Do you know? Online customers have embraced the buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) movement in substantial numbers.

One of the most famous and best apps that provide BNPL services is the Sezzle app. Many people are unaware of this technique to buy any item online.

In this article, we will discuss the Sezzle app and its work. If you are aware of the Sezzle app and want to try other apps like Sezzle that are completely safe and convenient to use then keep on reading this article. We are sure that you don’t need to search more on this article.

About Sezzle App

Sezzle is a publicly traded financial technology business with its headquarters in Minneapolis, United States, and operates in both those countries. The business offers an alternate payment system with interest-free installment plans at specific internet retailers.

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The Sezzle platform had over 7.8 million user sign-ups as of June 2021 and over 40,000 participating retailers. In 2017, Sezzle launched an e-commerce platform for payment that help customers in buying good from online stores by splitting the amount into four installments.

The Sezzle app transforms itself according to the new trend and requirements of the people. The business idea of Sezzle is online and now it launches the Sezzle virtual card that can be added to any online payment application like apple pay or google pay so that people can easily access its services.

Is It Safe To Use The Sezzle App?

Every user has this query that whether this application is safe or not. It is an online medium to pay for the product you buy from any online store so the app will access your bank details and your personal information as well.

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The first fear is leakage of data security of person. The Sezzle app is completely safe in terms of data security. The business adheres to Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance standards to protect your private data and online transactions.

Secondly, many people become greedy sometimes and they buy products using Sezzle services that sometimes become unaffordable to pay back. So, Sezzle might pose some of the same risks to your finances as credit cards.

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But here is the advantage of overspending money using the Sezzle app instead of using a credit card. The reason being is that you don’t need to pay any interest value on your payment in the Sezzle app.

The use completely depends upon you even with these benefits your budget may still be strained, and it may affect your overall financial health.

How does the Sezzle app work?

Now, you are clear with the thing that the Sezzle app is completely safe to use. If are using this app for the first time you must need to learn the working of this app. It will clear your remaining doubts related to the payment process.

Simply, you can learn it’s working in the way the Sezlle app acts like your friend. You like something and want to buy it but you don’t have the total amount right now.

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Now, Sezzle will pay the total amount for the product and you have to give money to Sezzle in four installments. It makes it easier for you to pay for anything you cannot afford at a particular time. Let us now learn how the Sezzle app works taking two cases for merchants and customers.

  • For Merchants

Only stores that have received permission from Sezzle can provide Sezzle, and retailers are required to incorporate Sezzle into their checkout procedures.

Unless a customer uses the Sezzle virtual card, Sezzle does not yet provide any in-store payment plans and is exclusively accessible for onlinetransactionsn, leadintopmostts.

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  • For Customers

The work is very simple. Users first need to create a Sezzle account in the app. After creating an account and logging in, a user can choose Sezzle as a payment option when checking out. Direct customer payments are made to Sezzle.

The initial deposit serves as a down payment of 25%. Two weeks separate each payment due date for the subsequent installments, which are each equal to 25% of the whole transaction. Well, there is no interest policy in the Sezzle app but it can charge a late fee from you.

Is it necessary to pay Sezzle?


If you don’t make a payment by the due date, Sezzle will reschedule it for 48 hours later and charge a late fee. You won’t be charged a late fee if you make the payment within the allotted 48 hours.

Sezzle may stop you from making new purchases if the second payment attempt is unsuccessful, but you will still be liable for the outstanding balance. Additionally, the business could try to collect the debt in other ways and report late payments to credit bureaus.

Can I return items using Sezzle?

People always want a return policy on the product they purchase online. Now, many people have this doubt about how can they return items purchased using the Sezzle app.

It would be great to know that there exists a return policy in Sezzle app also. Now, let’s have a look at how return happens in the Sezzle app. Since Sezzle paid for the initial transaction, the merchant will reimburse Sezzle if you need to return a,n item you bought.

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Sezzle will then begin with the final installment and move backward, deducting the refund amount from what you still owe. If you have several installment plans, Sezzle might initially apply your return to the older ones.

Best apps like Sezzle

The Sezzle app is best in its working and you can easily use this to buy anything you want while paying in installments.

But there are some drawbacks of this app like high transactional flat rates, inaccessibility outside of virtual wallets in stores, not all eCommerce platforms being partners, and also it restricts some industries.

So, you just need to explore more and learn about other alternative apps like Sezzle. In this section, we will lissizzletop 7+ apps like sezzle that work for BNPL services.

  • Afterpay

The first app included in the apps like sezzle is Afterpay. Australian business Afterpay provides the same kind of service as Sezzle.

