Top 7+ Best Dating Apps In Hawaii | If Looking For The Perfect Partner Guide 2022

Aloha! Pehea ’oe? Online Dating apps have made it easier to find partners for weekends as well as for lifetimes. Are you looking for a life partner? Finding the best dating apps in Hawaii?

Ever tried online dating in the islands of Hawaii? There is a bulk of singles in Hawaii, nearly half the population is single.

Yet, Finding the truly committed one is still tough. While online dating you will come in front of many tourists and natives, but seeking the true one is harder. Similarly, if you want someone for a casual date, you’ll look for the best one.

Let’s look for an app that’s easy to use, highly used in Hawaii, can know your requirements and has your future date, waiting for you. Many online dating platforms are providing their services in Hawaii, unlike telling you all, we have the top 7 best dating apps in Hawaii.

Today, in this article, we’re going to see the best dating apps in Hawaii and vice versa. If you only need names, scroll down to that section.

Key Points | Singles In Honolulu, Hawaii

  • Honolulu is the capital of Hawaii.
  • There are about 5880 single men and women only in the capital of Hawaii
  • 49.3% of the women only in Honolulu are unmarried and single.
  • About 48.5% of the men in Honolulu are also single.
  • In Hawaii, singles are 800% more attractive(as per opinions of singles).

Which City In Hawaii Is Most Popular For Online Dating? 

Singles lie in every nation, the amount of singles that want to date is always greater than 80%. Hence, Hawaii has singles living and in search of good dates. As per Google Trends, Honolulu is the most popular city for online dating.

In fact, with an aggregate population of 980,080, which is more than half the population of Hawaii, Honolulu is the 86th best city for singles in the USA.

It doesn’t cost anything to hang out on the beaches to enjoy the beauty of beaches, but dating costs a little bit more. Moreover, the quality of dating in Honolulu.

Top 7+ Best Dating Apps In Hawaii

1. eHarmony – Winner 

Most of you probably have heard of eHarmony, it’s been in action for 20 years. And, has been making matches from that far.

If you feel you’re ready for a serious relationship, eHarmony can help you to get your soulmate. eHarmony has a massive success rate of over 2,000,000 people (Yes, that’s two MIllion peoples) that successfully find their true love.

As you have to pay for using this platform, it implies you’re in a pool of singles that are conscious, serious and searching for the men or women for a long-term relationship.

Additionally, you may ignore the ones who are only surfing around the platform. As a payable bill helps to isolate those who aren’t seriously searching for a date. It is one of the best dating apps in Hawaii.

This platform is available on both smartphone and computer devices. they both can be used effortlessly. Thus, if you’ve or do not have a pc device, you may use this application from anywhere through your phone.

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2. Christian Cafe – Best For Christians

Love doesn’t see religion, caste or anything, love is love! However, if you’re searching for one who can share your religious faith, Christian Cafe is the best for you.

Christian Cafe, accessible from, is not only the site where you can find and communicate with Christians but also it is owned by Christians.

Moreover, unlike the matchmaking formula(that most dating platforms use), Christian Cafe allows you to modify matches as per your potential. Wasn’t it superb to take your recommendations in hand?

Similarly, like other sites, you’re free to customize age preferences, location preferences and others. Christian cafe also offers an additional religious filter where you could select your faith level and for what level you are looking for and how much you’re enrolled in the church and much more than that.

In a nutshell, if you’re a true believer in Christianity, you could go with to find someone, who exactly matches you.

3. Elite Singles – Professionals’ First Choice

Finding another professional to hook up with? Elite Singles is for you…

While online dating, finding someone that fits you perfectly is the most crucial and tough task. Elite Singles is the platform where you can browse for someone to date without or with comparatively less seriousness than eHarmony intakes.

A place to find a perfect date, Elite Single is for those who are searching for a soulmate that fits with your education, profession, and who’s well-experienced. While other dating sites focus on seriousness, Elite Singles helps to find someone not as serious but perfect to hook up with.

Moreover, Elite Singles delivers a modern and advanced matchmaking formula, to provide quality matches that you can explore patiently afterwards. Like other dating platforms, it matches on the not ethical but practical basis of location, age, education level, preferences, current professional status and life goals.

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4. Match – Raise Dating To Your Level

Finding a good person for a longer duration isn’t easy at all. we need to make efforts accordingly. The match is one of the longest-running Platforms, it was established in 1993.

Match has an easy-to-use interface, even non-tech enthusiasts can use it easily. Match offers one of the best and most detailed profiles that clarifies nearly everything about yourself. Like other platforms, Match also supports video chat services. it additionally has tools/features to target relationships for the long term.

Nevertheless, it’s not the cheapest alternative, not for enjoying the cool features, but especially for finding someone for a real-life partner.

5. Silver Singles – Best For Senior Citizens’ Dating 

One of the best dating portals for senior dating, Silver Singles is the site to find adult dates around 50 years or even older. It is especially established with an idea that you shouldn’t need to spend your golden years going on pointless dates.

It is available in app form. you can create your profile obviously(like other dating platforms), yet Silver Singles also shows via percentage – How compatible you’re with a perfect match.

Silver Singles is available in both versions – The free version and Paid Version. You can have a free version as long as you need(no time restriction on the free version). It is the best dating apps in Hawaii especially for seniors.

