
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1. Jordan shoes need to be a statement piece, or we can say they should be the outfit’s focus, and it doesn’t matter or have to shape themselves according to what you have in your wardrobe.

Jordan’s versatile look allows you to dress from the bottom up, which means you can dress from the bottom up. Shoes and dresses just highlight your features.

You don’t have to put extra effort into your jeans and top wear because your Jordans are enough to create the charisma.

A general rule of thumb is to apply bright colors to your clothes to shape your

2. Always wear low-cut or low ankle socks with your Jordan, as Jordans are not formal shoes that cannot be affected by the showing up of socks; try to keep a pair of low-cut socks for each couple.

Especially don’t forget this golden rule if you wear low-top Jordans.

A pair of low-reduce, impartial colored socks that in shape around your ankles will pair properly together along with your

Jordans are necessary because you don’t need a distracting pair of patterned socks or a couple of long socks extending beyond your ankle to distract out from your shoes.

3. Jordans require focus, and they are literally for show off; you had invested handsome money in your Jordans to achieve high-class status as well as a great shoe too, so there is no point to hiding even a bit of piece of Jordan,

so it will be good and highly appreciated too if you tuck your jeans into your Jordans or if you don’t consider the reason worthy, then consider “tucking of jeans into Jordans” as a rule.

4. Match the color of your outfit to your Jordan shoes. Accentuate your Jordan shoes by pairing the colors of your outfit with your shoes. Jordan shoes should be the centerpiece of your look.

Too many bright colors can distract attention from your Jordan shoes.

5. If you want the hem of your jeans to match the color of Jordans, it’s best to add a little of the same color to your outfit.

You can wear a similar shade patterned scarf, a necklace or bracelet, or scarves with the same shade trim.

You can wear the accessory with a hat, backpack, or purse, or wear a shirt of the same color as Jordans, with a print or pattern will also look good.

6. It’s okay if your outfit has a lot of severe blocks like gray, black, navy, white, or camouflage prints. Even if your shoes are the same neutral color as your outfit,

they won’t look different from your Jordan shoes. It will accentuate your shoes and make them an integral part of your outfit.

7. Choose a top to wear in a color that fits your outfit and footwear. Men can put on T-shirts, buttons, or sweaters.

Women can put on the identical thing, including numerous alternatives, depending on their style.

If they put on extra females, They can put on tank tops, tank tops, or even skirts.

The color of the blouse makes the footwear stand out, so pick neutral colors or shirts with brilliant colorations inside the print.

Finest Outfit Ideas To Wear With Jordans

Jordans With Bold Colors

Jordan’s clothing is mainly comprised of bright colors and vibrant dresses. This can be tricky if you don’t know how to combine contrasting colors or textures.

But if you’re good at color palettes, you can create an exciting look. Choosing just one piece of your outfit besides the Jordan shoes you want to highlight is best.

Best jeans to wear with jordans
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Whether you opt for a pair of trousers or jeans in a bold color, or a pair of trousers embellished with a pattern you admire, your shirt should be solid, preferably a neutral color.

Casual Outfit

Create an informal appearance with thin denim and Jordan excessive or low footwear. Jordan’s footwear at the pitch is satisfactorily worn with a casual outfit.

When you put on pieces of denim, make sure they’re tight-fitting. For men, denim has to be snug and tight. It is handy for girls to put on thin or thin denim.

Tuck denim into your footwear to avoid getting inside the manner of the types of denim.

Best jeans to wear with jordans
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Pull the tongue up, and if you are sporting excessive-pinnacle sneakers, they do not should be absolutely laced up.

Pair your denim and Jordan with an additional jacket. Choose a coat that fits your outfit.

Depending on the weather, you may choose an outfitted V-neck T-blouse with quick or lengthy sleeves, a button-down blouse inside the front, or a sweatshirt, and girls also can choose tank tops.

Athletic Outfit

Style an athletic outfit to put on with excessive pinnacle Jordans. Jordans are athletic shoes created at the start of the basketball court.

If you revel in the sport and need to ship the message which you recognize a way to play even earlier than you hit the court, carrying a couple of Jordans will help.

