201+49 Funny Instagram Comments To Make the Post Interesting!

Hey there! Looking for funny Instagram comments to entertain everyone that comes to the comment section of the post? Well, look at destiny, it made you land on the right page! We have 250 funny Instagram comments for different occasions to bring your funny side out on Instagram as well!

It is not a secret anymore that the first thing we do after seeing an interesting reel or post is to immediately go through the comment section of the post. And it’s no lie, sometimes the comments are funnier than the actual post.

If you want your comment to be different than everybody and make everyone laugh with it, here is more than 200 funny Instagram comments that top the chart!

So, without further delay, let’s begin!

20 Funny Instagram Comments 

One thing we always tell our readers when it comes to social media is that it is not a place to hurt someone intentionally and spread hatred.

Why we are mentioning that here because there is always a fine line between humor and being funny and being offensive and hurting someone.

So, make funny Instagram comments only if you know the other person. on the receiving end can take the joke.

Okay now, enough with the lecture, let’s begin with the funny Instagram comments!

1. *takes screenshots of this masterpiece*

2. Is it getting hot in here?

3. the pose is a perfect 200!

4. I will kiss the ground you walk on!

5. The only reason I use Instagram!

6. Guess who blessed my feed today!

7. Is this a gallery? Cause I am looking at art.

8. Wish words could tell how pretty you are. Numbers can. A solid 2/10.

9. Wow, you look different… guess life went downhill for ya!

10. Wow, you posted it, huh?

11. As if my day wasn’t bad enough!

12. brb, gonna go drink acid.

13. wow, you look… different.

14. man, need more posts like these. they give my confidence a boost.

15. wish I was an octopus, I could slap you with 8 hands at once.

16. omg someone wake me up, this looks like a nightmare.

17. Qween!/Kinggg!

18. omg, why did you do this to us?

19. goddess from heavennnnn!

20. Get a mirror, will ya?

20 Funny Instagram Comments for Best Friends

1. *2 min silence, everyone*

2. I might be out of my mind when I decided to think you were pretty.

3. aww, wish I had that outfit… to burn it.

4. My EYES!!!! My EYES!!!!!!!!!

5. Honestly, nah never mind, you look soo pretty!

6. The soil of the earth was blessed when you stepped on it!

7. What have I done? Why do you do me like this?

8. What bestie? Wish you asked me before posting this one!

9. TW: Garbage

10. Sunslapped!

11. Get lost in the forest, no, I meant your beautiful hair.

12. Someone, push me off the cliff.

13. Broooo?

14. Qweeen behavior only.

15. all the feels

16. imagine looking like this…I can’t-

17. 3.5/10

18. Bish, still waiting for your glow-up, the clock is ticking.

19. I like how you have normalized not looking your best.

20. I know bestie, times are tough.

10 Funny Instagram Comments for Friends

1. I knew you were trouble since the time I saw you.

2. omg yasssss gorgeous!

3. slayyyyyy!

4. Straight out of heaven dude!

5. pov: you’re looking at art

6. c’mon bro, even your ex could do better.

7. You’re the piece of the puzzle that I want to go missing.

8. Together, we can conquer everything, only after we gossip first.

9. They hate us, cause they ain’t us.

10. Stop it, my heart will explode.

10 Funny Instagram Comments for Boys

1. omg handsome

2. omg my eyes hurttt!

3. How should I politely say that you’re stupid?

4. Brother from another mother!

5. Bro you sizzling!

6. Straight out of the hotness!

7. Omg the fire in those eyes, call the firefighters!

8. Same old, same old.

9. I would rather die than see this.

10. mhm… growing, brother!

11. How do I tell my eggs that you are not going to fertilize them?

10 Funny Instagram Comments for Girls

1. Where did this angel come from?

2. Need a red carpet made of clouds asap.

3. Call an ambulance, my heart is out of its mind!

4. Girl, I could die for you.

5. You’re so pretty.

6. the beauty and brains!

7. You’re so beautiful.

8. Does your man treat you well, cause I’m next in line.

9. Why is so spicy in here?

10. Omg, the gram is on fire today!

10 Funny Instagram Comments for Girlfriend

1. You make me believe in the existence of unicorns.

2. Whoops, I’m on your profile again!

3. I was going to say something funny, but now I’m lost.

4. No wonder I opened my Instagram today, it’s hot in here.

5. You’re like a fresh breath of air in a world of the same old thing. Not always tho.

6. Your smile is contagious, every time I see it I can’t help but want to die.

7. You’re so cute. I’m going to crush youuuuu.

8. pov: you fell in love with a goddess.

9. Not a writer, but I can write a novel for you.

10. You’re the bane of my existence and the object of all my desires.

the last one…icky

10 Funny Instagram Comments for Boyfriend

1. My man ❤️

2. Oh, it must have been a good day for you when we crossed paths.

3. um, you’re looking handsome. Acknowledge that you’re mine.

