11 Best Bay Rum Cologne | History of Bay Rum Cologne

 Are you bored of your daily grooming accessories like deodorant, aftershave, and perfumes!

You put them on your body every day but this warm summer wipes all it off!

And again make you feel like ” oops! My shirt is sticking to my skin again”

You start smelling bad again and do not feel fresh during work. But now worry not. We are introducing the new Bay Rum cologne.

Colognes are superior to perfumes and deodorants. They are thick concentration liquids with a lot of essential oils.

They are made with alcohol and water in combination with other fragrances. You can use these colognes to start looking fresh and consistent.

In this article, we are going to talk about a specific kind of cologne called Bay Rum cologne and its pros and cons.

What is Bay Rum Cologne?

Bay Rum cologne

 A bay rum cologne is a specific type of cologne. It is a light aromatic scent that has the exotic spicy feeling from the Caribbeans, rum from Jamaican, and the bay leaf from West Indies.

With so much from so many different countries, this is a very unique cologne. It is both sweet and spicy by nature and has notes of wood in it. You can use this for a fresh working day.

Ingredients of Bay Rum Cologne

 To know about its ingredients in detail, let us know about its processing. They have oils extracted from bay leaves and rum.

These oils are essential oils and they add nourishment to your skin.

They also have lots of fragrances, alcohol, and water in them. With all these ingredients in it, these bay rum colognes are crafted with love and care for your skin.

History of Bay Rum Cologne

 The concept of bay rum cologne started in 1838. Approximately 180 years ago The fragrances of Bay Rum colognes started their journey.

It started with the discovery of the bay leaves. It was used by most men for maintaining their daily hygiene. Bathing with bay rum cologne was a luxurious element.

The sailors who used to sail around the world used to collect the ingredients from the West Indies, Jamaican and Caribbean. They found that bay leaves mixed with a run give an exotic aroma. They loved the scent and hence from that day Bay Rum colognes were born.

Today bay rum colognes are crafted in the laboratories with alcohols, over bay leaves, and rum. The scent has evolved itself more aromatically.

They have vitamin E in them along with essential oils. They provide a luxurious and Supreme feeling after use. They are also used as after-shave or pre-shaving oils.

11 Best Bay Rum Cologne And Their Pros And Cons

Here we will be rating the top 11 best bay rum colognes around the world. We will also discuss the pros and cons of every product in detail.

1. Clubman Pinaud

Clubman Pinaud Island Bay Rum Cologne

This bay rum cologne has the ingredients of citric acid, spices, oakmosses, and other useful herbs. It is not at all so expensive and also very classy in its nature. Its processing has been initiated by Edouard Pinaud, very well-known french perfumers in the 90s.

You will find it easily available in most of the barbershops around the world. Men from different generations have loved its fragrance and used it hereditarily. The scent of the product is very clean and masculine. It is a full-on best product with low market value and lots of benefits.


  • It is extremely soothing and aromatic when in use


  • The presence of citric acid in it can have a sense of irritation on sensitive skin people.

2. The St. John’s Bay Rum colognes

St. Johns Bay Rum Cologne | Onxshadow

This bay rum cologne from this company has eucalyptus oils, musk, and clove spices along with bay leaves and cinnamon.

All these ingredients in this product will help you have a masculine fragrance in warm notes. They have been popular in the markets for 70years and are known for their best reviews on men.

The essential oil ingredients in it make it one of the most significant products in the market. They are available in small batches and their packaging is extremely unique and bottles which are woven.


  • Being the oldest manufacturing bay rum colognes they are trusted by most men.


  • It is still not on the top of the list because it is expensive and Filled in very low quantities in the bottles.

3. C.O. Bigelow No. 032 Bay Rum Cologne

C.O. Bigelow Bay Rum Cologne

This product is mixed with lots of spices, citrus elements, and bay leaves. This fragrance is well known in the markets since the 1970s.

It has a crispy scent from the bay leaves with a smoky tobacco feeling. On the first application, it leaves a very strong fragment. The subtle masculine fragrance in it will garnish you with a lot of compliments.


  • It is a very spicy cologne with oriental scents.


  • Due to the absence of essential oils, the colognes dissipate quite quickly and do not last for a long time.

4. Bentley Intense cologne

 Bentley Intense bay rum cologne

This product has the ingredients of Bergamot, the spices of  Black Pepper, essential oils, and crispy fragrance from Bay Leaf, Rum, and other chemicals like Clary Sage, Leather, Geranium, Patchouli, Benzoin, Cedar, Incense.

This came to the markets recently in the 21st century. It has a long-lasting fragrance that will keep you fresh and active for long hours.

The fragrance is much intense and sophisticated with its smell which makes this product an all-rounder in the markets of colognes.


  • It is a complex product that has a lot of ingredients in it. This makes it a modern winner amongst the timeless classics.


  • Having so many ingredients in it can cause skin problems for specific people.

5. Havana colognes

 Havana Cologne for men


This product has a mixture of fragrant oils from mandarin oranges, Basil’s, and caraway and spices from cinnamon, tobacco, and fir.

This fragrance leaves a masculine floral scent on the men and the combination of the potential oil from cinnamon and vetiver makes gives a classic compliment on using it.


  • It is a spicy-oriented fragrance with arouses the opposite sex with its scent.


  • It is not well known in the markets and has moderate lasting power.

