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Are you searching some good stuff for Apple shape body? If Yes you are the right source a available regarding best jeans for Apple shape body.

Best Jeans ForApple Shape

There are many benefits and limitations to Apple-Shaped women. One of them is getting the best jeans that fit them perfectly and enrich their looks drastically.

Are you among those who are searching for a solution for perfect jeans? Here’s your solution! The best jeans for apple shape.

If you have an apple body type, the appropriate pair of jeans can help balance your body’s proportions by highlighting your narrower hips and minimizing your waist.

Women with an apple body type have larger upper bodies and are likelier to put on weight around their midsections. On the plus side, you have leaner thighs than many other body types and are sleeker through the hips and butt.

Find out which jeans flatter your apple shape body type, as well as recommendations for the best brands and cuts of jeans.

Why Are Apple-Shaped Jeans Harder To Find? 

In an apple-shaped body, women have bulky midsections and skinny legs. It is the most prone woman body type of all 5 kinds.

Having an apple-shaped body mainly challenges having a bigger waistline and stomach. Hence, denim for such an apple-shaped body is comparatively tough.

We need to find a piece of jeans that slightly covers the tummy area and has a bigger waistline, but is not loose on the legs since the apple shape has slender legs.

Nevertheless, Apple-shaped women are not the only ones who suffer from this problem. If you want to hide your Belly for various reasons, maybe to hide your pregnancy fat, gain some pounds because of stress or otherwise, you can go with apple-shaped jeans.

Despite all of these reasons, you’re going to need this kind of jeans. As expressed used earlier, as apple-shaped ha aa s comparatively high waistline and stomach, it’s tough to find denim that’s;

  • Not much stretchy
  • Not loose in the legs
  • Has large waistline
  • And, fits you perfectly with any outfit

Today, let’s know some brands and jeans that provide you with the best choice, mentioned above.

Brands & Jeans; Top-notch And Best Jeans For Apple Shape


#1 Gap Skinny Jeans

Have you ever raved about being Always Skinny jeans from GAP every time?

You can try these jeans. One of the best Jeans For Apple Shape, Gap Skinny Jeans are not very skinny but a bit stretchy with a thick middle. The waist-to-top ratio is prominent.

As an apple-shaped body, Gap Skinny Jeans will be the first recommendation at an average cost(most at $69.95).

#2. NYDJ

Denim is in trend and still rising. Why not shine in your circle with these Apple Shape Jeans?

Not Your Daughter’s Jeans or NYDJ is a company providing premium quality products. Their products are Top-notch. Their jeans come with lift tuck technology which prevents them from stretching.

To furnish your slim looks, modern technology helps to maintain a criss-cross design.

In general, with your apple-shaped body, these jeans fit you perfectly by lifting your waist and making your hips and legs smooth and slim. Wasn’t it enough to grab attention?

Anyways, NYDJ Women’s Marilyn Straight Leg Denim Jeans range from $45-195. Be curious about the size.

 It can be appealing for casual events such as dinners, dates or even parties.

#3. Spanx Jeans

Spanx Jeans mainly specialized in providing very flattering fits. Indeed, there’s an extra tummy panel for extra support, it looks cool.

Spanx is known for stretching. You will get nice fittings. And, they tend to have slender legs. A bit exposing between the shoes and ankle can create an illusion of longer legs.

#4. Style & Co Jeans

Are you a bit chubby? Do you want a bit of control over your tummy area?

Here’s for you, Style & co Jeans provide a better inner panel and higher waist, resulting in better control and more courage in our tummy area.

#4. Miracle body jeans

Miracle is a sub-division of Miracle suit, a leading swimwear manufacturer. They’re mainly concerned with the muffin top by maintaining proper trend and looks.

Miracle suit is known for its premium stretchy fabrics. It will be best for apple-shaped as well as ones who suffer from after-pregnancy fat. As it resists you looking flawless without losing convenience. Hence, one of the Best Jeans For Apple Shape.

#5. Amazon Essentials Women’s High-Rise Skinny Jeans

You’ve come to the perfect place if you’re looking for trendy yet elegant skinny jeans. Every age group and size can wear this denim.

These will be unbelievably comfy, even if your hips are large. Its timeless design, five pockets, and zip closure allow you to stand out everywhere you go.

Even after numerous washed items, they keep their quality and do not degrade. It is stretchable because it is made of elastane. Therefore, these are ideal for you if you’re looking for thin jeans that are neither too tight nor too loose.

#6. Lee Women’s Modern Series Curvy Fit Bootcut Jean

If you’re looking for the best jeans that go with any outfit or situation, The standard pair of jeans everywhere are these Lee women’s bootcut jeans.

These classic jeans hug your body and conceal curves thanks to their no-gap waistband. Polyester, cotton, and elastane were used to make it. It contains concealed pockets where you can store your valuables.

These chic jeans are ideal for a laid-back dinner party or a regular lunchtime. Mid-rise jeans are the perfect fit for tummy flattening. The style has front and back pockets with button closure. Even after many machine washes, its colour does not deteriorate.

Characters For A Perfect Apple-Shaped Jeans For You | You Should Know Before Buying?


They are not too tight in the middle, yet figure-hugging around the legs and butt. Remember to choose the best fitting!

Low Rise

Low rises are generally the most excellent option since they sit beneath the body’s largest region.

Yes, this could give you a muffin top, but the correct shirt can quickly cover it up. The belly will feel excessively constrained by the steep height.

Furthermore, mid-rise pants that could appear to fit will sag as you wear them. Don’t ever gape at the waistband’s rear!


People adore dark blue jeans since they go well with formal and casual attire. But, a pair of black jeans and some lighter ones can also be a good preference. The ideal pair of jeans comprise stretchy, silky, lightweight denim.


Ideally, less than $100, as most of us aren’t made of money! Naturally, we want a straight or slim leg to show off our pins. We appear more significant than we are.

Important Tips For Apple Shape Jeans:

Apple-shaped ladies should pay close attention to where the waistband of their jeans hits them on their bodies or the rise of the jeans, before selecting the best jeans for an apple-shaped body.

Shine With Low Rise

Choosing jeans with a too-low rise can give you the dreaded “muffin top” appearance (when your middle spills over the waistband of your pants). Conversely, apple shapes don’t work well with high-rise jean styles because they tend to emphasize your belly rather than hide it.

Slim With Mid-Rise

You should look for mid-rise denim that rests directly across or just below your navel if you want to slim down your midsection and create a clean line at the waist.

The Final Tip

Spend some time looking for a mid-rise denim type that fits you perfectly around the waist; it shouldn’t be too tight but snug enough to give you shape and smoothness at the core and hip line. Because they help to keep your midsection in place, thicker denim jeans are also fantastic for apple shapes.

Wrapping Up

Selecting the best jeans for apple-shaped women is not pretty easy(for reasons mentioned above). We have provided our recommendations, still, you have to choose the best jeans for your apple shape body since all women are not the same.

Straight, choose straight-leg, thin, or crop styles because apple-shaped typically have slim legs. Given that it is a narrower variation of the boyfriend jean, the girlfriend style may be a choice. Avoid wearing leg-hugging jeans like the Mom Jean, which can make you appear slouchy and unattractive.

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