High pinnacle Jordans aren’t the most effective stylish. However, they serve the purposeful motive of defensive your ankles even as you’re on the court.

Best jeans to wear with jordans
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To maintain your ankles absolutely blanketed and secure, tie your footwear all of the manners up. Wear athletic shorts and a free-becoming athletic shirt.

An athletic outfit is usually made with a breathable material to maintain you from turning overheated in the course of strenuous activity.

Jordans With Different Bottom Wear | Chic Style

Jeans are not the most practical pants to wear with Jordans. There are alternatives.

You can wear plaid pants or plaid shorts or shorts of any material, or even sweatpants, tight pants and cargo pants too which I prefer the most.

Your clothes are more relaxed than if you were wearing jeans. However, since you are dressing casually, you can combine most of the same clothing with softer pants that you can wear with jeans.

Semi-Casual Outfit

Semi casual outfit is also a good option which you can try out with Jordans,

Best jeans to wear with jordans
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For men, the dress that looks like formal wear with Jordans is prohibited. While women can create a semi-casual outfit with Jordan because they have more style options, such as casual dresses and skirts.

Tight skirts or dresses are made from softer materials such as cotton, polyester, or even leather. And I am ready to bet you will look extraordinary or different too.

Tips For Wearing A Jordan | Must Learn

Jordans Should be Your Focus. The Jordans have a stunning design and a striking logo, which helps not to take advantage of the chance.

They are considered a standout feature of your outfit.

For this reason, you no longer need to try to freshen up your shoes by wearing something durable at their peak.

Best jeans to wear with jordans
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Focus on Jordans with straight, lightweight jeans. If the Jordan boys scream, neutral tones are a safe bet for jeans.

This will ensure that your clothing does not draw attention to itself and all eyes are on your sneakers.


Jordan footwear is continually in ambitious hues and textures; that’s one of the reasons they’re such an iconic sneaker and why their hype keeps regardless of being in their thirties.

There are over two hundred extraordinary designs available. On the only hand, it’s miles spotless to make a beautiful style, and Alternatively, you could omit it without difficulty in relation to the relaxation of your outfit.

Best jeans to wear with jordans
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For this reason, simply comply with our recommendation above. You can in no way cross incorrect with impartial shades. Dark blue, black, white, and grey are the go-to hues.

It is secure, and you’ll find appearance first-rate because the footwear is continually the middle of attention.

Don’t Show Different Brands While Wearing Jordans.

Jordan shoes are part of the Nike brand, so try not to wear other brands as much as possible or if you wear, please don’t wear their apparel, even if jeans fit you.

Much better to go with something of the same color as your Jordan. As we told you, Jordan should be the central focus, and the logos of different brands disturb the fame of Jordans.

Slim Jeans Always Have The Edge Most Jordanians look muscular, so they can look good when compared to a pair of skinny jeans.

Best jeans to wear with jordans
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Skinny pants complement your look as you provide stability between the pants and the legs.

However, do not get too hung up on tight jeans (even if they are of high quality);

Skinny jeans and straight leg prints can also make a great look if you secure them with the right top.

Truck Jeans Into Jordans 

It is specifically valid for Jordans combined with a high top.

You want your sneakers to look unique and stand out. So it is useless for you when your jeans are entirely deflated and cover the sneakers.

Best jeans to wear with jordans
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Also, remember to use neutral colors as they are the best, and you will never get disappointed.


Today, Jordans are not only basketball shoes but also casual shoes for walking in the streets. People also love them since they are very compelling to many of their clothes.

When looking for the best jeans for Jordans, you should always look for those that bring out the best look when you wear them. However, many pants generally go well with Jordans.

Remember that the Jeans you wear with your Jordans should not cover them up as people will not tell what kind of shoe you are wearing.

There are many customized Jordans on the market today, which affects the price of each one of them. Therefore, try looking for those that will fit your price range comfortably.

If you were to buy a Jordan today, consider buying one that we have ranked top five in this article. It is because they are the ones that you usually match comfortably with most outfits.


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