5+1 Best Dating Apps For Introverts – Ace Your Dating!

If you are someone who identifies themselves as an “introvert” but yet hasn’t given up the idea of finding a soulmate, you’ve stumbled upon the right place today because we’re talking about the best dating apps for introverts.

Yes we know, the idea of finding someone through an “app” sounds pretty stupid, but times have changed now.

If people find themselves, brides and grooms, online, you sure can find yourself a soulmate or you know… someone you can hang out with.

The idea of a happy and healthy companionship shouldn’t sound so bad to you, and if it does not, and you are looking for someone who will understand your will of being alone WITH THEM, why don’t you try online dating or find someone online?

The internet has changed the world and no one can ever deny that. Along with that, the internet has also brought a revolution into the dating world and has made it super easy for an introvert to be social while just being in the comfort of their homes.

But before directly getting into the list of the best dating apps for introverts, there are a lot of things to consider before someone, especially an introvert gets into dating. You might wonder if online dating is good for introverts or are there even compatible dating apps for introverts that are even worth spending their time in?

Well, let us discuss all that and reach a conclusion, finally.

Is Online Dating Good For Introverts?

As mentioned earlier, the internet has changed the way things happen around. It has started affecting everything including romance and dating.

But if you’re an introvert and you’re thinking if online dating is good for you, we have a theory.

Going out and meeting new people can be such a task when you’re an introvert. Among all that, finding yourself a significant other? That is a task multiplied by 100.

But when it comes to finding someone online, the efforts are reduced to a much more extent.

Meeting people online can also be very relaxing as you’re not worrying about them judging you on your slightest actions and you can be yourself with them.

(Well, people mostly think online friendships are the coolest.)

When you’re talking to someone online, although you’re just communicating through texts or video calls, you express yourself better.

Talking to someone in person may not be very easy for introverts and hence their full blooming personality doesn’t show up. So talking to people online first, before meeting in real life can help you loosen up and have confidence when you actually go and meet your person.

So yes, online dating can be a really cool and feasible way to put yourself out there and find someone for you.

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Is There A Dating App For Introverts?

If you are convinced enough about online dating and now wondering if there even are dating apps for introverts, then don’t worry you’re not going to be disappointed.

Not just one, there are many!

Using their special algorithm to get you to match with someone who is compatible with you and matched interests and hobbies with you. Isn’t it so crazy that computers can literally match two humans based on data provided? – AMAZING.

So without wasting a lot of time and keeping you on wait for the list of best dating apps for introverts, let OnXShadow get straight to it

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6 Best Dating Apps For Introverts | For You, If You Are An Introvert!

While looking for the best dating apps for introverts, there were certain things to be kept in mind. Whether it is friendly? What is the user’s intent when it signs in? Will it be a good choice? And considering all that, we have made a list of the 6 best dating apps for introverts. That is all one needs to find a good company that might lead to something beautiful!

1. Bumble

Bumble is the top dating app you can go to find someone. It is a game-changer. You can chat, meet, find a date, relationship, or obviously make great new friends.

If you’re not yet familiar, only women on the app make the first move on app – protection from men sending unsolicited messages or images, of course.

The app comes in modes – Date, BFF, Bizz.

There are currently two versions of the app running as well the free one and Bumble Premium. Choose as you like, and find yourself a mate!

2. Happn

Happn is the third grossing app in the Lifestyle category on Google Play Store. The app is great as it shows you the profile of the people you crossed paths with! How crazy is that?

So that hot guy/girl you crossed paths with who’s also now a crush, can actually be more than that!

The thing with Happn is that you will not receive a notification or a message from someone you are not interested in – which saves us introverts from a lot of unwanted interactions.

The app is mostly free to use. But if you want to get premium features and you’re a little serious about finding a genuine match and think it’s worth it to invest money into it, Happn can be the thing for you.

One of the best dating apps for introverts – for sure!

3. OkCupid

OkCupid is the fifth top-grossing app on Google Play in the Dating category. The app is free to use and is a great way to find some romance through an app.

OkCupid has its own questionnaire that helps the algorithm to find the best match for you. It matches personality traits and interests so that there is no need for an ice breaker when one actually starts talking.

It doesn’t stop you just at romance, you can also find casual relationships, friends, and even someone to spend the rest of your life with. No restrictions at all.

So what are you waiting for? Hop onto OkCupid – one of the best dating apps for introverts.

4. Boo

No one likes a disagreement on every little thing – and that is why we have here for you, one of the other best dating apps for introverts, along with the others listed in the list.

Boo connects you with like-minded people so you can chat, date, and make friends with the people that pass your vibe check. The app uses personality psychology to help introverts and anyone in general to find dates that will effortlessly go smooth!

What’s better than that, huh?

Finding a best friend or a soulmate – or both of them in one person!

5. Hinge

With being the 2nd top grossing app on Google Play Store in the Dating category, Hinge is also one of the best dating apps for introverts to find out.

The chances that you will go on a second date with someone you met through hinge are 75% – and that is a huge number.

The app claims itself to be for real people who want to get off the dating apps for good and never want to repeat that again – and hence, if you’re one of those people and an introvert, Hinge is the thing for you.

While online dating might pose so many problems to one, Hinge tries its best to simplify them so the user experience on the app is fantastic – and they never have to install that app again.

6. Lex

The app is mostly text centered where till now over 8 million messages have been sent in more than 200 countries. The app doesn’t limit you to one country.

This app gives a platform to nonbinary, transgenders, lesbian, bisexual, queer, and trans women to find someone they deserve.

This one’s for you kings and queens!

Summing Up | Best Dating Apps For Introverts

So, seems like this was all for the best dating apps for introverts. These 6 applications just work super well when it comes to finding a good company and an amazing partnership – that MIGHT lead to something more than we can ever imagine.

When it comes to love and good companionship, a good person who understands you is all you need. The best dating apps for introverts mentioned above are definitely great sources to reach out to more people and broaden your social horizon and meet some really great people – not just romantically but a good platonic connection as well.

If you found this article helpful and interesting, do share it with your other introvert friends so that they can also begin the hunt for a romantic connection if they don’t have one yet!

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