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6. Catholic Match – Best For Catholic

Similar to Christian Cafe, Catholic Match is for Catholic believers. When your faith is essential for you and you want to see a long future with someone, Catholic Match is for you.

Finding a date with the same beliefs is crucial, and when it comes to end-up with a wedding, it is tougher than we think.

Like other dating sites, during a free trial, you are not allowed to message matches. Fortunately, Catholic Match’s membership is affordable compared to other dating platforms on this list.

7. Bumble – Best For Quick Date

Another dating platform, Bumble, is one of the best ways to find new women in a new city. It’s also a good way to discover a quick date.

Depending on your preference, you can find casual as well as serious dates here. Additionally, if you want a quick date for a meeting, practice or only for a weekend, you could find it effortlessly. Moreover, Bumble also offers privacy settings.

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Why These Hawaii Online Dating Apps?

From the bunch of options available in the market, we prefer to try out these dating apps. The goal of Online dating platforms is diverse. Unlike going randomly, here’s why you should consider their Hawaii online dating apps; And why there are the Best Dating Apps in Hawaii?

Opportunities to Share Your Culture 

As everyone understands Cultures are the most crucial for Hawaiians, and dating should be capable enough to showcase this widely in the region. Unless you’ll end up dating someone who neither matches with your family perfectly nor is capable to match your traditions and standard.

Hence, an online dating platform should be robust enough to provide great-detailed profiles, multiple filter options, and multiple spaces to showcase yourself, your preferences, habits, what you’re looking for, and more.

Mobile-Friendly Dating Options

Smartphones are a new era. Nowadays, we don’t have much time to spend sitting in front of pc devices to find someone special, especially in Hawaii’s glamour.

Hence, we want you to search sitting anywhere, in any condition effortlessly. Thus, a dating app or mobile-friendly dating site is either downloadable or easily accessible. Every dating in this list fits this criterion perfectly.

Technology To Filter Out As Per Potential 

Since, everyones’ desires, preferences, tastes, or habits are not identical, we need technology or features that allow us to filter among the matches to find a perfect date. Thus, we would need this feature to find a partner for formal as well as casual dates.

Technology To Filter Out Tourists

The population of the country doesn’t always consist of natives only. Many tourists who came last year and stayed for a long time also contributed to the population.

Similarly, while finding the right person, dating platforms also provide the right to filter for finding(or omitting) the tourist. Moreover, if you want someone for a casual date, you can also use this filter.

What Is The Dating Scene In Hawaii Like?

While Hawaii is a decent place to visit. The dating scene in Hawaii however can be memorable. Here are some of the reasons:

Extended Response Time

While all the other nations are busy with mobile phones and technology, Hawaiians are a bit less addicted to technology.

Indeed, 87.1% of Hawaiians have an internet connection, they love to hang out outdoors. Hence, you’ll need to have a bit more patience to get responses back compared to the US, while searching for a date.

Small Single Pools

You’ll probably expect a pool of singles both online and personal, which can be smaller. It doesn’t compile that you won’t have your one special person, as you need only 1 to change your life and she/he will find you at any time.

Diverse Cultures

You may get a diverse variety of castes and cultures in Hawaii. In fact, you may find many Asians in Hawas. Hawaii’s population is an aggregate of 37% Asians, 22% White, 2% black and 19% a mix of multiple ethnic backgrounds, while Hispanics and Islanders, contributed to the population by 11% and 10%. Thus, you may have diverse options to choose from.

Final Closure

In Hawaii, there’s a diverse pool of singles and online dating platforms. The amount of single women and single men in Hawaii is approximately the same.

Additionally, Hawaii’s Capital, Honolulu, is a great city with huge traffic of singles, seeking the best dating apps in Hawaii.

In this article, we’ve given you the best dating apps in Hawaii. Hope you got what you were searching for!

The best thing that this dating app offers is the filtration of matches. You may narrow down your search with these features.

We may have my quarries, before jumping into the dating apps. It’s natural to have these in your mind. Anyways, here’re some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FaQs) on Best dating apps in Hawaii:


What is the Most Used Dating App in Hawaii?

As per user statistics, eHarmony is the largely used online dating app in Hawaii.

What is the Best Hook-up Site in Hawaii?

If you’re looking for someone for a casual date or just to hook up, Adult Friend Finder may be your best alternative.

What Is The Best Dating Apps For A Serious Date? 

If you’ve dreamed of a serious relationship, eHarmony is the best dating app for a serious date.

What is the Best Dating Site for Over 50 or Seniors in Hawaii?

If you’re over 50, SilverSingles is the Best Dating Site for Over 50 Seniors in Hawaii.

Which Dating App Has The Highest Success Rate? 

All the above sites have the highest success rate in Hawaii, however, eHarmony has the highest.

Which City Has The Highest Number Of Online Dating App Users? 

Online dating is used mostly in every urban City, however, Honolulu has the highest number of users of Online Dating apps. Probably, because it’s the most populated area of Hawaii.

Is Hawaii Good For Singles? 

Hawaii is the 86th best place of the top 100 aces for singles in the United States of America. With the purely natural environment and a good amount of singles, Hawaii is good for Singles.

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