Australia, New Zealand, and the US all have access to Afterpay. Similar to Sezzle, Afterpay enables customers to make purchases and then pay for them in interest-free installments.

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Additionally, using Afterpay does not require a credit check. Customers only need to supply their email address, phone number, and credit or debit card when setting up an Afterpay account.

  • Affirm

It functions as a financial institution would, giving customers access to lines of credit. Affirm does not impose compound interest on the outstanding balance, in contrast to a credit card.

To help customers know exactly how much they can spend before they start shopping, Affirm also provides the option to pre-qualify for a loan. This was the second app among the alternative apps like sezzle.

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This can be advantageous for those who wish to buy an expensive item but lack the money to do it all at once. Affirm is identical to Sezzle in that it doesn’t add any extra interest to instant leading topmost installment payments.

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  • Klarna

You can use Klarna as your payment option to make purchases from any US merchant that accepts credit cards.

With Klarna, you can make installment payments for your purchases without ever leaving the comfort of your home, which makes it particularly useful for online purchases.

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Similar to Sezzle, Klarna provides excellent installment payments with no hidden fees or up-front expenses. The app offers a smooth experience that is difficult to compare.

  • Zip

By acquiring Quadpay in March 2020, Zip became one of the biggest companies that offer installment payments. Users have a choice between Zip Money and Zip Pay, two varieties of interest-free accounts.

Zip Pay offers a maximum amount that is interest-free until the end of the month. You will be assessed a $6 fee if you are unable to pay it off by that time.

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Zip Money, on the other hand, can be used if you choose to pay in regular installments.

You can borrow up to $30,000 with this sort of financing and enjoy an interest, treading best-free term of up to six months.

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  • PayPal Pay

One of the most well-known payment methods on this list is PayPal. A new BNPL service from PayPal called Pay in 4 allows for installment payments on certain transactions.

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With PayPal, buyers may pay for things in four payments without incurring any additional fees. Due to this, PayPal is the best choice for customers who wish to make use of Sezzle’s advantages without actually using its services.

  • Splitit

Splitit is a relatively new method of payment that enables customers to make installment payments for purchases. Like Sezzle, it enables you to pay with your existing credit card.

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Splitit allows businesses of all sizes to give their consumers quick credit. It doesn’t require registration, unlike Sezzle, therefore it can be a decent option for people who are un, comfortable disclosing their personal information.

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  • Viabill

Shoppers who use the ViaBill payment option can make monthly installment payments for their purchases. Sezzle and ViaBill both have advantages, such as the capacity to spread payments out over time and avoid interest fees.

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You must visit a website or retailer that utilizes the ViaBill platform to use it. The platform will deduct the down payment from your card when you check out via ViaBill.

  • Perpay

Given that Perpay offers many of the same advantages as Sezzle, it makes a perfect Sezzle substitute. For instance, Perpay and Sezzle both let customers pay for things over time. Additionally, both businesses provide financing options without interest.

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The two businesses do, however, differ significantly in some important ways. One benefit of using Perpay is to raise your credit score. Only when you have successfully made on-time payments for four consecutive months are you eligible for this. It was the last app included in the apps like sezzle.

  • Venue

Venue App provides users the freedom to select from more than 1 million brand names from their marketplace (including discounted prices), picking to pay extra with funds.

While you shop through it, to let your items shipped on the same day odf the order you can pay $50. Or else you also can rent the items at a discounted rate, forming the set amount of payments till it’s yours.

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One thing you must know that You should have an active checking account which consists of atleast $1,000 of income every month.

Afterwards, you require at least three months of income history including current income source.

At the end, you should be having a government-issued ID, SSN, or a Taxpayer Identification Number.

Final Verdict


You have now learned about basic features and the working Sezzle app and also the apps like sezzle. With this, you have other best alternatives that you must try.

If you are still confused about which one to use from the above-mentioned app then we suggest you choose the Afterpay app instead of Sezzle. In more website categories, AfterPay offers improved usage coverage



Is it hard to get approval for Sezzle?

Although Sezzle doesn’t specify a minimum credit score, the fact that it doesn’t perform a hard inquiry means that you can apply without worrying that the process will negatively affect your credit.

Some of the conditions you have to satisfy to use the Sezzle app like you must be 18 or above and must have a US or Canadian number with a verified email address.

Can I increase my Sezzle limit?

If you have an excellent payment history with Sezzle, you can seek an increase in your credit limit. On its website, Sezzle doesn’t specify any requirements that must be met to be eligible for limit increases.

But when you settle your first loan, ask them to,yo ur  raise your credit limit and check if you qualify.

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