4. *heart eyes emojissss*

5. How do you do this? How can you look like a greek god?

6. It should be banned to look this good.

7. Can’t believe you’re mine.

8. Life isn’t so bad after all.

9. You make my life easier.

10. The greatest man and the prettiest smile in the whole wide world!

What are the best Comments for Instagram?

1. Oh my god, look at the gorgeousness dripping out from this picture.

2. You’re such eye candy.

3. I’m so glad I am following you.

4. You are the reason I have such a high screen time.

5. What would I do with my life if you didn’t post this pic?

6. Yesssss, I know her/him! He/She’s my friendddd!

7. omg, I would hype you up but you’re already at the top!

8. Queen Bee!

9. Perfection exists!

10. ✨him✨/✨her✨

10 Best Comments for Selfie Posts

1.  The selfie queen is here guys!

2. Well, now I’m hungry!

3. Oh my my! Look at them eyes!

4. That face sets beauty standards.

5. Woah! The butterflies just entered my belly!

6. Entering her “IT Girl” Era.


8. Just a regular slay day for you!

9. Broke the like button.

10. F.L.A.W.L.E.S.S.

10 Best Comments for Makeup Look Post

1. How do you do it? Wake up every day and look so gorgeous!

2. So how does it feel? Being the prettiest.

3. You HAVE to do my makeup for my next date!

4. James Charles all the way.

5. Your beauty has healing powers

6. When can I enroll in classes

7. We need a tutorial ASAP!

8. Did you do a course or you’re a born MUA?

9. That brow game is fire

10. Where did you get that lipstick shade?

10 Best Comments for Adventure Post

1. it was just WOW!

2. Thrilled!

3. That was one heck of a day!

4. Glad to be living this life!

5. You guys are my go-to for adventures!

6. THAT is the life I aspire to live!

7. The next time you guys do something like this, count me in!

8. That was a close one!

9. Omg, be my bestie already!

10. SOOO HAPPY to be adventure buddies with you

10 Best Comments for Besties’ Pics 

1. Omg who clicked that amazing pic? Oh wait! that was me.

2. imagine being this pretty

3. That does it, I’m not calling you my bestie anymore in public.

4. You are my Shoe without the S.

5. mommy

6. Sorry, mommy? sorry, mommyyyyyy?

7. Dumb bish, you

8. TW: Dumbass Bitch

9. TW: Badass Bish

10. Let’s ELOPE together!!

10 Best Comments for Throwback Pictures

1. omg those days were the best!

2. Nostalgia

3. times when I wish a time machine was real

4. wow, time flies…

5. looks like it was yesterday…

6. we all grew up / I grew up so fast

7. Wish I could turn back the clock.

8. Want to relive the moment.

9. Throwback to this fun and wonderful day.

10. Us. ❤️

10 Funny things to comment on Instagram

1. And they said Mondays are the worst.

2. So this is what BASIC looks like.

3. What… not… to… post… okay noted.

4.  where’s the TW? I almost threw up.

5. Are you buying likes?

6. Yet another letdown.

7. I’m not sure if should laugh or tell you what’s wrong.

8. I can’t-  I need to bleach my eyes!

9. Wish I was there… to tell you that it’s okay.

10. I’d rather not say.

10 Cute Instagram Comments

1. uWu

2. <3

3. aww, omg so cute.

4. wow cutie!

5. qtssss <3

6. How so cute?

7. Pretty and perfect!

8. what a view!

9. delicious!

10. ilysm.

10 Funny things to comment on Instagram

1. Oh, okay… I wasn’t quite prepared for this.

2. Straight up GORJASSSSSS!

3. Are you a pepper? Cause you certainly ring a bell.

4. you are so fine!

5. brb, gotta clean my phone

6. ew, David!

7. Is this a joke? Cause Sheldon Cooper would have said “Bazinga”!

8. Thank you for telling us what not to do.

9. Songs are written for people like you.

10. Are you a criminal? Cause you’re WANTED!

FAQS | Funny Instagram Comments

Now that we are done with the funny Instagram comment ideas, let’s straight up go ahead and answer the questions asked very frequently by the readers and Instagrammers!

1. How do you give cool comments?

There is no such thing as “cool comments”. Comments are very personal and vary from post to post.

A key to commenting cool can be to just be yourself and say the first thing that comes to your mind. I mean, as long as it is not too offensive.

Hyping someone up can be one of the ways to give cool comments on Instagram.

2. How do you hype someone up?

Hyping someone up over the internet is one of the sweetest and coolest things you could do for someone. Cool comments, sharing their posts, liking them, and even telling them personally in the Dms can be the few ways you can hype someone up on Instagram or any other platform over the internet.

3. What should I comment on my BFF post?

If you are looking for comments to make on your best friend’s Instagram post, then why don’t you go up ahead again and check out the comments we have listed for you?

Conclusion | Funny Instagram Comments

So these were 250 Funny Instagram comments you can make on different kinds of posts.

But as we already mentioned before, comments are always personalized and best suited if there are also inside jokes and things only you and the receiver know about.

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