6. Royall Bay Rhum 57

Royall Bay Rhum 57 Cologne


It is made with the composition of mint, bay leaves, and some spices and grasses. This scent is very light in nature and has a tint of fresh-cut grass in it.

The addition of mint it in gives a cooling sensation on application. It will make you feel sexy clean and fresh at the same time.


  • You can use it in the hot summers for a cooling experience along with a nice scent.


  • The scent of the grass is not liked by all men so they are not so much popular in the markets.

7. The Gilbert bay rum cologne

Gilbert henry bay rum cologne


  • This product has a high concentration of essential oils nicely blended with good fragrances.
  • It has exotic woods in it which makes it long-lasting and durable.


  • It smells more like the discontinued Burt’s bee cologne.

8. The Geo F. Trumper bay rum colognes

Bay Rum Cologne - Geo F Trumper


  • This product is carved with the blazing spicy flickers with crushed spices of bay leaves and clove. It has a very exhilarating and very invigorating fragrance.


  • The pump sprayer of the bottle is not mechanized well and cause problem n using.

9. Colonel Ichabod Bay Rum Cologne

Bay rum cologne


  • It has a tropical aroma of bay leaves and Jamaican rum. It has extremely good fragrances and can also be used after shave lotion.


  • It can cause imitations on your skin so beware of that.

10. Captain Choice Bay Rum Cologne

Cpatain's choice bay rum cologne


  • This product has grain alcohols, hazel rum, some other essential oils of almond and hazelnuts along with some other extracts. It also has glycerine in it which will give you a very soothing experience.


  • The overall review of this product is very good. It’s just that it should last a little bit longer.

11. Gabel’s Bay Rum Colognes

GABELS Bay Rum After Shave


  • It is a professional product with essential oils and fragrances. It has been popular in the markets for a long time. It is a very promising product that can also be used as an after-shave lotion. It also has a long-lasting effect on the body.


  • Amongst all the ingredients, only the presence of bay oils can be felt.

How to Choose a perfect Bay Rum Cologne?

For choosing the best bay rum cologne, read about the ingredients in detail. Try to understand the Family of the scent and its seasonality.

Know about the classics and Talk to people who have a good knowledge of perfumes. See if the product fulfills your demands.

How to use Bay Rum Cologne correctly?

 Using a bay rum cologne is not that difficult. You can apply it to your body using a spray bottle or take it in a small quantity and spread it evenly on your skin.

You should use it after taking a bath or shower when your skin is dry. If you’re using a spray bottle then hold it at a distance of 3-6 inches and make shots on your pulse points like elbows, chest underarms.

Can you make Bay Rum Cologne at home?

 Bay rum colognes are very less concentrated and extremely volatile in nature. You need to have all the ingredients for making your own cologne at home.

You need essential oils of top, middle and lower notes and add 20, 15,10 drops of it in a container respectively.

Add a small quantity of alcohol or vodka into the solution. Besides this add water, absolutes, and glycerine in perfect ratios and roll them up on a spray bottle. This is how you can make colognes at your home.

The fragrance and silage of Bay Rum Cologne

Bay rum colognes have a very spicy and aromatic fragrance which keeps you fresh and active throughout the day.

The silage composition of bay rum colognes consists of bay leaves and sometimes grasses crushed and flavored with rum and other spices.

What is the Difference Between Bay Rum Aftershaves and Regular Aftershaves?

 If we start comparing bay rum aftershaves with regular aftershaves, the answer will always be in favor of the bay rum aftershaves.

This is because bay rum aftershaves have more essential ingredients and oil like bay leaves and spices which gives out a very aromatic fragrance as compared to any regular aftershaves.

Some FAQs Related to this Article

  •  Even wondered what does bay rum aftershave smells like?

Yes. The scent of the bay rum aftershave is very unique. Its scent is mixed with spices and Jamaican rum. Overall, it has a very distinct, sweet, and spicy woody smell.

  • Can aftershave double as cologne?

You can use both cologne as well as aftershave after shaving at your convenience. Cologne will have a distinct lost lasting scent than aftershave.

Both will nourish your skin in the same way after shaving.

  • Why does aftershave smell different to me?

This depends on the level of pH value of your skin, hormones, and how intensely your diet affects your body. It also differs according to the skin type.

This is the reason why you find an aftershave smelling good on someone else but not you.

  • When and how to use aftershaves?

Take a small amount of aftershave, like suppose in the amount of a dime size in your palm and rub it.

After rubbing it with both hands, apply it on the surface of the skin which you have shaved. You should use an aftershave only after shaving your skin.

  • Which aftershave is better: bay rum balm or bay rum aftershave lotion?

Both the products are of the same origin and traditionally both are into nourishing your skin after shaving.

Also, both the products are alcohol-based. But the bay rum lotions tend to have a lower concentration of alcohol content.

They are extremely supreme in their work of pores tightening and sealing the wounds. Also, they smell typically better than the bay rum balm.

  • Is the bay rum aftershave lotion even good for me?

Yes. This is a very good product for using as an aftershave. This bay rum lotion is very promising with its odor and quality. They can be very good for your skin.


 Therefore, in conclusion, I would like to say that you should have a unique taste of colognes, aftershaves or any fragrant products.

Only then you will be able to choose what is best for you. We hope that this article was useful to you. We would like to know about your reviews so do mention it on our website. For more such content, keep searching with us.

Thank you!

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