9+ Topnotch Apps Like Amazon Flex

Other apps provide flexible gig employment options, including Amazon Flex. These online marketplaces provide delivery and transportation employment on demand. Amazon Flex, well-known for its package delivery service, has made this gig economy model possible.

Apps Like Amazon Flex
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Anyone can make money using these apps using their vehicles to carry groceries, meals, or passengers. They appeal to people looking for part-time or supplemental income since they give workers the freedom to choose their working hours.

Although they are comparable to Amazon Flex, each app has special features and specifications tailored to different gig economy preferences.

Best Jobs Like Amazon Flex

If you enjoy driving, have regular access to a vehicle, and are searching for a side business that is inexpensive to start, delivery jobs like Amazon Flex are the ideal type.

●      Uber Eats

Uber Eats is one of the top food delivery applications where you can earn money with your bike, vehicle, or scooter. And if you value flexibility and want a simple career, it’s the most favoured job, similar to Amazon Flex.

Apps Like Amazon Flex
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Similar to Amazon Flex, Uber Eats is accessible in many nations, making it a similarly accessible opportunity for people all across the world to supplement their income. Additionally, Uber Eats has the advantage over Amazon Flex: You can log on anytime and start accepting deliveries.

●      Instacart

Another well-known delivery service that pays you to buy groceries and deliver them to customers in your city is Instacart. Additionally, it is comparable to Amazon Flex because Fresh orders for food can be seen there frequently.

Apps Like Amazon Flex
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As an Instacart Shopper, you must assemble and deliver items to customers and do the shopping. Instacart is a little more hands-on than jobs like Amazon Flex, where you pick up products from a warehouse because of the responsibility to shop.

●      Walmart Spark

If you’re still looking for apps like Amazon Flex, check out Walmart Spark for a driving position. As part of this package delivery job, you get paid to deliver groceries and other daily necessities to Walmart clients.

And while doing it, you can make $15 per hour plus 100% of any tips. Walmart Spark and Amazon Flex both pay drivers weekly. Furthermore, there are times when surge pricing or driver incentives will pay you a bonus.

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●      DoorDash

Due to its prominence as North America’s top food delivery app, DoorDash is among the greatest alternatives to Amazon Flex. Being 18 years or older, having insurance, and being legally able to work in the nation you are applying to are all prerequisites for being a DoorDash courier.

Apps Like Amazon Flex
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So long as you’re in a market with significant demand, you can start delivering whenever you want after being accepted by going online within the DoorDash app.

●      Shipt

This grocery delivery service competes with Instacart and Amazon Flex. Additionally, you get compensated for purchasing and delivering groceries to Shipt customers as a Shopper. You can make roughly $20 per hour in busy markets doing a job almost identical to Instacart’s.

In contrast to Amazon Flex and Instacart, which are also accessible through Canada, Shipt is only offered within the United States. However, Shipt is one of the most significant options to try if you’re trapped on the Instacart or Amazon waiting list.

●      ParaWorks

The new package delivery app from Para, an all-in-one gig app, is called ParaWorks, and it is one of the most significant fields comparable to Amazon Flex.

When using ParaWorks, you can make local deliveries for an average hourly wage of $25. All you need to do is download Para, fill out a driver application, and once you’re approved, you may view and apply for available delivery gigs.

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●      Senpex

Like Amazon Flex, Senpex is a last-mile delivery partner enabling you to deliver products for payment. You deliver packages to residents and businesses in your city as a Senpex courier.

Apps Like Amazon Flex
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Senpex estimates that you can make $23 per hour in the best markets while having complete control over your schedule. For jobs including Amazon Flex, this is on the higher end, while slower markets pay less.

●      Grubhub

Like Amazon Flex and Uber Eats, Grubhub is a well-known food delivery service that you may use to supplement your income during downtime. You get paid to pick up food and then serve it right to people’s doors, like DoorDash and Instacart do.

●      HopSkipDrive

You can attempt to make money using HopSkipDrive if you wish to drive pupils to school. Teenagers who need a way to get to school but don’t live near regular bus lines can use HopSkipDrive.

Apps Like Amazon Flex
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If you can get in, HopSkipDrive is one of the greatest driving jobs like Amazon Flex, and it pays up to $60 per hour, based on the website.

●      Cornershop

You are always eligible to become a Cornershop driver if you’re still looking for jobs comparable to Amazon Flex. This more recent grocery delivery service, which Instacart and Uber Eats also own, is extremely comparable.

The company offers access in many American cities as well as a few Canadian cities, similar to Amazon Flex. A valid driver’s license, insurance, and the age of at least 19 are requirements for applying. You may accept inbound grocery orders once inside, shop for them, and deliver them to Cornershop clients.


There are some alternatives to Amazon Flex that you can choose from. Delivery apps for the gig economy, such as Uber Eats, Instacart, and others, provide comparable options for flexible work.

You can also locate a variety of short-term occupations, including delivery jobs, on websites like Gigwalk. Your decision should be based on your preferences, where you live, and how popular gig work is.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 What is an Amazon Flex-like app?

A gig economy network like Amazon Flex allows people to sign up as delivery drivers or couriers. Such apps link drivers and clients who require on-demand delivery services.

2 On these apps, how can I register to become a driver?

You normally need to download the app, supply personal information, undergo a background check, and present necessary papers like your driver’s licence and insurance to sign up as a driver. You can begin taking delivery jobs once you’ve been approved.

3 What kinds of deliveries should I anticipate making?

Depending on the app and the locality, you can transport various things, including groceries, packages, food orders, or even medical supplies. There can be a variety of deliveries.

4 Is the job flexible?

Yes, these apps provide flexibility in a manner comparable to Amazon Flex. People looking for part-time or side jobs will find it perfect because you may decide when and how much you want to work.

5 In what way am I paid?

Usually, payments to drivers are made via the app. Different apps provide hourly rates, per-delivery fees, or a combination of the two as payment mechanisms. There are frequently weekly or biweekly payments.

6 What qualifications are needed to work for these apps?

Being of legal driving age, possessing a trustworthy vehicle, holding a current driver’s licence, and passing a background check are some prerequisites. Insurance and vehicle requirements may vary.

7 Are there any expenses I should be aware of?

You often need to pay for gas, maintenance, and insurance while driving your automobile for deliveries. It’s crucial to include these expenses in your revenue estimation.

8 Can I work for several delivery apps at once?

Yes, many drivers decide to work for various delivery apps to increase their income. Pay attention to scheduling and logistics to ensure you can honour all of your promises.

9 Is this a long-term alternative for a career?

Delivery jobs in the gig economy are frequently viewed as a flexible, part-time or temporary choice. While some drivers may decide to make driving their long-term profession, others use it as a side source of money.

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